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Lindsay Lohan Must Answer Coke Questions

6/24/2010 3:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has been ordered by a judge to testify under oath about her drug use the night she was busted after a car chase on Pacific Coast Highway.


TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay refused to answer questions in her deposition about her drug use the night of the chase in 2007.  Cops found two types of cocaine in her urine and also found coke in her pants pocket.

The judge in the civil lawsuit just ordered Lindsay to answer questions about her alleged cocaine use on the night in question.  Lindsay pled guilty to two counts of being under the influence of a controlled substance.

Lindsay's lawyer, Ed McPherson, convinced the judge to delay the new deposition until after Lindsay's court hearing on July 6, when a judge will decide if she violated probation in the case.


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Fat hand puppet    

"@40.At one point in the "kidnapping" they got out of the car and then got back in. Three grown men could not stop the car driven by a drunk drug user ???
She has no money for them to get and no matter how much the judgement gives them it will be almost impossible to collect even if she makes money in the future.
Your only correct statement is tht she was not punished when the offense took place and the fault in that is squarely with the voters of Claifornia who elected the judges who let this kind of activity go with a kiss on the wrist.Posted at 12:30 PM on Jun 24, 2010 by Spot"

Men? you mean girly-men. I still want to hear more from these jokes-of-men on how they claim to have been "kidnapped". I think you "Spot" would agree with me that the people being chased have a case but these weirdo's who want to sue Lindsay are wasting the courts time and costing the people of California money. -loopy e

1590 days ago


She should interview Joran down in Castro-Castro. That would be kewl to watch.

1590 days ago


180 dayzzz Plus Felony Drug Charges-- THE MAX

1590 days ago


Of course, the interview should be held with Joran on one side of a set of bars and Lindsay on the other.

Also, there is too much hate against Lindsay. Live and let live.

1590 days ago


Glad to see that her mom & dad are staying out of this...that judge is gonna handle her on July 6th..

1590 days ago


shes a crack head every one should know tht already wat else would u think of her

1590 days ago

faye milano    

She use to be so beautiful, what the hell happened?? Where are her friends, is she going to be another one that slipped through the cracks and then everyone will come out of the woodowrk with their thoughts and rememberance? So much for showing the love people! Lindsay you look like crap, wake up, you fool..

1590 days ago


"... but your Honor, that wasn't MY SCRAM that went off. I switched ankles with my assistant".

1590 days ago


If she had half a brain, she would settle quickly and ask for the settlement to be sealed. But oh, this is Lindsay Lohan. She's an idiot!

1590 days ago


Just save all the money on this bs and let her kill herself if that's what she wants... Jeezh She is an adult. Although a sad excuse for one. She is over the age of consent and if I had I father like Michael Lohan I'd be hell bent on dying too.

1590 days ago


I like how her lawyer begged the judge to do this AFTER her probation hearing...even though we all know she's already violated both her probation and bail terms, we also all know nothing will happen to Lindsay. The judge already knows Lindsay does coke regardless of her bogus probation and SCRAM bracelet that goes ignored even when it goes off, so who cares when her deposition is? Lindsay could sit there and say "yeah that was cocaine, I looove it! I'm even on it now" and nothing would happen to her.

Anyway being under oath only matters to people with high morals, and everyone knows Lohan has none so being ordered to testify under oath just means she has to tire her tiny brain out by coming up with a few extra lies. No news here.

1590 days ago


I say enough is enough..The only thing to help this girl is some tough love....She needs to spend some hard time behind bars...

1590 days ago


lol at all you morons saying she should plead the fifth. You all watch way too much t.v.! What confuses me is where she got two different kinds of cocaine. I have only been able to find one kind of cocaine. Lindsay if you are reading this, lets get some of your magical cocaine and hump like rabbits while driving down the highway.

1590 days ago


wow. i sure as hell would not want to be one of any of these commenters friends...they'd grind ya to ground beef if you showed up with some 'personal problem' or whatnot.

1590 days ago


If I was under as much public scrutiny as Lindsay, I'd wanna get fd'up too. Maybe one of the worst things that happened to her, and that is still happening is that noboody ever actually left her alone. She's still so damn young and never got a chance to learn how to live. Have we learned nothing from the tragedy of Michael Jackson?

1590 days ago
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