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Lindsay Lohan's Spray Tan Could Set Off SCRAM

6/25/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is flirting with danger by spray tanning, after being warned it could trigger a positive alcohol reading with the SCRAM people.

Multiple sources say people have told Lindsay she can't get a spray tan while she's wearing the bracelet, because a chemical in the tanning solution can create a reading which would show the presence of alcohol. 

Lindsay's response to that warning -- we're told she's still getting a spray tan 1 to 2 times a week.

And it gets worse.  We're told the famous probationer is "climbing the walls" ... and is "filled with anxiety" because of the mandatory accessory.

Sources tell TMZ Lindsay was OK with it the first week, but the bracelet started digging into her skin, irritating it.  As one person put it, "She's made life hell for the people around her, since she is in pretty bad pain."

And Lindsay's 24th birthday is July 2, and she doesn't like the accessory.

Lindsay wants the bracelet off, we're told, even before her July 6 hearing.  Ain't no way Judge Marsha Revel would even hear of it.


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Only a week and a half left.
This judge is so harsh the SCRAM isn't even related to her probation at all. The device is like a small computer it must suck having that attached to your ankle weighing you down for over a month.

1560 days ago


the damn menu is in the way..

1560 days ago


She wants it off before her bday so she can drink it up! She will come up with anything to get it that way!

1560 days ago


Funny that her scram is digging in to her ankle, yet her ankle looks fine in the picture. If she had a problem with it hurting her, BULLSH*t, it would have been sooner than now. I tend to think it's driving her crazy because she can do drugs. What really pi**es me off is that she acts like people are as stupid as she is. WRONG JUNKIE! I do agree that she looks much healthier.

1560 days ago


Waa waa.

1560 days ago


I have to say the thing does look a bit snug on her ankle but heck, if it's so painful, just let them take it off and go to jail for a few days. I also agree with above poster, her feet are filthy. Has she ever heard of flip flops or sandals.

1560 days ago


I guess she doesn't want to get soap on the device either because her feet sure could use some.

1560 days ago

Patti Shea    

I have genuine sympathy for this young woman, who has been working since childhood to support her family. She is in desperate need of some help, from someone who has nothing to gain. Sad.

1560 days ago


Face the inevitable LL. You're going to end up in jail at some point. Why don't you just take a REAL drink and get it over with.

1560 days ago


never though i'd use these words but this little crackie is smart, this way she can get liquored up and then tell them i wasnt drinking i was spray tanning that's why it went off

1560 days ago

Peter Sc    

She should ask for prison time so the probation can go away. She cannot make movies like that. Her market value is depending on her lifestyle with partying etc.
She is a rolemodel. A positive one.
Here in Denmark we know that the youth who don't drink start to throw rocks at people, shot at people and support the people behind 9/11. No parent want that. They want children who maintain a lifestyle life her but with the little difference that they don't drive.

1560 days ago


Her birthday is July 2nd, and she wants the SCRAM off...hmm...TRANSLATION!!! "I want to get ____ faced drunk and snort some coke but the judge won't let me!! It's all TMZ's fault!! I'm going to sue!!"

Yawn!! Put that prop down and go take a shower, LiLo, your disgusting feet are indicative of the blackness of your soul, and the height of your ego.

1560 days ago


Nicole: Not a part of her probation ? Maybe if she had managed to complete the measly classes she had to do she wouldn't be in this situation. It's people like you with the chorus "Lindsay doesn't have a problem" that ENABLED her to get to this point...
Case in point: As much as the paps are STILL stalking her, I haven't seen any staggering, face-plant pics in a while... Could it be that the SCRAM is doing it's job ?

1560 days ago


WASH YOUR FEET!!!!!!!!!!

1560 days ago


Why are her feet filthy?

1560 days ago
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