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Michael Jackson's Kids -- Getaway to Hawaii

6/24/2010 11:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

On the eve of the anniversary of their father's death -- Michael Jackson's three children Prince, Paris, and Blanket spent the day on a beach in Maui.

As we previously reported, Katherine wants to bring the family back to Michael's hometown of Gary, Indiana for the actual anniversary tomorrow -- where they plan on honoring MJ's memory as a family.


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huge crush on paris me

1573 days ago


huge crush on paris me

1573 days ago


dam i did it three times tut

1573 days ago


huge crush on paris me

1573 days ago


Here's the proof they are Michael's bio kids!!! SHUT THE F*CK UP RACISTS and all the media tell the truth and stop the controversies. You all know the kid has vitiligo just like Michael. Even Wikipedia reports it!!! Be up-to-date, idiots!!!

"Treatment to completely de-pigment the skin

In cases of extensive vitiligo the option to de-pigment the unaffected skin may be considered to render the skin an even colour. The removal of all the skin pigment is permanent and it takes about a year to complete.


* Michael Jackson was diagnosed with vitiligo and lupus in 1986. In a 90-minute interview with Oprah Winfrey in February 1993, Jackson claimed that he didn't bleach his skin, stating for the first time that he had vitiligo. The admission went on to promote awareness of vitiligo.[24][25][26][27] A friend claimed he started wearing his signature sequin glove to cover the vitiligo that had begun to appear in the early 80s.[28] It is also confirmed on his autopsy report.[29][30] It is also thought that his eldest child, Prince Michael Jackson I has inherited the disease.
* Joe Rogan, the comedian and actor, suffers from vitiligo.
* Amitabh Bachchan, the famous Indian actor, also suffers from vitiligo.[31]
* Ashwin Mathew Varghese, the 2009 winner of India's Hottest Bald Men competition, has vitiligo.[32]
* Gautam Singhania, the chairman and managing director of Raymond Group, has chosen the treatment option of complete depigmentation for vitiligo.
* Graham Norton has white patches in his hair as a result of vitiligo.[33]
* Asifa Bhutto Zardari, daughter of Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari and former Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto.
* Lee Thomas, a news anchor and entertainment reporter for WJBK (Fox) Detroit.[27][34][35]
* Krizz Kaliko, singer/rapper of the Strange Music record label. He has even named his debut album after the condition, Vitiligo.[36]
* Thomas Lennon of Reno 911! fame.[37]
* Eduardo Panlilio, Governor of the province of Pampanga in the Philippines.
* Yvette Fielding, British TV presenter, has had vitiligo from age 11; her mother developed it at age 24.[38][39]
* Mikel Jollett, lead singer and creator of American alternative rock band The Airborne Toxic Event.
* Fez Marie Whatley - The Ron and Fez Show XM 202
* Scott Jorgensen - Former Pac 10 wrestling champ and current mixed martial artist with WEC.[40]
* Charly Garcia, Argentinean rockstar, has vitiligo, and is famous for having a bicolour moustache caused by this condition.
* John Wiley Price, the Dallas County Commissioner, is slowly turning white because of vitiligo.[41]
* Rasheed Wallace an American professional basketball player suffers from vitiligo.[42]
* Tempestt Bledsoe, an American actress, suffers from vitiligo.
* Katelyn d'Estes, International Spokesmodel for the Hollywood Graffiti Gown [43] has used vitiligo to her advantage.

Now, nobody will take seriously what haters a saying. Because the proofs are right there. Merde.

1573 days ago


"haters' are anyone that don't agree with the many narcissistic primadonnas posting on this thread. You know them, they're the know-it-alls and their word is "final" by decree.

It has nothing to do with anyone's realcrace. MJ's or the kids. But ignoramuses might try to make it into a race issue = AA thinking the kids are his, vs. caucasians thinking not. I doubt it breaks down like that. It breaks down to pure common sense but many MJ fanatics lost that long ago.

MJ was the pride of the AA community for so many years, and justifiably so, so I really do understand the level of fierce defense that is being leveled on his behalf on these threads. Doesn't mean it's always right, but it comes from the right place.

1573 days ago


karin,I'm not a "fanatic" but there are afew people on here who have been stating facts,and others refuse to believe the facts.I'm white and I know those are his children(it's not just AAs that believe they are)We fans,are trying to get the facts out there,because the media refuses too...and why does the media refuse to...because that would mean they would have to admit they had been wrong all these years!

1573 days ago


You are absolutely correct. I am white as well, it has nothing to do with race!!

1573 days ago


Everyone is entitled to their opinion, however Kidfirst has quite eloquently stated the obvious and reasonable conclusions that most logical people would draw.

** Noone knows any facts, except for the facts pertaining to genetics**

Anyone claiming to know facts is lying, unless "J" is Jermaine, but Jermaine may still be lying for obvious reasons. ( ANd no, J, T3 do not have wavy hair, they have extremely curly/kinky hair appropriate for their genetic heritage.

So,please stop stating that these are facts, because no these are not the strong Jackson features, and when you make that claim, truly you sound cuckoo. Seeing that most of them have had serious alteration of features, you have no idea what strong Jackson features are. ANd if we are going by the pre-surgery look, which is what is in the genes, then NO THEY DO NOT AT ALL.

Noone has questioned the parentage of Quincy Jones offspring, OJ's, or Beckers. NOONE.

Therefore that tells you that this one is just so highly incredulous, and no, anyone who has had any real life experience or genetics class would know that this is just so ludicrous!

To insist like this something which is such a slim chance reveals fanaticism or motive. The facts regarding MJ have been so clouded, so veiled, so unusual that NOONE knows all the facts. NOT EVEN THE FAMILY.

Let's not forget that MJ was not on speaking terms with Jermaine for a long time, and that they were on the outs. So no, NOONE, not even the family knows MJ's secrets.

IN spite of having native and white blood, which all AA have, mixed kids USUALLY do not look like this period.

J stop claiming you know facts b'c you likely do not. I really do not care who you are, unless, as Kidfirst pointed out, you are the GENETICIST analyzing their DNA, thank you very much.

THere are no strong Jackson features here, at best Debbie Rowe, so please!

1571 days ago


lili,there are somethings I do know! Give it up and move on,those children are MJs biological children,you and "kidfirst" have stated many things that are full of just plain ignorance!
3T-do not have kinky/curly hair,it's wavy,the ONLY reason people question it is because it's Michael Jackson! People/media/tabloid/"haters" will believe ANYTHING negative that is said! MJ and others have said for years they were his biological children,YES they DO HAVE THE JACKSON FEATURES!
AA is not always the dominate gene!There are alot of mixed kids that look totally white! I'm not Jermaine,but again there somethings I do know to be fact!

1571 days ago


You need to lose the attitude! You seem to think that a biracial person must look a certain way,and that is not the case! No I'm not a geneticist and apparently you are not a "geneticist" either,or you would know that genetics are very funny,you never know what you will get!

1571 days ago


J- though I am not a geneticist, I was pre-med at an illustrious university, and have had years of molecular biology ( which overlaps with genetics). By trade, I have worked on research in a laboratory setting, working on breast cancer. As I have had genetics, biochemistry, chemistry, biology, i do have a great idea about how these things work! I have worked on breast cancer on the genetic level, as well. Can you state these things?

You are repetitive. No one is stating that all biracials must look a certain way!

I have made that clear! No one is questioning Rashida Jones, OJ's kids, the white daughter of the mulatto actress Victoria Rowell...these things do happen! But victoria rowell is 50% white, not 15% ( likely the jacksons)....BIG DIFFERENCE.

Anyway, only DNA tests will state anything, and if they are his, then so be it. But I won't hold my breath. WHen you have a parent who is a mulatto, the kids CAN LOOK WHITE, AND PASS AS WHITE. That is highly possible. Not when the black parent is not 50% white. We know the Jacksons are not 50% white, as evidenced by the 8 Jacksons, all phenotypically African American, with NO substantial variation from the norm. The strong Jackson feature to which you refer ( which has been eliminate from the bunch via plastic surgery) include full AA lips, and wider bridged nose , typical of AA.

They are not 50% white, as NONE of them look like Harry Belafonte, or any other mulatto type, Lena Horne, etc...

So please, your insistence comes across as foolish.

1571 days ago


lili,Again you seem to believe that a biracial person must look AA,NOT always the case! I never said they were 50%white,I said if you wanted to get technical those children had more white blood than black in them,due to the Jackson's ancestory and Debbie!You are also being "repetitive"! Get over yourself,and just accept the FACT they are MJs biological children.Again yes they all have the Jackson features.You are the one being foolish here,some of the things you have stated are just plain ignornat!

1571 days ago


The only reason people don't question the other's is because they are not Michael Jackson! People want to continue thinking of MJ as a "freak","weirdo","wacko" etc..People want to believe he was unable to produce children of his own,which he did! That is the only reason it gets questioned!

If people thought of him more as a human,and stopped believing and buying into the media/tabloid trash,it would be different!

1571 days ago


I had a *****ian (black) mother and my father is part native american and white, which is very similar to Michael's children, and when I was born i was white and when I was into my toddler years i was lighter than Blanket and same through PreK-2nd grade in Maryland and when I moved to live in California for 2nd grade thats when I started having a darker skin pigmentation because of staying outside way too long in the sun. I'm now in my teens and still living under the sun and way darker than what I was when I was little. I also have a friend that has the same situation as me but her skin is still really light, and then I know another woman who was black with blonde wavy hair. Also, Michael said so himself, black people are called people of color because we come in different colors! :D

1571 days ago
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