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Michael Jackson's Kids -- Getaway to Hawaii

6/24/2010 11:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

On the eve of the anniversary of their father's death -- Michael Jackson's three children Prince, Paris, and Blanket spent the day on a beach in Maui.

As we previously reported, Katherine wants to bring the family back to Michael's hometown of Gary, Indiana for the actual anniversary tomorrow -- where they plan on honoring MJ's memory as a family.


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Geez everyone about the kids weight....Can't anyone factor in what they've been through before. Don't you think the lifestyles are sooo different from Michael's house to Katherine's? Kai Chase was cooking all this great healthy stuff. They sat down for all their meals, they had a schedule. Now their dad is gone. New home.Lot's of cousins and snacks and stuff. They've probably been spoiled rotten by Katherine. I'm sure the last thing she worried about was the kids eating more than they should. Let Them, they're grieving. They play MJ's music all day in the house. If a few pounds is the end result of this fu--ing what. They can buy ANYTHING they want.They'll get over it all when they are ready.

1552 days ago


OMG. I called one of the kids fat and TMZ deleted my post... GOODBYE YOU NAZI censors, I am gone forever, adios idiots.

1552 days ago


77. The two oldest kids are pre-fat. I had a body like that as a kid and I had trouble keeping weight off my whole life.

I can see Dr. Klein being their bio dad but he seems too pink. It is almost impossible for MJ to be the bio dad because of Paris' blue eyes. There are no blue eyes in MJ's family (Joe has green, that is not the same as blue). There has to be blue eyes on both sides to have a blue eyed child.

Posted at 9:52 PM on Jun 24, 2010 by bmull

Totally wrong! Both my parents have brown eyes, and I have bright blue eyes. Not adopted, or anything, either, so that's not true. My grandfather on my mom's side was the only other family member with blue eyes other than myself.


1552 days ago

ugly hot mess    

Prince have vitiligo in hid arm pits, you can see it.Michael had it too.

1552 days ago

ugly hot mess    

Prince have vitiligo in his arm pits, you can see it.Michael had it too.

1552 days ago


All three of these children are beautiful, but I say this with love to Prince and Paris, because 12 and 13 year old children are old enough to begin thinking seriously about nutrition and exercise. Remember the lessions your father taught you about eating healthy, and get a book called "Nutrition for Dummies." You need to cut your portion sizes in half and take a brisk 1-hour walk or bike ride every day, in addition to your karate and swimming. If everyone else in the family is stuffing their faces, you don't have to join them. And this is most important: when you eat out in a restaurant, do not eat everything on your plate, because you are usually served enough food for 2, 3, or even 4 people. Wrap it up and take it home. Finally, drink water instead of Snapples or sodas after karate class, and skip the chips. Don't put junk food in your bodies. Have a small bit of protein within 20 minutes after exercising to repair your body, such as an egg or a couple slices of turkey breast. You can carry these things in an insulated lunch bag to class. With love: L-O-V-E.

1552 days ago


You CANNOT have blue eyes, unless each of your parents carries a blue allele. What that means is that a brown eyed person can CARRY a gene for blue eyes, but not express it. However, MOST AFRICAN AMERICANS, ( except the rare few exceptions of very light skinned ie mixed ones) do not carry genes for blue eyes. Blacks do not carry this gene, unless you have a fairly recent white ancestor. Now, Joe had a lighter eye, but they are NOT BLUE, which means that since none of Joes kids have light eyes, they do NOT carry genes for blue eyes.

From Katherine you have brown eyes, dominant. All of the Jackson genes are dominant, and brown. Even if Mike had fathered those kids, odds are that they kids would NOT have blue eyes. Let's not forget, those Jackson had dominant African American features, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Just because Michael wanted to have white kids does not mean that he could have white kids. Most likely, the father of those kids is someone you all have never mentioned.

I SUSPECT THAT the baby daddy is actually Brando. BRANDO was a close friend of MJ. Look closely, those kids don't really look white white, and could easily be Brando's. The last one looks exactly like him.

NO THOSE KIDS ARE NOT MIKES, THEY look Mediterranean mixed, like Brando. Take a good look.

God bless them, they look so smart and nice and poised. Sorry that MJ had to be such a mess, and become a dad with a WIERDO LIKE THAT DEBBIE ROWE. That says alot about Mike, just plain wierd. All those girls who threw themselves at him, and that's all he could come up with? D Rowe? Yikes, what a mess, and unfair to those kids, who are being raised in an African American home, what a mess, those Jacksons are freaks, with all that self mutilation. They all look wierd, the only normal one is Janet.

1552 days ago


My father has green eyes and my Mom has brown eyes..I have blue eyes..I inherited my blue eyes from my great grandmother..gene characteristics can show up from past generations! My son has green eyes.. he didn't inherit my blue eyes but he got his green eyes from my Dad....

1552 days ago


Hey everybody. They are NOT his kids. Please tell me everyone thinks the same. These children are from a caucasian mother and a father.

But then again I could be wrong.

1552 days ago


Can brown-eyed parents have a blue-eyed baby?

-An undergraduate from Tennessee and a curious adult from Ohio

March 13, 2004

The short answer is that brown-eyed parents can have kids with brown, blue or virtually any other color eyes. Eye color is very complicated and involves many genes. To begin to understand how parents with brown eyes could have blue-eyed children, let's imagine that eye color is due to a single gene, EYCL3, which comes in two versions or alleles, brown (B) and blue (b).

Example of one
gene model
Remember that for most genes (including eye color), you have two copies of each gene that you inherited from your mother and your father. The brown version of the eye color gene (B) is dominant over the blue version (b). Dominant means that if either of your genes is the B version, then you will have brown eyes. Genetically speaking, then, people with brown eyes could be either BB or Bb while people with blue eyes could only be bb.

For two parents with brown eyes to have a blue-eyed child, both parents must genetically be Bb. When this happens, there is a 1 in 4 chance that these parents will have a bb child with blue eyes.

1552 days ago


I miss Michael so much! I will always love him, and, never forget him.

1552 days ago


87. My father has green eyes and my Mom has brown eyes..I have blue eyes..I inherited my blue eyes from my great grandmother..gene characteristics can show up from past generations! My son has green eyes.. he didn't inherit my blue eyes but he got his green eyes from my Dad....

Posted at 10:34 PM on Jun 24, 2010 by Gina58

smart post

1552 days ago


Michael was so proud of his children... and with good reason. They are all fine young people. Blanket is Michael's double at that same age. Best wishes to them all.

1552 days ago

Lee lee    

I can't believe that on the anniversary of Michaels death...this is what we are reflecting on. The Genetics of eye color , bio or not bio.
Today, can we please just remember THE MAN, THE MUSIC, THE DANCE, THE TALENT.

Prince, Paris and Blanket ARE Michaels children. Lets show some respect to there Father today...please.

We miss you more Michael x

1552 days ago


Michael's private crypt from the inside of the Great Mausoleum.

Michael resting here:

1552 days ago
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