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Michael Jackson's Kids -- Getaway to Hawaii

6/24/2010 11:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

On the eve of the anniversary of their father's death -- Michael Jackson's three children Prince, Paris, and Blanket spent the day on a beach in Maui.

As we previously reported, Katherine wants to bring the family back to Michael's hometown of Gary, Indiana for the actual anniversary tomorrow -- where they plan on honoring MJ's memory as a family.


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May God bless these beautiful children!!! They definitely deserve some fun. Is it just me who notices signs of vitiligo on Prince's arm and neck? Well, TMZ, and others, that would pretty much confirm what Michael said all along.... And, you would hate that.

1552 days ago


Okay, that's it. TMZ, I think we have all seen more than enough Michael Jackson related stories for the week. Time to let it go and move on.

1552 days ago


Remembering Michael Jackson & Farrah Fawcette. May they rest in peace. Reste dans la paix.

1552 days ago


First off, people need to keep in mind, THESE ARE CHILDREN, now parent-less children. LEAVE THEM ALONE. They are BEAUTIFUL and INTELLIGENT unlike many other individuals out there. They are also healthy and anyone who remotely calls them "fat" is not only pathetically ignorant but likely morbidly obese themselves, hence, you ARE hiding behind a computer monitor. I swear, some people don't deserve to draw in fresh air. I would beat the hell out of anyone I ever caught saying anything negative about these precious children. I MEAN IT. GET A LIFE!!!

1552 days ago


Michael, we all miss you so much! I love you tons!!! Until we meet again...

1552 days ago


These kids have done nothing in the entertainment industry and therefore are not celebrities. They simply were unfortunate enough to have been purchased by a crazy pedophile and told that they were his kids, and everyone is going along with the lie. Since they are not celebrities they should be off-limits to pap cameras.

1552 days ago


38. Prince is the DOUBLE of Dr Arnold Klein,i feel nothing but pity for these poor children,there whole lives people will be asking who's your real father etc....It was incredibly selfish for Michael to have children of a different race than him,he knew this was gonna happen.....
And before all the crazy MJ fans say,he is the father,The JACKSON family have said several times that they don't know why Michael choose to have children with the sperm of other men.Katherine Jackson released a statement months ago through her lawyer saying it would do the children no good to confuse them about who there Bio father was at this time,but the issue would be addressed at a later date,but of course all the crazed MJ fans just cant take this FACT....

Posted at 8:16 PM on Jun 24, 2010 by ryan


Yeah right Ryan... And Dr. Klein also has vitiligo just like Prince... Bunch of f***ers!

1552 days ago


Can you haters just SHUT THE F*CK UP ALREADY!
After you comment on how the kids look take a good look at yourselves in the mirror...Like honestly you can comment on someones personality or how you don't like the shirt they are wearing but when you comment on their looks and something they can't change thats when it's just Low...FUUUUUUUK OFFF

1552 days ago

Alice(from Romania)    

An interesting article in Paris Match
I used french/english Google translator

They lost their father, best friend, their playmate since the death of Michael Jackson, 25 June 2009, his children Prince Michael, 13, Paris, aged 12, and "Blanket", 8, inconsolable .

From our U.S. correspondent Olivier O'Mahony, Peter Manso - Paris-Match

"I hope he sees me!" Kevin has 8 years of dreadlocks and a T-shirt bearing the likeness of the King of Pop. It's hello to the security camera at the gate of the house of Jackson. He would love to meet Blanket, which has the same age as him. Recently on YouTube, he fell on pirated videos where we see the youngest of Michael imitating Van Gogh painting. Van Gogh, Kevin does not know who it was. So he developed a passion for Blanket, "which must be very intelligent. Normally, the son of Michael Jackson. " This Saturday afternoon, he convinced his parents to take him on a pilgrimage in 4641 Hayvenhurst Avenue, Encino, Los Angeles neighborhood asleep at the foot of hills
Hollywood. It is inhabited by the clan Jackson since the death of the star. Kevin's parents have stopped their gig at the famous gate, the time of a photo. Suddenly, the gate opens, revealing a path lined with tall hedges like walls. In the background is a basket on a garage door which are parked in front of two large 4 x 4.
Paris spoke that of his father
"Come on," said the father of Kevin, who has no desire to see the police reapply. They have tens to scroll through each day in front of the fortress. It's hard to imagine that the Jacksons live there. Hayvenhurst Avenue sidewalks are covered with weeds. Nothing to do with immaculate lawns of the Manor of Holmby Hills, Bel Air, where children once lived with their father. Since Michael's death, their living environment has not improved. "At first it was horrible for them," says a member of the family. Blanket, the youngest, was sobbing all the time, asking: "Where is daddy?" ("Where is Daddy?"). Prince, the eldest, look away when Michael appeared on TV. Paris, she did talk about her father. When she moved into her new room, she covered the walls with posters bearing his image. Today, she wears his shirts, splashes of its perfumes, constantly humming her songs and demanding justice. It is a tough, Paris. "Who took my father?" She gets carried away frequently. If she must testify in court to shed light on his tragic death, she will go. Kai Chase, cook their favorite, never forget Thursday, June 25, 2009, the day their life changed. The roar from on high, led by Dr. Conrad Murray sees his patient, Michael Jackson, die in his arms. The prayer she has improvised with Grace, the nanny, and three children in the lobby of the mansion, in a circle, hand in hand for Michael to wake up. Men's 911 (Samu), who, after an hour they have to follow them to the hospital ...
The children are in therapy
Today, children are in therapy. The last time they paid tribute to their father at Forest Lawn Cemetery, it was September 21. Since they have not returned. The film "This Is It" has proven. Life has resumed, but not like before.
Katherine, their grandmother, the only student. They like him, but Michael sorely lack. In the opinion of those who saw in him was an exceptional father. "At the time the best friends of her children, their guardian, their mentor and a playmate everywhere", says Elisa Gross, an assistant cook who worked for him. "His only ambition at the end of his life was to let them know the happiness he had been deprived," says J. Randy Taraborrelli, a childhood friend of the singer and author of "Michael Jackson, the magic and madness, the whole story" (Flammarion ed).
Among children, nothing has changed: not a squabble. Prince, whose father was often asked to submit a statement to the House staff, continues to take its role as an elder to heart, speaking politely, soberly. As before, they have tutors and do not go to school. But they now live with their cousins, who are not all equally well behaved they are. Especially
Jaafar, aged 13, son of Jermaine. Angel face on a body of an athlete, he has recently purchased a "stun gun, a taser device to give it to his father. Curious gift, quickly confiscated by Katherine. The kid had fun shooting in the house, pointing his cousins Blanket and Prince (which he denies). The social services of the city of Encino intervened. Katherine asked to vacate Jaafar, with his brothers and his mother, Alejandra. In Jackson, we minimize the incident. "The children are well, say in chorus members of the clan. "Katherine is the foundation of the family. She watches over them, listens a lot, perhaps even tougher than Michael, "said J. Randy Taraborrelli. According to this close, children have more freedom than ever before. They are seen at Dawn Barnes Karate Club at the library, the local church of Jehovah's Witnesses, last November, at the premiere of "New Moon", the latest episode in the saga "Twilight." "Unthinkable in the past, continues Randy. Michael was scared of kidnappings, the children went away. "
Katherine has 80 years. She has not recovered from the death of the son she was so close, even at the worst moments of the trial for pedophilia in 2005. Beginning last February, she came to court in Los Angeles to attend the indictment of Dr. Murray, whom she accuses of having killed his son. She walked with difficulty, one felt overwhelmed. Beside her, Joe was like a charm. That he has great ambitions for his grandchildren. Make of them what he did with his son, that's what he needs. In her mind, Paris is ready to take over. For him, it is the true heir to Michael. Joe does not live in Encino, but its influence remains intact. Never late for a boorishness, he now accuses his wife of being responsible for the death of the star.
Diana Ross tribut
"If he had done what I told him, Michael would still be here," she told News of the World ". "In recent months, I could see that his health was deteriorating, I even made appointments for him with my doctor. He did not want to go. I asked Katherine to convince him, but she did not ... "At Hayvenhurst Avenue, the old Michael musicians have no right of citizenship. One of them, pianist, came two months ago. It felt a strange atmosphere. Light-years of life in Holmby Hills Zen. In their grandmother, Prince, Paris and Blanket were a mere shadow of themselves, sad as they felt trapped. Finish these dinners accompanied by classical music with their father and sometimes a guest, never more, when the cook simmered Kai organic food they like. Forget beet juice, grilled monkfish and tuna salads believed that Michael loved. At dinner, no one sits more Blanket between his brother and sister, head of the table, as he did in the past to take the place of Dad when he came in too late.
For the new servants, Paris offers more welcome gift his' boxes of happiness "(boxes of happiness) signed 'Yab Yab' (his nickname), with, inside, an iPod from his father. "Between Michael and her, there was a special bond, shows the former musician of the star. His voice did melt, and while it discouraging to get into show biz, he recorded a song with her. He fits out a wooden box in my studio to get the exact sound he wanted. I was there, it was great. Michael gone, I'd go well with it ... But with Joe in the vicinity, who distrusts everything, it might be difficult! Last week, Diana Ross gave a concert at the Nokia Theater in downtown Los Angeles, just across from the Staples Center, where the memorial ceremony was celebrated July 7, 2009. At the end of the show, she has paid glowing tribute to the man she considered her brother. Prince Paris and Blanket were there, hidden in the crowds. According to the wishes of the singer, Katherine disappear when they come to live with her. Except that La Toya, who has no children and did not hide his inclination to care for them, reach overturn the will of his brother. With Jackson, it is never safe from a (bad) surprise.

1552 days ago


Just ignore the poopoos! The kids look like the Jacksons, Prince ressembles his cousin Jafar and has vitiligo just like his BIO DAD MICHAEL JACKSON and Paris ressembles Katherine and Latoya. Blanket, it's so obvious. He's like a mini MJ. We know that and all three do not have a "pink" caucasian skin complexion, all right?!!! They have a beautiful olive skin complexion and especially Blanket who looks a little more ethnic because her mother is not White. So now, shut you poopoo mouth full of sh*t and move on!!! THEY ARE HIS BIO KIDS and if they were his adopted kids, it wouldn't make any difference. The only father they ever had was and will always be MICHAEL JACKSON. You all have heard and seen Paris last year during the memorial, she said it herself in tears!!! So leave them alone if you have a heart otherwise someday karma will hit your ass back!

1552 days ago

you know it    

can't you must say, the kids are in Hawaii and not show any pictures? This just seems too invasive. We would understand that they would prefer their privacy, therefore please no pictures of the kids everywhere they go. It's all for the sake of the kids, please.

1552 days ago


It is a complicated situation... ; )

1552 days ago


MJ himself is not 100% white. He has some Caucasian ancestors. Then next remember Paris & Price mother is white. Mix that altogether and this is what you get.

1552 days ago


Correction I meant-
MJ himself is not 100% black. He has some Caucasian ancestors. Then next remember Paris & Price mother is white. Mix that altogether and this is what you get.

1552 days ago

Alice(from Romania)    

Posted at 12:32 AM on Jun 25, 2010 by Inma

Hi!...i recive the email...and thank you
Please go one page back(7)...i posted a very nice story from Paris Match :)
Kids look absolutely beautiful...adorable like their father.
Wish you a good time and a blessed weekend.
Big Hugs from Romania :)

1552 days ago
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