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Follow the Michael Jackson Money Trail

6/25/2010 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's parents are giving fans an ultimatum -- don't even try to use MJ's name or likeness to make money.  Problem is ... they don't have the right either.


We found a document posted on the Jackson Family Foundation website -- that's the organization that's throwing a bash at the Beverly Hilton in Bev Hills Saturday night at prices as high as $500 a ticket.

The document, signed by Joseph Jackson, Chairman, and Katherine Jackson, Vice Chairman, warns fans, "Please, do not ... Use the 'Jackson Family" name 'The Jackson Family Foundation' or 'Michael Jackson' as a means to advertise the sale of commercial products, fundraisers or services of any kind."

The reality -- Michael's parents -- just like the fans -- have no right to exploit MJ's name and likeness.  That right belongs solely and exclusively to the estate of Michael Jackson. 

What's more, we did some digging and Joe has created a company that may well be cashing in on Michael's name.  It's called the Jackson Development & Marketing Corporation, incorporated in Nevada last December, after Michael died.  Joe is listed as the director and Lowell Henry, a longtime financial advisor of Joe and Katherine, is the treasurer.

0624_jackson_katherineAnd get this ... Take a look at the picture of the guy in the red tie, next to Katherine in a promotional pic for Katherine's new book, "Never Can Say Goodbye."  That guy is none other than Lowell Henry. 

Interesting ... in the book, Katherine thanks Lowell, Joe and the estate.  We're told no one told the MJ estate about the book until its release was announced.

As for the Beverly Hilton bash, Joe's PR person tells TMZ Joe will not be profiting from the Beverly Hilton event, and that the money is all going to charity.  But, which is co-sponsoring the event, tells TMZ some but not all of the money will go to charity.


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I'm sure that Michael Jackson is rolling in his grave today, that his own mother, used the anniversary of his death, to shop her interview around to the networks to the highest bidder, to push a book that was done outside of his estate and children's interests, all to line her own pockets with money. She's shameful. Parent's that are grieving don't do things like this.

1580 days ago


All monies should go to Michael's three children and his charities and certainly not even one single cent should go to Old Joe, Michael's talentless greedy parasitic siblings. Katherine should continue to always get an allowance but I hope she never gets her 40%. I don't trust her judgement any more. She's 80 and now needs guidance in all matters and NOT from anyone other than Branca, McClain and Weitzman.

1580 days ago


When is MJ's estate going to take those leeches to court???

1580 days ago


TMZ, do you know how this this sounds, that one's own family isn't entitled to squat. That is very wrong. If I were them, I'd sue AEG and those greedy attys who are paying themselves well, and b/c of racism, the family can do nothing about it. A good atty would have fought hard to get Michael Jackson's parents their just due, power of atty over his estate. But, we are still living in a mindset of blks being made to be submissive, even w/all the notoriety the family has gained. Remember this, if it were not for Joe Jackson and Katherine, there would be no Michael Jackson. So, stop betraying Joe Jackson as something that he is not. Poll some blk ppl that know how life was for many blks coming from the south. Heck, Joe Jackson is a brilliant man who without much education built an empire!! Give him credit! Get your money Joe!! I'd be pissed too, but he is old now and does the best he can. Too bad the media isn't trying to help him w/his cause.

1580 days ago



Er...what the he!!'s up with Joe's tattooed mustache?

Who the he!! in the right mind has such an obvious tattoo?! It'd be like having gone bald to then have someone tattoo "hair" onto one's scalp.

That d*mn Jackson family, they're all f*ckin' whacko!!


1580 days ago


Whatever happens, I hope the estate stops Kate and Joe for their greedy schemes!
Yea, some parents THEY are! Pathetic and PatheticER!

1580 days ago


The inevitable lawsuits against TMZ for using Mikey's likeness and fans and detractors who post comments about him draws ever closer. Tick tock kids. Move your finances to off-shore accounts where Papa Joe's attorneys can't get at it. Sleep well awaiting the inevitable.

1580 days ago


Dr Murray needs to visit the whole damn family some night and do away with all of them. The world would be better off without any of the Jackson family other than the kids who are going to be plenty screwed up the longer the Jackson's care for them.

1580 days ago

notamused says "some" but not all money going to charity lmao...what was that previous bit about all this that it was fans putting it on? They have to make money of his death too you know.

See that smarmy Joe did find a way to make the money off KJ "book" through Lowell Henry. JJ created the Jackson 5 and knows who to use to get what he wants, maybe he figured out how to do it quietly now.

Love that pic of Lowell, such a mover and shaker he could not even pop that thing out his ear for a 5 second photo.

1580 days ago


Hey TMZ, why don't you lay off Joe for a while and go after the real villain: Conrad Murray? In fact, why don't you lay off the whole family, including the kids? If you're not bashing Michael you're bashing his family and I'm sick of it.
Do something useful TMZ and find out who's giving Murray the money and lots of it.

1580 days ago


Correction to my previous comment. I meant to say blks know O. J. Simpson is not guilty, but most whites feel guilt by color, and have a slave mentality. The same goes for Joe Jackson. It goes to show that this is true b/c most of you didn't even know who the Chi-Lites were. Please, Joe Jackson knows what he is doing. Join him on "Good Company" on NBC in Cleveland on the show right now, although he is not up yet. I hope he really makes his cause, and get what is entitled to the family. The lilies will always be provided for, b/c they are the ones supported by white America who feel that the blk family who are the cause of the money aren't entitled to the money. What's wrong w/that picture. Too bad that in America, everything is about race, although some don't want to admit it. As the POTUS would say, "let's be clear."

1580 days ago


I see this Joe Jackson saga as being the same as the innocent blk man O. J. Simpson. Blks know he is guilty, whites feel guilt b/c he is a blk man and they will never see themselves. Things seem to change when it is time for a blk family to step up to the plate. There is no reason Michael Jackson's father or other family members shouldn't get his money. They are family no matter how twisted the public is. What ppl don't understand is the dynamics of the blk family. They feel we as ppl aren't entitled to anything. Never in history has a white family had to battle a loved ones estate like Joe Jackson has. You sick ppl make it seem wrong for a blk person to have anything. That is why the POTUS is having a hard time. There is still that slave mentality. The attys and AEG worked together in producing a lie. Why should a corp. be in ctrl? Corporate America still in charge.

1580 days ago


I think people need to know their limit to family privacy and respect, which is absence in this case.What ever the jacksons family chooses to do in regards to michael,they should be able to do it with freedom, without foolish outside comment especially from obsessive fans and other media organizatio; who also are doing this to gain more viewers, to make their show rating go up.I think joe jackson has been harsly and unfairly attack by some angry fans and some media organization.Remember that this is his son,so he has the right to do anything positve that he want to do without interruption.I tell my kids that when success knock at their door to becareful with the media and the advice of other people,that they should seek god with all his righteousness and everything will fall in place.May god give the jacksons family love,peace,strength and unity to carry on in this difficult time,god bless.

1580 days ago


So what they are trying to do is having publishing rights that can pass on to the Jackson family(MJs siblings) once she dies, also by not involving the estate, the money resulted from the sales will go directly in the family pockets. So what K&J are trying to do is generating funds that can be passed to her other kids who won't beneffit from the estate.

1579 days ago


I'm just waiting for the gloves to come off with the estate. Perhaps they are waiting until after the "anniversary" festivities.

1579 days ago
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