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Follow the Michael Jackson Money Trail

6/25/2010 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's parents are giving fans an ultimatum -- don't even try to use MJ's name or likeness to make money.  Problem is ... they don't have the right either.


We found a document posted on the Jackson Family Foundation website -- that's the organization that's throwing a bash at the Beverly Hilton in Bev Hills Saturday night at prices as high as $500 a ticket.

The document, signed by Joseph Jackson, Chairman, and Katherine Jackson, Vice Chairman, warns fans, "Please, do not ... Use the 'Jackson Family" name 'The Jackson Family Foundation' or 'Michael Jackson' as a means to advertise the sale of commercial products, fundraisers or services of any kind."

The reality -- Michael's parents -- just like the fans -- have no right to exploit MJ's name and likeness.  That right belongs solely and exclusively to the estate of Michael Jackson. 

What's more, we did some digging and Joe has created a company that may well be cashing in on Michael's name.  It's called the Jackson Development & Marketing Corporation, incorporated in Nevada last December, after Michael died.  Joe is listed as the director and Lowell Henry, a longtime financial advisor of Joe and Katherine, is the treasurer.

0624_jackson_katherineAnd get this ... Take a look at the picture of the guy in the red tie, next to Katherine in a promotional pic for Katherine's new book, "Never Can Say Goodbye."  That guy is none other than Lowell Henry. 

Interesting ... in the book, Katherine thanks Lowell, Joe and the estate.  We're told no one told the MJ estate about the book until its release was announced.

As for the Beverly Hilton bash, Joe's PR person tells TMZ Joe will not be profiting from the Beverly Hilton event, and that the money is all going to charity.  But, which is co-sponsoring the event, tells TMZ some but not all of the money will go to charity.


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1545 days ago


Wait up, I said lets all support Jacksons during this tough time but they are crossing boundieries now! starting when FANS exploited MIchael? THIS IS AN INSULT!!!!! FANS LOVE MICHAEL MORE THAN HIS OWN FAMILY! It was fans who stands up and fight when someone dishonors Michael WHICH HAS BEEN JACKSONS MAINLY IN THE LAST YEAR! They are the ones exploiting Michael's death shamelessly. (h)ell, they are doing it TODAY! "Book" & $500 "Tribute" my foot! The only reasons executers didn't stop you people is out of respect! we understand you are grieving but that doesn't give you the right to disrespect fans!!!!! SEND THAT LAETTER TO JACKSONS, NOONE ELSE!!!!! Joe should receive MULTIPLAE COPIES!!!! Jacksons gone mad, that's all I can say!!!! We are grieving too, don't disrespect fans but this piece of s(hit) letter!

1545 days ago


Wow, this family is as predictable as transparent as Rachel Uchitel. I agree that MJ wrote his will the way he did and was quite sane when he did. He loved his family Im sure but also knew them very well and what they would try after his death. Smart move Michael. The men running his estate are very smart and probably allowing this family to show their true colour and back themselves into a corner...the estate will then utilize their full power to put a stop the ludricous attempts at profiting from MJ's legacy.

1545 days ago


Joe is an evil, evil man. You can see it in his eyes. He has always seen his children as pure money and nothing else. The only ability to love that he has in his bones is that for the almighty dollar. Katherine is just as bad because she stood by and watched the evil and did nothing. These 2 are not the people Michael's children need to be with.
God help these children to become much better people, and may He guide them to the best path for them.

1545 days ago


Why isn't TMZ reporting on the real money trail. Michael said that constantly that they wanted to kill him for his music publishing catalog. Attorney John Branca facilitated aquiring this catalog for Jackson. However Branca also was working on behalf of Sony who increasingly kept pressuring MJ to sell his interest. Michael fired Mr. Branca and said that he wanted nothing else to do with him andleft Sony. It was said that MJ had found out that Mr. Branca had also embezzled funds from his estate and had put the money in an offshore account.
After Michael highly questionable death..Mr Branca appears and said that Michael hired him a week prior and a very questionable will surfaces as well. Katherine contest, but the judge puts the same man who is said to have dupped Michael in dual representation of his and who was accursed by Michael of stealing him money. As the head of MJ's estate, Mr. Branca has been making major deals with Sony who Michael accursed of sabatoging his career so that they could gain his catalog.o
Sony has gained more than his catalog and they continue to make money off Michael even more so now that he is dead. How do you put someone that Mj accused of stealing back over his estate?..Follow the money and MJ's death doesn't seem like an accident!

1544 days ago


Someone quick!!! Give that man a facelift!!!

1544 days ago


Stop the Wacko Jacko call, it has a name, damn him peace! If you do not like to draw your way ... shhh

1543 days ago


No way I'm going to buy any MJ souvenir...what for???to fund/support Joe and Katherine?(who will just give the money to Joe)they are all Vultures!!!!

1542 days ago


#39 Lili The real MoneyTRAIL

Very Good account of the REAL MONEY TRAIL!!!

1542 days ago


#39 lili

Excellent Post! Lili, and I agree your account of the REAL MONEY TRAIL!!

1542 days ago


For GOD AND MICHAELS' sake enough is enough already. It is Time actually beyond time that we honored Michael, I mean truly honored Michaels wishes and quit second-quessing his decision,he dedicated his entire life to pleasing, thrilling,exciting,motivating and cherishing people and their rights, we are all to blame in actualality for always wanting more from Michael where he felt he had to deliver without any reservations. Yes, Michael was a global Icon,Yes, Michael was The King of Pop, Yes Michael was the Ultimate Entatainer,But more inportant Michael was a Human being with feelings just like the rest of us and we somehow lost track of that, so lets all love Michael the way he loved us unconditionally and Respect his decisions he left in his will. And all you GREEDY ASS PEOPLE, You should truly be ASHAMED of yourself and you know excatally who you are. Katherine, Janet and Rebe GOD BLESS YOU for continuing to LOVE AND HONOR MICHAEL, The rest of the Jacksons nothing from nothing leaves nothing as evident in his last WILL AND TESTIMENT. Stop trying to capitalize off of him He was your Son and Brother for GOD SAKE let Michael finally get the peace he truly deserves, honor him remember him and more important LOVE HIM AND CHERISH HIM AND ALL HIS MEMORIES I know I will until the day I see him again REST IN PEACE MICHAEL YOU TRULY DESERVE TOO.

1541 days ago


So are we to believe that Mrs.Katherine is money crazy!Well i hope that is not the case,Michael has so much love for his mother that would truly hurt him!

1540 days ago


Wishful thinking, I wish i could have been his friend,a ear to listen,shoulder to cry on,arms to give a hug just because,i am not a money driven person the amount of a person wallet does not define who i am.I would rather be broke and happy than rich and unhappy,believe it or not u can be rich at heart.People will read this and say yeah right sure u would not want any of his money that money is MICHAEL he worked hard for it,just like i work hard for mine.Their are still some good people out here who can be friends with people who are very wealthy and not want a penny of their money!

1540 days ago


#10. >>The last time " we all cried at the same time tonight" was when Michael "died." Will there be a time soon when we will all cry again, but for another reason?<<

I remember the last time "we all cried" around the world: It was when Princess Diana died. I hope we all won't have anything to cry over anytime soon. RIP Diana and MJ.

1529 days ago


for goodness sakes these are michaels parents... there would be no michael jackson if it were'nt for them stop trying to leave them out of everything michael !!! only michael has the ri9ght to say what his parents can and cannot do in his name !! michael is a whiz he's an angel , he's a caring , loving and responsible individual and he loves his parents..yes joe was very cruel at one time , but michael has forgiven him.. so get over it and get out of the jacksons business affairs it's none of our business !! stop judging everyone !! let god do all the judging !!! and let michael decide what his parents can and cannot do !!! god bless you michael... i love you so much///everything will be alright ..because god is involved..... a friend ,, a true and loyal friend.....LR

1442 days ago
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