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Joe Jackson's Wrongful Death Lawsuit

6/25/2010 7:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: The wrongful death lawsuit has been stamped by the federal clerk.

TMZ has obtained Joe Jackson's wrongful death lawsuit against Dr. Conrad Murray that Joe's lawyer, Brian Oxman, will file today -- Joe asks for unspecified damages in connection with the death of Michael Jackson.  And, the lawsuit lists Katherine Jackson and Michael's three kids as "nominal" plaintiffs.


The lawsuit does not name AEG, though Oxman has alleged the company that produced "This Is It" was at least partly responsible for Jackson's death.   

Oxman does not explain what he means when he lists Katherine and MJ's kids as "nominal" plaintiffs.  He clearly does not have authority to sue on behalf of the children.

According to the suit, "Mr. Jackson believes there are other parties responsible for Michael Jackson's death but has not yet gathered sufficient information regarding their potential liability or responsibility."  The suit says the complaint will be amended when sufficient info is gathered.

TMZ obtained a copy of the complaint, which will be filed in federal court this morning. In the complaint, Joe alleges Dr. Murray withheld vital information from the doctors and EMTs who were trying to save Jackson's life -- information that he had administered Propofol.

The complaint -- much like the intent to sue document TMZ first broke -- states that Murray tried to "clean-up the scene" before EMTs arrived.

Something new ... Murray told cops he was monitoring Michael when he gave him Propofol with a pulse oximeter, which measures the level of oxygen in a patient's blood.  But according to the suit, when police searched the scene, they found the oximeter "in the closet in the next room."

The complaint alleges Dr. Murray felt he could change his story -- from Jackson had no drug problem, to Jackson was addicted to Propofol -- because he kept no medical records, as required by California law.

The complaint alleges Joe Jackson has suffered more than $75,000 in damages, the minimum amount required to get jurisdiction in federal court.  The case was filed in federal -- not California court -- because Dr. Murray's residence is outside the state.

The suit claims Dr. Murray administered a "polypharmacy" of drugs to Jackson for months before his death.

Interestingly, Oxman does not allege in the lawsuit -- like he did in the notice to sue -- that Dr. Murray was at a strip club, drinking, hours before Jackson died.

The complaint says Jackson had a week pulse while he was being worked on at UCLA.  The strong intimation -- had Dr. Murray told UCLA doctors that Propofol was a factor, they could have taken steps to save Jackson's life.

And something else that's interesting.  It was widely reported that Joe Jackson introduced Michael to Dr. Murray in Las Vegas, after Jackson needed a doctor for his children in 2006.  But in the lawsuit, it says, "Defendants Murray, Acres Home (Murray's clinic in Houston) and Global (Murray's clinic in Nevada) solicited Michael Jackson to take care of his individual health needs."

And this sidenote -- When Jackson was taken to the UCLA Medical Center on June 25, he was admitted under the alias, Soule Shaun


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good and the $$$ should go to his estate!!!!

1580 days ago


Is that because MJAlive?

1580 days ago


Get them "ALL" Papa Joe!!!




(( LOVE HUG ))

1580 days ago


What damages is he asking for, pain and suffering? He abused his kid.
Loss of income? MJ is worth far more dead then alive.

1580 days ago


Michael, We miss You so much............:(((((((((((((((((((((((((


1580 days ago


Morning HumanNature

What a truly sad day this is. One whole year. Seems like just yesterday.

RIP The King Of Music

1580 days ago


6. Michael, We miss You so much............:(((((((((((((((((((((((((


Posted at 5:53 AM on Jun 25, 2010 by Karolina

hey carolina..if michael is alive wouldnt he pick today to make his grand entrance???

1580 days ago

kjih-tv media    

1 year ago today Fatass Ped[o] (Perez Hilton) was WRONG about MJ and...

He STILL won't admit it! "He's probably faking (his death) for attention."

YOU should be the one who's dead, Mario... YOU! You sick sad sack of sh[i]t.

1580 days ago


As michael jackson was an adult and we can all agree at least he is partly responsible for his untimely demise,shouldnt he be listed on the lawsuit to?

1580 days ago


Nobody cares!
Stop stop please for the love of god stop reporting on this.

1580 days ago


"WEEK PULSE" c'mon TMZ... where do you get your staff writers? I see WAY too many typos and spelling errors. Ever hear of proofreading?

1580 days ago

queen of english    

"...a week pulse..."

come on tmz staff.

1580 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

I still don't know how I feel about this being deliberately arranged to have been filed today. The news detracts from Michael's life, which friends, fans and family are trying to remember and celebrate- as well as mourn- today.

Off to read the do***ent, hoping Oxman got a better proofreader this go around-- especially since it was filed in Federal court.

Michael-- you are L.O.V.E.d, missed and most of all, cherished this day and all those to come.

We love you MJ!

1580 days ago


What does Joe think he is going to get from the doctor. Joe Jackson is a s***bag.

1580 days ago
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