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TMZ Live: Jackson, Stallone and Mariah Carey

6/24/2010 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We're took your questions on everything -- including The one year anniversary of Michael Jackson's death on Friday, Sylvester Stallone partnering up with a member of the Gotti family ... and Mariah Carey's unpaid vet bills.


Plus: Rachel Uchitel goes golfing!


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F MJ the pedaphyle

1525 days ago

Hilal S-Jackson    

Did you think that Michael Jackson fakes his death?

1525 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

Harvey I believe 2pac & MJ is still alive do you?

1525 days ago



Are you gay? Not that there is anything wrong with that. Just curious.

1525 days ago


Harvey, my entire office wants to know what you have in your drink container in the morning????? The majority of us think its juice..

1525 days ago

lachea davis    

I wondered if there are any pic of this Pele Watkins, so so called true father of this kid by Devon James..I don't think this child looks anything like tiger...come on!!!!

1525 days ago


Why doesn't the Micheal Jackson Estate bring a lawsuit against Joe Jackson for profiting off his son's death?

1525 days ago

martin smith     

hi guys just wanted to ask do you know a website called weekly world news its very important cause theres a story on there you may wanna look at

1525 days ago


ok since today is Michael day please help me out here.
you have said on your live show that michael had a ton of that drug in his his arm and he had an iv in his leg and the dr gave him only a little amount how does he get so much in his arm. Michael hated needles and how could he have shot himself up. that many times. too many needle marks in his arm from one person. michael was right handed how could he have given him self these shots in his arm.

the other last thing is that after getting my hands on all the books i could about him. one thing i do not understand is that the pepsi commercail they did a bunch of them and all they talk about is the one that burned his head. there were others commercials.
love you harvey and glad you tell people the truth.

and some of us were around in the 60's granted i was young but i remember all the things you talk about.
thank you for your time.
a big fan

1524 days ago


Rachel Uchite is a whore why do you need to keep showing her. every time i see her all i think about is how many people she has messed up there lives.the women and kids she has hurt by her actions.
granted she was not alone at the time so it does take two but if you have someone shoving there things in your face what is a dude suppose to do after a while.

for all the women and men who have been cheated on she is the poster child for whores who want to sleep there way to middle.
does she really think she is going to be the next Mrs tiger woods. she is decisional because whores do not make good wives.remember Marla Maplesi bet she would have done things different she did become Mrs Donald for how long all of a second. and where is she now hanging out on the beach looking for a man.

1524 days ago


How come you guys haven't done a story in memory of Farrah, I think its kind of sad how much coverage MJ is doing, and Farrah isn't getting near as much. No disrepect to MJ, I love him too, I just wish there was a little more in the way of a tribute to Farrah.

1524 days ago
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