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Vienna & Ex-BF

The 'Sex' Emails Cover-Up

7/8/2010 8:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Vienna Girardi insists she was loyal to Jake Pavelka right until the bitter end, but a bunch of emails -- obtained by TMZ -- tell a different story ... a story about sex, Playboy, and something called a bubbie.


Lee Smith (left) -- Vienna's ex-BF -- has provided TMZ with what he claims is an 8-email exchange between Vienna and him dated June 14-16 ... a week before Vienna split with Jake.

Despite the horrible spelling mistakes, here are the highlights:

- (Lee to Vienna) "I'm here again feeling a oh so fimilar [sic] feeling ... I think it is a mixture of antisapation [sic] or mabey [sic] it's me just missin you either way..."

- (Vienna to Lee) "You are my life. I love you so much and can't wait to be in your arms again."

- (Lee to Vienna) "u are all I want!!!! I want to sex u up so bad baby!"

- (Lee to Vienna) "Don't u miss touching all the time are [sic] long baths ..."

- (Vienna to Lee) "I do miss all that. I love you so much bubbie. I want our life back."

And here's another thing -- Vienna has publicly denied rumors she's doing a Playboy spread ... but her last email says, "I may be doing playboy this weekend ... Xoxo".

As for why an engaged Vienna was having email sexy time with an ex -- a source close to her says Vienna wasn't the author ...  "The Bachelor" winner thinks someone hacked into her email account.


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It is nice to know that most people & most media are pimps & whores selling & showing anything about anyone.

1569 days ago


she was a tramp from the beginning and hasnt chaned a bit. what a fing slut. her reunion with jake was just an opportunity for her to get her ugly face back on tv and try to make some money, whichis really all she cares about. be thankful that you found out about this tramp before you married her, hey jake!

1569 days ago


I have to say, after all the bad publicity that was going around, I thought Jake wasn't the good guy he first appeared to be. I still think there are two sides to the story, but MY GOSH, in the interview they had together this past week...she did interrupt him A LOT...and when he asked her not to, she took it as though she should just sit there and not have a voice. I get that she felt she shouldnt be talking and she couldnt have a where did he say that...he just wanted to be able to say two words without her butting in. I can see why that would be a huge turn off for him

1569 days ago


Maybe Jake was withholding sex because he was angry with her and it was his way of punishing her. I've had that happen to me. After a while you give dang and you don't want it either. I personally don't think he is gay, but one never knows. All I know is the relationship was "SO HOT" when he asked her to marry him. What could have possible happened that caused just a drastic change.

Jake was a real jerk on DWTS. He seems like he has an anger issue and a control issue. It's his way or no way.

1569 days ago


what a loser chick she is i never liked that trash chick

1569 days ago


Jake was very disrepectful to her condescending to say the least. It's funny how people believe everything that he says. If I was being treated like garbage you better believe I would drop him like a bad habit!!!!!!!!!

1569 days ago


A doucher and a douchette...Perfect Couple !!

1569 days ago

Geoff Coldiron    

It just goes to show that you can be a reality star without actually having an eduma-freakin-cation.

1569 days ago


I don't blame you one bit Jake....Vienna was fake from the start!!! She is a money hungry, attention seeking B*&^H!!! I didn't like her from the start...she needs to grow up and accept responsibilty for her own actions. Also I don't know that I agree with the statement that you were with holding sex...I know that I would not want to sleep with someone that acted as disrespectful and childish as she does!!!

1569 days ago


Do you people believe everything you read??? I wasn't a big fan Of Vienna's, but Jake is, just, a real CREEP!!! OMG.....what a creep! He had a GF waiting on him, so, why not her having a BF, if it's true??? The way that a$$ treated her, I wouldn't blame her one bit. He's a FAME WHORE, if I ever saw one! YUK!!!!! this is the most disgusting show on the air. Little Miss Ali isn't as innocent as people with their blinders on think!

1569 days ago




1569 days ago


I know Jake and I can tell you - he is a great stand up guy.

1569 days ago


I was definitely not a Vienna fan during the bachelor, howerver, Jake has shown his true colors and dismissed Vienna quite some time ago. 1) these emails have not been proven by a legit source and 2)even if there were from her-she should have moved on a long time ago the way she was treated. After no passion from Jake, why would she not miss the feeling she had with someone else. As to a mention in another post...she does have a job. Does Jake???? He is the one who has been living off the spotlight. What is sad though I believed she really did love him.

1569 days ago


A real stand up guy, Parisa????? Bullsh*t! He's the biggest creep that was ever on the Bachelor! He's a control freak. Many on here talk about Vienna being ugly......OMG take a good look at that nerdy creep! He thinks he's all that, but he's a load of crap & butt fugley! Someone mentioned that VH1, & all these type shows are fake. I do believe he/she's right! Someone said she's not pretty enough or sexy enough for Playboy! That's not true.......she's not SLUTTY enough to show it off on Playboy. Only, skanks pose for Playboy! There's nothing sexy or good about any of those girls.....NOTHING!!!

1569 days ago


@Annie - Just curious--have you met Jake? Or do you base your judgment on what you hear/see in media? I have met him. Many times. And I think he is incredibly good looking and sweet. You may not think he is good looking, but, enough women did and that is why he was chosen to be the Bachelor in the first place.

I have never found him to be a "creep." Why is he a creep? Did he cheat on anyone? Slap anyone? Lie? OR maybe he is just a man in a bad situation?

As for Vienna, I will not degrade anyone. Her actions speak for themselves.

1569 days ago
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