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Vienna & Ex-BF

The 'Sex' Emails Cover-Up

7/8/2010 8:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Vienna Girardi insists she was loyal to Jake Pavelka right until the bitter end, but a bunch of emails -- obtained by TMZ -- tell a different story ... a story about sex, Playboy, and something called a bubbie.


Lee Smith (left) -- Vienna's ex-BF -- has provided TMZ with what he claims is an 8-email exchange between Vienna and him dated June 14-16 ... a week before Vienna split with Jake.

Despite the horrible spelling mistakes, here are the highlights:

- (Lee to Vienna) "I'm here again feeling a oh so fimilar [sic] feeling ... I think it is a mixture of antisapation [sic] or mabey [sic] it's me just missin you either way..."

- (Vienna to Lee) "You are my life. I love you so much and can't wait to be in your arms again."

- (Lee to Vienna) "u are all I want!!!! I want to sex u up so bad baby!"

- (Lee to Vienna) "Don't u miss touching all the time are [sic] long baths ..."

- (Vienna to Lee) "I do miss all that. I love you so much bubbie. I want our life back."

And here's another thing -- Vienna has publicly denied rumors she's doing a Playboy spread ... but her last email says, "I may be doing playboy this weekend ... Xoxo".

As for why an engaged Vienna was having email sexy time with an ex -- a source close to her says Vienna wasn't the author ...  "The Bachelor" winner thinks someone hacked into her email account.


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Oh please jake knew vienna was cheating & vienna knew she was cheating too.I bet this happened months ago but their just trying to save these stories so they can still ride their 15minutes of fame.Vienna & jake are both no bodies,their a waste of time.

1565 days ago


no comen iam sorry

1565 days ago

Staceyann C. Dolenti    

When Vienna was on the Bachelor Alley bad mouthed her all the time but we never saw footage of Vienna "being mean" of even being bitchy. Anyone that watches the Bachelor knows that they love to show cat fights, disagreements or anything that will make someone look bad. SO if it were true that Vienna was so bad we would have seen a video. All along they have tried to make Vienna out to be the villian and Jake and Alley out to be the good guys. Weird because Alley seems to be so insecure and bitchy and Jake always looked like he was trying to look better than he actually is in reality. I love the Bachelor but I wish they would start with a fresh group each time instead of trying to recycle the same old people. They need to do a little more screening and get more quality people like they use to. It was much more believeable when all the guys were fighting over Tristan (the professional cheerleader) then Alley. Come on now, 25 (or even 2 guys) would not be fighting over such a slummpy insecure girl.

1565 days ago


nice sexy chat lol

1565 days ago


I think that Jake guy is a fruit. and that Lee guy is obviously a total moron. nice spelling dude.

1560 days ago


Jake picked the ho from the start i did not like her from the start of the show till the end it made me sick when he chose her... she is just trying to get money she is ugly and actions make her nasty.. no wonder he would not touch her he knew everbody else had a piece of her. No he is not gay just a gentelman.. GLAD HE GOT AWAY FROM HER

1560 days ago


Re: comment #61 You say she is ugly and made you sick from the beginning of the show till the end. Well, not Jake. He picked her so evidently Vienna was his taste!!!! jAKE IS THE ONE WHO CHANGED HIS COLORS. And to make a comment that after a few months of a relationship it always dies off---he has a problem. He takes the ride and bails ungraciously blaming others and uses anger to do it.

1560 days ago


Staceyann, I agree with everything you said here. If anyone else didn't hate Vienna so much, they would agree, too. I didn't, really, like her, but Ali was on her case all the time & people think Ali is,so, sweet......sucking lips with every guy right from the beginning! YUK!!!!! She's, just, another fame whore like Jake. Yes, & I do agree with Natalie........he seems gay to me. He makes me feel like vomitting every time I see him in the news. He's a CREEP.

1560 days ago


AMEN, Jaynee!!!!!

1560 days ago


Jake is NOT gay!! Just because he finally saw the real Vienna and did not want to be intimate with her does not mean he was gay. She was so fake on that last interview with the two of them. How could ANYONE think her fake crocodile tears were real?! That was an act of hers to garner sympathy. Jake had every single right to be as furious with her as he was. Her constant interruptions were extremely rude. Ali saw through her from the beginning, as did many people. Vienna trashed Jake in Star magazine. I do not believe anyone got into her email. She is only trying to discredit her ex boyfriend, especially since she lied to him too!

1536 days ago


Thanks Annie.

1536 days ago


Welcome, Jaynee! Lin.....Do u mean to tell us that u believe everything that the Star or any other tabloid puts out? Vienna has her issues, but, so, does that fame whore, Jake! He can't dance. Although he thinks he's a super star & a superstud, he is NOT!!! He can't act his way out of a paper bag! I got his number from Day One. What a phony!!!! Actually, the whole show is phony. They are told what to do & what to say, just, like all the other reality shows. It's all about the ratings & the almighty dollar......bottomline!

1536 days ago


yes for sure

983 days ago
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