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Dr. Conrad Murray Saves A Life on MJ Anniversary

6/25/2010 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

How's this for irony?  TMZ has learned Dr. Conrad Murray may have saved another life ... almost one year to the day after Michael Jackson died.

Sources tell us, yesterday Dr. Murray received a call from a Las Vegas patient who was complaining of chest pains.  Dr. Murray told the man it sounded like he was having a heart attack and he needed to call 911.  The patient resisted, but Dr. Murray persisted and the man eventually made the call.

The patient was taken to the emergency room at Desert Springs Hospital in Las Vegas, where doctors confirmed it was indeed a heart attack.  The docs placed a stent in the man's heart.

Today, Dr. Murray visited his patient at the hospital. He reviewed the angiogram film.  The patient is doing well.

Before going there the doc had a private moment at St. Joseph Husband of Mary Catholic Church in Vegas.  Murray also went to Barnes and Noble bookstore this AM.  And he got a frappuccino at Starbucks.

Remember, a few months back it was Dr. Murray to the rescue on an airplane after a passenger fell ill.


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He should have used the same judgement with Michael and called 911 immediately. Instead, the "good" doctor failed to follow protocol he knows and advises!
It's still unbelievable that he couldn't/ wouldn't call paramedics immediately, let alone withhold information to them and the UCLA doctors. Murray knew what he should do and didn't.
Sorry Doc, but don't think there is an excuse for your behavior on June 25, 2009.

1550 days ago

Pornosec Prole    

Three questions. Who put TMZ up to this? What was the payoff? And did they really think we are that stupid as to believe this BS?

1550 days ago


Big, crappin' deal! That idiot is a "doctor", so he's SUPPOSED to "save lives"! That is why his conduct surrounding the death of Michael Jackson is especially heinous, and unforgivable...

1550 days ago


So,he still murdered Michael Jackson. TMZ you are messed up!! Michael, we will always love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1550 days ago


His patient was a MORON, chest pains and you are a heart patient call 911. He could have called a pet store and got the same advice.
EMS and the ER saved that guy not rent a doc....aggghhh venom spew.

1550 days ago


"Saved Another Life" – OMG, when I read that headline, I expected Murray had jumped into the icecold swirls of Colorado River, dragging a drowning person to daylight again, or having successfuly practiced an eight hour long, nerve-wracking open-heart-surgery.
But recommending someone on the phone to call 911? If this is enough to be a medical hero, then good night...

1550 days ago

you know it    

Ok so he might have saved a life by giving helpful advice, then went to visit him in the hospital, then went to a church, then went to Barnes and Noble and then had a frappuccino at Starbucks. But please tell me TMZ, I need to know. When Did Dr. Murray go to the bathroom? You don't ever say when he did this. It's driving me mad! You follow him everywhere and report on everything he does, but you never report on his bathroom habits. What gives?

1550 days ago



"They Don't Care About Us"

Check out the lyrics.

Just saying...

1550 days ago


Anti-semitic song that got MJ killed:

"They Don't Care About Us"

Just saying...

1550 days ago


1. What is next?... He receives the TMZ Humanitarian Award?
Posted at 12:02 PM on Jun 25, 2010 by G.R.

Haha, love it!!! You suck TMZ and your story is a lot of baloney.
He doesn't even know how to do CPR so how could he save anyone?
Stop putting him on a pedestal, Harvey. He's a MURDERER, end of story.

1550 days ago


Well patient did YOU call the media or did Deathdoc's PR people do it? You are nothing short of shnizit lucky you had the chest pains at home and not in his office lest he would have tried cpr in the chair then waited an hour or so to call 911 and split asap after the cops started asking questions.
Or maybe I owe him an apology.

1550 days ago


TMZ are you being paid to kiss Murray's wrinkled ass? He paid that
stripper who had his child and it seems like he's slipping you guys a little something too. Why don't you guys go to the cemetary
and cover the real victim-this is the day to glorify him, not the
creep that killed him...and how in the hell is that saving someone's life by telling them to call 911. When you call your
Dr.'s office the recording tells you if it's a medical emergency to call 911 before they connect you, so I guess the lady on the voice message is a hero also for saving lives-where is her credit. You guys need to focus on better views(like finding and interviewing people who Murray also ASSISTED who weren't sick-hummm),write a headline that actually matches the story, and stop glorifing a MURDERER.

1550 days ago


I knew that joint looked familiar..I knew people that had to get tested to what an awful experience.

1550 days ago


HAHAHAHAHAHAH YOU CALL THIS SAVING A LIFE?? WTF!! Even a little kid knows you call 911 if someone is having bad chest pains. The "good doc" was no where near the patient that is why he is still alive!! HE KILLED MICHAEL AND I CAN NOT WAIT UNTIL JUSTICE IS SERVED. R.I.P MJ

1550 days ago
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