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Dr. Conrad Murray Saves A Life on MJ Anniversary

6/25/2010 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

How's this for irony?  TMZ has learned Dr. Conrad Murray may have saved another life ... almost one year to the day after Michael Jackson died.

Sources tell us, yesterday Dr. Murray received a call from a Las Vegas patient who was complaining of chest pains.  Dr. Murray told the man it sounded like he was having a heart attack and he needed to call 911.  The patient resisted, but Dr. Murray persisted and the man eventually made the call.

The patient was taken to the emergency room at Desert Springs Hospital in Las Vegas, where doctors confirmed it was indeed a heart attack.  The docs placed a stent in the man's heart.

Today, Dr. Murray visited his patient at the hospital. He reviewed the angiogram film.  The patient is doing well.

Before going there the doc had a private moment at St. Joseph Husband of Mary Catholic Church in Vegas.  Murray also went to Barnes and Noble bookstore this AM.  And he got a frappuccino at Starbucks.

Remember, a few months back it was Dr. Murray to the rescue on an airplane after a passenger fell ill.


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So Dr. Murray can assess a patient's condition THROUGH THE PHONE and can save a patient's life THROUGH THE PHONE....but he doesn't know how or when to call 911 HIMSELF when a patient stops breathing RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM??!!!! Give me an EFFING BREAK!!! I'm SO SICK of all these PR stunts and attempts to make Murray look good already!!! So Murray told a patient to seek help. So? How does that change the fact that he killed MJ??? The more PR stunts Murray makes and the more his lawyers talk, the more my blood starts to BOIL!!! All these attempts to make him look good do NOT change what he did to Michael!! He was COMPLETELY RECKLESS with his actions (and I am saying that as a nurse anesthetist, so I'd say I'm qualified enough to know what I'm talking about!!) and what he did is ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!!! And it is revolting how he tries to act like he did nothing wrong, when he didn't do one thing RIGHT!!

1548 days ago


Hi Lee lee,
of course, the 25th is already over in Australia! Here it will last for another one and a half hour, and then it will be about the time when I heard the terrible news one year ago. It's been 12.30 AM, I've already been half asleep on my sofa and first I thought I dreamt what the news anchorman on TV had to say. It's been just the following morning when I really understood in full consequence what had happened.
I haven't got much sleep as well, since I watched the "HIStory concert" from Munich on TV till 3 AM. Brought back a lot of memories, I've been there in the audience in 1997!
It's a very nice idea to light some candles in memory of Michael, Lee lee! I did something else and put some sunflowers on my desk. Their yellow colour looks so warm and I like them turning their "heads" into the direction of the sun, just if they'd be looking for Michael up in the sky. Besides that I of course listened to Michael's music all day long, but this is something I do anyway :)
And no, I haven't heard what Michael's kids are doing today. I hope they are safe and far away from any paparazzi and any circus. My heart goes out to them. Hugs to down under!

1548 days ago


why is this news? the man *is* a doctor you know...
you think he had some big conspiracy plan in motion to kill MJ? MJ was a walking timebomb, that's plain enough to see... but he's certainly neither the first nor last celebrity drug addict, with "certifed" enablers....

1548 days ago

Lee lee    

I understand Claire...they are very vile, but there are some very interesting questions today.....and I want to see how many of the hard hitting ones Harvey chooses to answer.

Don't get me wrong.....What they do to twist stories etc...gets to me as much as anyone!!!

1548 days ago


Yet this is the same B@ZTARD of a doctor who waited 45 minutes to call 911 himself when Michael stopped breathing after being given an overdose by Murray! Why are you telling us the quack told a patient having chest pains to call 911? The man must be stupid because he is still seeing Murray as his doctor. I would have told him the same d@mn thing and I'm not a doctor. That is common sense not medical skill. Murray is a murderer so stop trying to make him into a hero. I see his PR firm is still feeding you garbage.

1548 days ago


Posted at 1:43 PM on Jun 25, 2010 by Lee lee

The chef in the house at the time said when the paremedics ran in the kids were crying and so was she, just so sad.

1548 days ago

Lee lee    

moni........the sunflowers sound like a sweet idea. I have sunflowers all around my house. Have always loved them and had them placed everywhere.....way before I knew Michael loved them. I have about 4 sunflower chimes outside as well, so every time the wind blows and I hear the beautiful sound , I think of Michael.

Sounds like you, I and many others are lacking a little sleep. I too watched music all day on TV. Might try and have a nap later on.
In the meantime a big hug to you from me. ;)

1548 days ago


Dr. Murray FTW.

1548 days ago


He did not save a life. I work at a doctors office and it is standard procedure whenever someone calls complaining of chest pains to send them to the hospital. Even the receptionists know that!

1548 days ago


To those who keep saying it was all MJ's fault because MJ "pushed and pushed" for Propofol and if it wouldn't have been Murray it would have been some other doctor....Sorry, but you are missing the point here. It is the DOCTOR'S RESPONSIBILITY to say NO. No responsible doctor would EVER give their patient something that could be dangerous and out of their area of expertise!!! Not for ANY kind of money in the world! Yes, there are doctors who do that, but that does NOT make it RIGHT. Patients or patients' parents (if the patient is underage) ask doctors and nurses for ALL KINDS OF STUFF all the time. but if it is something we as medical professionals do not think is right, we will not do it. Simple as that. We have the right to say no, and we have the RESPONSIBILITY to say no!! I have easy access to Propofol and to all kinds of drugs, but I would never EVER give them to anyone just bcause they asked. And not EVEN if they paid; no matter HOW much they'd pay. So those who blame MJ, clearly have no idea about anything, I'm sorry. Get your facts right, before you start blaming the victim. Thanks.

1548 days ago


76. Hello Moni Lee Lee :)
I am watching the news here, this exact time last year the lady on the news said Michael Jackson was in a coma..later she said he died. It is the same lady that read it this time last year thats reading it tonight!

Posted at 1:23 PM on Jun 25, 2010 by Claire

Hello Claire,
yes, it's like the saddest déjà-vu-experience one could think of. I haven't been looking forward to that day, but truely, I didn't expect that I'd be SO glad when it's finally over.

WillO, thank you for sharing that memory. How nice that your son immediately understood in what way that news would touch you.

1548 days ago


More propaganda from his legal team - just like the time he supposedly saved someone on an airplane flight. What spin from his attorneys!!

1548 days ago


In the last year I don't think there's been one day that I've gotten on here and at least half of the page wasn't about Michael Jackson. Can we get over it already? Where the hell are the DUI's and sex tape scandals... and nipple slips for god's sake?! Don't become some lame ass "we love Michael" site. He's gone! Get the F*@k over it!!

1548 days ago


Well why couldn't he help Michael? he's full of sh*t!!

1548 days ago


Posted at 1:55 PM on Jun 25, 2010 by moni

I know moni what upsets me the most is his children. I can't even imagine what they went through. I remember watching the news praying he was still alive, the chef said his kids were crying when he was taken in the ambulance and they all prayed he would be ok. I went on holiday the day after the memorial and I could not stop crying everynight. I felt so horribly sorry for his kids. I just wish the new said' Michael Jackson suffered a heart attack in his home this afternoon and was rushed to UCLA, doctors managed to satblise him but he is in a critical condition'. If only...

1548 days ago
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