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Dr. Conrad Murray Saves A Life on MJ Anniversary

6/25/2010 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

How's this for irony?  TMZ has learned Dr. Conrad Murray may have saved another life ... almost one year to the day after Michael Jackson died.

Sources tell us, yesterday Dr. Murray received a call from a Las Vegas patient who was complaining of chest pains.  Dr. Murray told the man it sounded like he was having a heart attack and he needed to call 911.  The patient resisted, but Dr. Murray persisted and the man eventually made the call.

The patient was taken to the emergency room at Desert Springs Hospital in Las Vegas, where doctors confirmed it was indeed a heart attack.  The docs placed a stent in the man's heart.

Today, Dr. Murray visited his patient at the hospital. He reviewed the angiogram film.  The patient is doing well.

Before going there the doc had a private moment at St. Joseph Husband of Mary Catholic Church in Vegas.  Murray also went to Barnes and Noble bookstore this AM.  And he got a frappuccino at Starbucks.

Remember, a few months back it was Dr. Murray to the rescue on an airplane after a passenger fell ill.


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UN MEDIO DE COMUNICACIÓN QUE PIENSA estamos locos o el retraso

1584 days ago


EL MUNDO NO ES bombeo y la gente ya sabe LA VERDAD

1584 days ago

Laura Munroe    

Not surprised....just before court date he pulled a stunt on the plane righ! Now this on the day that all media is focused on our beloved Michael here he is again! He has a good PR manager!

1584 days ago


Dr Murray
Saving the good guys, killing the pedo's.
I salute you Sir!

1584 days ago

Laura Munroe    

Want to Thank TMZ for their great reporting of today's events on live stream...great stuff!

Harvey have you not been watching your live feed....thousands of MJ fans are showing up to pay their respects! WTH are you talking about?

1584 days ago


73. And TMZ keep moving this story up on there home page.........I'ts the top story.....Yup,Harvey...It's all about Murray today isn't it???

Posted at 1:22 PM on Jun 25, 2010 by Lee lee

Hey Lee Lee,
you noticed that too huh? Tmz i am sure is getting a nice big fat paycheck to promote this jerk.

rip mj

1584 days ago


It's becoming downright pathetic how much he's trying at this point.

1584 days ago


So.... if I'm reading this correctly, and I think I am... Dr. Propofol really didn't "do" anything except convince someone ELSE to call 9-1-1...
Why couldn't Dr. Death dial 9-1-1 himself? It was his patient afterall.
AND Dr. Do-nothing didn't even show up at the hospital until the NEXT DAY?
yet.. for some reason... TMZ is reporting that Dr. Grimreaper "saved" someone's life?

Give me a break. He did nothing. It didn't even happen on the aniiversary of MJ's death like TMZ is claiming in the headline. This whole story is useless.

1584 days ago

Laura Munroe    


A pedophile does not prey on only 2 children dumbass; they prey on hundreds of children and run....he was not a pedophile!

Read up on him DO YOU READ?

1584 days ago


This is not irony. This is a coincidence. Take a freaking English class.

1584 days ago


Thank you, moni. Do you remember what you were doing or how you felt when you first heard the news of Michael's death?

Posted at 1:59 PM on Jun 25, 2010 by WillOTheWisp

Hello WillO, oh yes, I can remember very well. Just told it to Lee lee: It was late at night here, about 12.20 AM (I'm from Germany), when the late night news came up with the news. I even can remember the photo they showed for illustration, it was one from Michael's trial time, in a very elegant black suit with these bright glasses. Since it's been so late and a pretty hard day, I was half asleep and really thought I was some kind of dreaming. Just the next day, when Michael's music was all over the radio, I realized to full extend what had happened. It's been like an ice cold hand grabbing my heart, and with each video, with each special, and finally with the Dangerous concert they showed on TV the pain grew harder.
But, as I posted on another board: I've never loved my laptop more than during the last twelve months. Somehow Michael is living on inside of it, and all the nice people here who feel the same give me so much comfort. Hugs to all of you, and thank you!

1584 days ago


Hey Lee Lee,

yet they keep on moving this story up to the top. another story with randy and mj's kids just showed up but was pushed down.

TMZ you are some sick jerks. Does that paycheck look so good you have to be so disrespectful? Jeez

1584 days ago


Laura Monroe

Who mentioned anything about 2 kids?
Its well do***ented that he, ATLEAST, shared a bed with numerous children.

come on, he definitely had a bit of touchytouchy feelyfeely. Macaulay Culkin has been ****ed up for years since he was in that MJ video. Corey Feldman is another.

1584 days ago


Tmz, you are making a fool of yourself, this is sooooooo rediculous!

I think I could be a docter too...I would have adviced to call 911 too (even my 8-year old son knows it!)
Again Murray did nothing and waited till the next day to go to his patient...

1584 days ago

Lee lee    

TMZ you are some sick jerks. Does that paycheck look so good you have to be so disrespectful? Jeez

Posted at 2:24 PM on Jun 25, 2010 by kim

I know Kim......They are so good at shinning Murray in a positive light..I just don't get it....well we do now , don't we !

But you would of thought that today they could have just let it be Michaels day. Fat Chance!!

Thanks TMZ, You can be total Jerks at times

1584 days ago
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