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Joe Jackson Sues Murray's Clinics, Claims Cover-Up

6/25/2010 11:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Jackson is not only going after Dr. Conrad Murray in the wrongful death lawsuit, he's suing the two clinics where Murray worked, claiming they are also responsible for Michael Jackson's death.

The lawsuit names Acres Home Heart & Vascular Associates -- Murray's Houston clinic, and GCA Holdings (aka Global), Murray's Las Vegas clinic.

According to the suit obtained by TMZ, "Defendants conduct of attempting to conceal the multi-state supply of drugs and the use of their facilities in Texas and Nevada to obtain medications was an extreme departure from the standard of care."

TMZ broke the story ... two women from Dr. Murray's Houston clinic went to Murray's storage facility the morning Jackson died and retrieved various boxes, this according to the manager of the storage facility. 

One of the women, LaQuanda Price, told TMZ she went to retrieve a bio-hazardous box, filled with needles.   She did not explain why she would take such a box back to her office, but claims Dr. Conrad Murray did not direct her to go to the storage facility.

LaQuanda's sister, LaQuisha Middleton, told us a different story.  That she went to the storage facility with her sister to retrieve a chair.

The suit also alleges the clinics negligently trained Dr. Murray, specifically in the administration of Propofol.



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Jesus Juice!...Who isn't this guy trying to sue?????

1551 days ago


I'm African-American and while the names are very different they don't deserve to be laughed at because of their names. They are actually pretty girls. So even though they probably are lying, they shouldn't be laughed at.

1551 days ago

go home!    

Hey Joe,

Maybe if ya would have been kinder and a real father to Michael when he was a boy (instead of telling him he was ugly for his pimples) he wouldn't have grown up with all these complexes and wierd behaviors. Maybe your treatment and abuse of him as a child is what eventually killed him. Ever think about that buddy? Quit trying to place the blame on everyone else except yourself. Jerk.

1551 days ago


these two pieces of **** need charges filed against them for conspiracy to commit fraud and aiding and abetting. Please all MJ fans start writing, calling, emailing Texas prosecutors requesting an investigation. When MJ died and they acted in conspiracy to cover up evidence that is illegal (felony). These two whores need to answer and the fbi has jurisdiction cuz murdering murray aka massive nostrils was in CA and they commited their crimes by destroying evidence in TX. Contact the fbi too request proper investigations happen. THIS MURDERING PIECE OF **** IS GOING TO WALK! MARK MY WORDS... WHOEVER ORDERED THE HIT ON MJ VIA THIS LOSER MURRAY HAS MILLIONS TO SPEND TO MAKE THIS ALL GO AWAY.


1551 days ago


perfect example of 2 of houston's finest ghetto trash. LaQuisha and LaQuinta? Are you kidding me? This is why Texas sucks. These two hookers can't even lie convincingly. Which is why the prisons are made of of 90%!!!!! Stupid Africans.

1551 days ago


4. White people have higher instances of genetic diseases that cause deformities and have higher rates of autism and MENTAL RETARDATION. That might be from all the backwoods incestuous relationships among white people.

Posted at 7:50 AM on Jun 25, 2010 by Shadow

Hmmm. That's an interesting theory you have there, Shadow.

But, whenever I'm watching one of those "World's Dumbest Criminals" programs on TV, I can't help but notice that they always seem to show at least one African-American guy who gets stuck in a ventilation shaft while attempting to rob a liquor store. It's always the same thing. The cops get called in the next day and he's hanging upside down, screaming something to the effect of..."Oh, Lordy Jeebus...hep me! Hep me, please! Ah cain't feels mah legs!!!"

And while we're on the subject of chromosomal do you explain Tyler Perry?

1551 days ago

La Mom    

Laquanda??? Laquisha????? Oh for the love of all things holy!!! I'm reminded of Bill Cosby's lecture on this one (ghetto fabulouses would be wise to take note) baby mama's who give their children these so-called exotic sounding African ethnic names, thinking their offspring will be revered like some king or queen of the Congo, when all they really are is just another piece of American ghetto trash looking to get paid for doing absolutely nothing.

Truth hurts.

And STOP naming your babies after pimpin cars, like Sha-Lexus (no joke, seen it happen) Laquanda ... Laquisha ...HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

1551 days ago


You know what, Joe is greedy and sorry man that did michael wrong as a child but i love Michael and always will i judge no on he needed help and no one helped him all they wanted was money they did'nt look at the help he needed and cry out for. just look at the good he did and not the bad, on this day of his death.

1551 days ago


Please stop with this Jackson crap. Everytime I visit this site that's all I see. I hate it.

1551 days ago


Good that somebody is keeping the heat on murray.
He has after his name M.D. Cardiologogist.Not "hit-man" or "assassin."A doctor should always care for his pt´s life and safety.He is obliged to keep potentially dangerous medications and equipment safely away from from patients confused by other meds and also suicidal patients.I do not think Michael was suicidal, he loved and enjoyed those kids too much. Something odd struck me from the very beginning:Why did he FIRST give
Michael a propofolinjection, always a risky proceedure, and THEN go to the bathroom.A risky proceedure deamads 100 % attention + followup.,unen***bered by a full bladder.

1509 days ago


I reckon the police should talk to those two BITCHES who took away a couple of boxes from store room on Michael's death. I'm sure someone had paid them some money to removed those boxes, I don't trustem them , it's eazy to say they are lying !! everything for MONEY , MONEY, MONEY!! that's what they did for MONEY!! I'm also sure those two retads don't work so removing boxes from store room was a very eazy way to make quick CASH!!!!!!!!!!!!

1505 days ago

Shazelle Santana    

Many people HAVE or STILL HAVE A LIFE because of Michael Jackson. It was some stupid, ignorant, jealous people who DIDN'T have a life, and were greedy and COULDN'T find the success they wanted that is and has been caught making up those lies that made him sick and only HALF successfully destroyed his career...TEMPORARILY. He ROSE AGAIN.

Obviously those who hate him, are just miserable accountants or something. Stay away from my world of the arts and music then and go back to PUSHIN ur pencil in dead silence.

1467 days ago
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