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Katherine Jackson to Joe: Don't Drag Me Into This!

6/25/2010 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Jackson has no business dragging his wife into the wrongful death lawsuit he's filing against Dr. Conrad Murray ... this according to her lawyer.

Katherine Jackson & Joe Jackson

TMZ broke the story ... Brian Oxman is filing the wrongful death suit in federal court today.  Oxman has named Katherine and Michael Jackson's three kids as "nominal plaintiff."

It's bizarre to name anyone as a "nominal plaintiff" in such a case.   As far as we can tell  -- plaintiffs in wrongful death cases never bring in others as "nominal plaintiffs."

That said, Katherine's lawyer, Adam Streisand, tells TMZ, "Mrs. Jackson has no interest in Conrad Murray other than seeing that justice is done in the criminal courts." 

Streisand adds, "She certainly would never tap Brian Oxman for the job of filing any kind of lawsuit for her or the kids."


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17. I hope Katherine lives until the kids are over 18.
Hopefully she will outlive Joe.

Posted at 12:55 PM on Jun 25, 2010 by Sunshine

Isn't 21 the legal age in the states. Its 18 in Canada. Remembering MJ & Farrah Fawcette. RIP.

1588 days ago


I don't even know why TMZ is dragging us into this.

Anything and everything this opportunist does is posted on here!

I probably speak for 99% of the ppl who post here when I say enough of this opportunist. STOP giving him an audience he so wishes he has.

1588 days ago


well thats one tv special over...still more to come though. It really hurts watching them, michael as so lonely and he should not have died he could have been saved. It feels so weird I can remember exactly what I was doing this time last year...little did I no in less that an hour my life would be turned upside down, the same for his kids and family...the whole world also.

1588 days ago


An excerpt from an article from CTV, Calgary, Canada:-

"In Tokyo, 50 Japanese admirers -- one for each year of his life – have been picked to spend a night at Tokyo Tower among the singer's possessions in the Neverland Collection, the only official Michael Jackson exhibition. They were chosen from among 10,000 applicants who vied for the honour".

This is nice. We miss you, Michael. RIP MJ & Farrah Fawcette.

1588 days ago


This whole family needs a manager. They are sort of unglued, all over the place. In everything. Several of them seem to live in their own individual dream worlds. You could see it in the reality show. There is no drive, no structure, as far as you can tell.

1588 days ago


I still want to know about the mustache that Joe sports. Is that tattoed on?? someone must know.... He just looks so weird a mean old scowling man.

1588 days ago


NOMINAL PLAINTIFF: One who is named as the plaintiff in an action, but who has no interest in it, having assigned the cause or right of action to another, for whose use it is brought.

In general, he cannot interfere with the rights of his assignee, nor will he be permitted to discontinue the action, or to meddle with it.

another words, Joe used Katherine name because he is douchebag and using her name MIGHT give him leverage to get $ out of Murray! Joe, we want justice for Michael MORE THAN YOU DO but what you are after is MONET, NOT justice. Civil coruts can't send Murray to jail, they can only order Murray to pay punitive damage TO YOU! Hey, take yourself and your imcompetent attorney & your ghetti artist, crawl somewhere and DIE Joe! Your actions caused Michael to lead a life with a hole in his chect in the shape of a dad. F U! As much as we blame Murray and others that hired him to kill Michael, WE BLAME YOU TOO! You also killed Michael. I hate you Joe!

1588 days ago


15. posted at 12:49 pm on Jun 25, 2010 by Vee - that's beautiful.

JUDGEMENT - for all the ones that feel it necessary to pass theirs on others, remember, there is only ONE that truley matters. - to all the haters, read this.

1588 days ago


Most people don't understand that without Joe they wouldn't have even heard of MJ.

Much respect.

Posted at 12:40 PM on Jun 25, 2010 by WordOutlet

It's the other way around. Without Michael, the Jackson 4 would have gotten nowhere. They would have stayed in Gary. Without Michael, we'd never have heard of Joe Jackson.

1588 days ago


Joe Jackson you will have to answer for EVERYTHING you have done, including the contribution to your son's death and insecurities. STOP TRYING TO PIMP MICHAEL JACKSON. HE IS IN THE GRAVE. This man (Joe Jackson) disgusts me. How does he sleep at night? I forgot, the Devil doesn't sleep.

1588 days ago


@26. Posted at 1:10 PM on Jun 25, 2010 by MichaelJACKSON

you really need to get a grip.

@16. Posted at 12:55 PM on Jun 25, 2010 by Sue from Tampa

I'm sure A LOT of people will feel the same way when you die.

1588 days ago


Motion to dismiss.

1588 days ago

Hugh Jass    

What no one has said is that the wrongful death action must account for the known heirs of the deceased (viz, the 3 kids) and if they do not join in the action as co-plaintiffs they must be named as parties (labeled as nominal plaintiffs or defendants) in the Complaint. That's why we see his mom and his alleged 3 bio-kids named in a sub-caption here.

What is far more significant here is that no one actually has brought a wrongful death action directly on behalf of the 3 kids as their actual guardian(s).

Also, Joe has an uphill battle here because he in time will be shown to not be a proper plaintiff and he will be swimming upstream on legal and statutory issues that may defeat his claim. Why this is so is no big secret but we don't want to educate him or his lawyers on this, now do we...

1588 days ago


@ blackbutterfly

you really need to know ur place and go F yourself. What in our dynamic gave you the idea that you can tell me how to feel and what to do?

1588 days ago
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