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Michael Jackson -- The Final TMZ Encounter

6/25/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The last time we shot Michael Jackson, he was leaving Dr. Arnie Klein's offices in Beverly Hills just two weeks before he died ... and assured us that he would be able to moonwalk at his scheduled London concerts.

At the time -- June 9, 2009 -- no one could anticipate the tragedy that would follow ... nor the massive investigations involving practically everyone connected to the singer.

As for our last encounter with Michael, he was his usual kind self -- more than willing to talk to his fans ... and in this case, he even gave the photogs an update on his health status, saying he was feeling "good."


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lol the cameraguy was so starstruck :P

1584 days ago


Cant believe its already a year. I will miss you Michael, thanks for the great music. rest in peace. divine justice will clean your name in the coming years Michael. Lucky those of you who got to meet this wonderful person. I never got the chance.

1584 days ago


38. Interesting story, electriczipper; I never had the privilege of seeing him live anywhere, but the videos we own of his concerts were similar to what you said. Everyone just kinda 'froze' when he appeared. He'd do that standing perfectly still thing and when he'd slowly remove those sunglasses, I swear you could hear people peeing themselves...that was unbelievable how he could do nothing and still get people to forget their names..:)

Posted at 10:12 AM on Jun 25, 2010 by FPIC

41. #36 Electriczipper By George I think you've got it!..It was his aura it was diamonds and pearls...he was one of a kind.

Posted at 10:12 AM on Jun 25, 2010 by dd

EXCACTLY did start out with him just standing there not moving at all and as the minutes roled by it drove the crowd bezerk,,and yes dd it was his aura,and boy I sure did love elvis but his was a different effect on the crowd,same result but just not the same..

1584 days ago


14. It’s amazing how the African-American culture suddenly re-connected with fallen soldier, Michael Jackson, right after his death. Prior to this major event, it appeared as though there was a significant disconnect between Michael and his African-American fans. The new experience of depression and continued bereavement are both shocking and a surprise to me as a mental health professional. Check out my blog to see some questions that I think have gone unanswered and let me know what you think.

Posted at 9:37 AM on Jun 25, 2010 by Ask Dr. O


Ask Dr. O don't even go there. Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 belonged to the African-American community long before you knew his name. There was never a 'disconnect' between the African-American fans as you say. Michael became such a global figure; he belonged to all races. His fan base was much larger overseas when he left the group. African-American filled the stadiums here in the US to see the Jackson 5 and would have right there in the mix if he held more concerts in the US. Take a look back at the Motown archives; there you will see nothing but the faces of African-Americans waiting for the Jackson 5s at the airports and hotels. Again, don't even try it!

1584 days ago


*wiping my eyes* WoW! many thanks TMZ for being kind. And sharing =) It was also refreshing to hear the paparazzi amazed by the Icon/Legend of MJ "The King of Pop" He really touched and still touches many. He Is LOVE....

1584 days ago


He is self proclaimed King of Pop. Remember that. He gave that title to himself. The only true King is Elvis, given that title by media & fans around the world. He changed music, damn pop culture forever in the 50's and sang any and I mean ANY kind of music. MJ while a pretty good singer, sounded like a girl most of the time and most of his songs have the same vocal effects in them. Its not even close.

1584 days ago


I just cant stop loving you. I love you forever Michael Jackson. I really miss you so much. RIP my angel.

1584 days ago


Today we have to think of the children Prince, Paris ,and Blanket
God bless them
We love u Michael

1584 days ago


Today we have to think about his wonderful children Prince, Paris and Blanket god bless them we love u Michael

1584 days ago


he's dead. so big deal.

1584 days ago

JVM Fan    

Do you remember where you were when MJ died? I do!! There is a CNN/HLN host, Jane Velez-- that has covered MJ from the beginning. She should have some fantastic guests on her show "Issues" tonight. Apparently Michael's father has finally filed a lawsuit--and I think he could win. So sad....

1584 days ago


Thank you so much TMZ for your kind words on Michael today!!!! Its nice to see that those people were telling him how much they loved him :) Cute video.

1584 days ago


Thank you for saying something nice about one of the nicest people ever! RIP Michael...we still love you!

1584 days ago


Of course he was kind. Michael always was. And not surpirsed he was feeling good. Michael wasn't sick or anything. He was murdered. R.I.P. to the greatest ever! Steve

1584 days ago


You were and will always be one of the greatest entertainers ever.
Through good times and bad you tried to make the world a better place. Bless you for that and for your kindness.
May God Bless your children today and always.
R.I.P. Michael...

1584 days ago
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