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Michael Jackson -- The Final TMZ Encounter

6/25/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The last time we shot Michael Jackson, he was leaving Dr. Arnie Klein's offices in Beverly Hills just two weeks before he died ... and assured us that he would be able to moonwalk at his scheduled London concerts.

At the time -- June 9, 2009 -- no one could anticipate the tragedy that would follow ... nor the massive investigations involving practically everyone connected to the singer.

As for our last encounter with Michael, he was his usual kind self -- more than willing to talk to his fans ... and in this case, he even gave the photogs an update on his health status, saying he was feeling "good."


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For the past year since Michael passed away I have been reading comments from the regulars on TMZ because I have found a lot of them interesting, informitive, some very articulate, & I am a huge Mj fan & always have been (not a rabid fanatic!)

I have never posted before because even though I sometimes wanted to, I didnt,because I dont like some of the garbage thats posted, but today I felt I had to because of the hateful ignorent sickening comments -on another TMZ blog today- really got to me, & hey I posted!.
I just want to say thanks to some of you, the faithfull- ie -

Claire- your from Ireland I am too!.
Phantom- you are amazing, LOVE all the videos you post GREAT Job thx.
Cher- thx love reading your posts, great especially when they're simmering!!
Daphne, Mimi (did I get the right one?) Sue from Tempa, Siggisis, Janala4, FPIC, Grump, DD, there are more but this is off the top of my head.
Lastly, Thanks oh well & Trish....You know why.....

1544 days ago


"Why wouldn't I be able too?"
So sad.
We love you Michael.

1544 days ago


TMZ has a heart? Wow I'm at a loss for words. But thank you TMZ for posting kind words about MJ.

Nice seeing you all on the boards today and to see everyone (pretty much) getting along.

That's the way the world should be. Make that change..

Still missing MJ.


1544 days ago


Well, TMZ says something nice about Michael - wonders never cease! LOL. Seriously though, to this day I've never seen any celebrity who is (or I guess I should say WAS) so consistently kind and polite to the paps and the fans. As used to it as he was, Michael MUST have had his moments of frustration and even anger regarding the aggressiveness of both groups, but he never let it show.

He seemed to understand and accept that this was the trade off for doing what he loved to do, and for being allowed to pursue his talent to the max. He also understood that without the fans and the media, he could never have achieved all that he did in the way that he did. The fact that Michael never forgot that it was the fans who made him in the first place is a very admirable thing. You don't find too many celebrities like that anymore.

It's like one of the paps who often shot pics of Michael once said, "if you stand outside Brad and Angelina's house all night screaming that you love them, they'll call the police and have you thrown off the property. If you do the same thing outside Michael Jackson's house, he'll send out food and notes to you, and maybe even come down and invite you inside to watch a video with him." ;)

1544 days ago


In a way, even a year later, his death is still unreal.

Posted at 10:23 AM on Jun 25, 2010 by truth1
I agree, truth1. There are moments when I still can't quite believe it. When I was a teenager, I thought Michael (then at the pinnacle of his career and seemingly unstoppable) would simply live forever. Even though I know better now, there's still a little part of me that sees him that way - and probably always will.

1544 days ago



1544 days ago


34. 33. I Love MiMi/mary/FPIC/jenny/Grump/Etc. Oh And Michael

Posted at 10:05 AM on Jun 25, 2010 by OhWell

I used to defend you, too, if you recall. You were funny; albeit a bit evil, but in a funny/harmless way. Not sure what made you worse, but it wasn't me, so ease up a little and things might be alot better on here, you know?

Posted at 10:07 AM on Jun 25, 2010 by FPIC

35. Great job OhWell! #33 Good post!

Posted at 10:07 AM on Jun 25, 2010 by Trish

To FPIC - 1st your comment is funny. People do things for different reasons, & I think he does it in a funny/harmless way, or at least, this is how I look at it. Trish, I've to admit your comment about hoping Tokyo serves buffet, still makes me laugh. You, bad girl. Yes, I did laugh quite a bit that day over it. Finally, I want to thank Chico for arranging this truce between Fans & Non-Fans. For being respectful & mindful of June 25, a day that all MJ fans mourn the loss of music industry's greatest entertainer. RIP Michael Jackson & Farrah Fawcette. BTW what's FPIC. Sorry, its another acronym I can't figure out.

1544 days ago


It's like one of the paps who often shot pics of Michael once said, "if you stand outside Brad and Angelina's house all night screaming that you love them, they'll call the police and have you thrown off the property. If you do the same thing outside Michael Jackson's house, he'll send out food and notes to you, and maybe even come down and invite you inside to watch a video with him." ;)

Posted at 12:14 PM on Jun 25, 2010 by Cathy

Is this true? Gee, MJ was sooooooo nice. Missing MJ. One year ago today, the world lost 2 significant icons, MJ & Farrah Fawcette shall be missed.

1544 days ago


poast 63 by SV. michael did not proclaimed himself the King of Pop. Elizabeht Taylor gave him that title and then the media ran with it. and well rightfully so because at that time there was no one else giving pop music bigger representation than Michael. And you may have done research on Elvis to know that he took a lot of his music style from visiting black churches and their gospel music. who knows what kind of Artist Elvis would have been if he would have just been a country music singer.

1544 days ago


lol and the same people who is commenting ntoday claiming to miss him was just calling him a sick child molester when this tape was released because they didn't know he was gonna die. hah ha people are so fake.

1544 days ago


OUCH! li'l old heart is breaking 'cause I remember this article & video clip like it was yesterday. I had just heard about the London O2 concerts(didn't watch much entertainment tv at that time, obviously-hehe. Never was one much for 'celebrity-worship/envy'......but MJ was different). I remember being totally shocked that he was going to make a go at a 'comeback' & feeling just THRILLED about that! I also remember being surprised that he was '50':) lol-you just think of MJ as 'timeless' really. Despite the fact that he had gone to Bahrain, or Ireland, or....who knew WHERE he was WHEN. MJ had become a Globetrotting nomad:) I remember seeing that photo of the MJ impersonator with the the traditional middle-eastern 'garb' on, the burka, & the single glittery glove; wandering around in the dunes. He appears to be walking away from the camera then turns back to face the camera, shooting the supposed 'paparazzi' 'a look that kills'(as in, "Hey F'K right OFF, buddy"!) for 'pursuing' him clear to Bahrain-lol! I thought that was such a cute photo....not to mention, most likely a very 'accurate' sentiment for MJ towards the press at the time:)-Like, "Damn. Where the hell do I have to go to get the f'k away from you douche-bags? The North Pole?". Some objected to that photo but I didn't. In fact I thought it was pretty adorable.

I really love the way MJ responds to the question asking if he can "still Moonwalk?" Haha..."well of course...why wouldn't I be able to?"

Sweet man...always very pleasant & gracious, considering how badly he was treated by the press.

Btw- A huge "THANK YOU TMZ"!! Thank you for making one of MJ's very last interviews a pleasant experience for him. Thank you for recognizing that you guys were 'lucky' to have gotten this interview &, judging by the way these guys were reacting, you recognized the 'significance' of your encounter with the 'King of Pop; that you were 'in the presence of GREATNESS':)

Thank you TMZ for your respectful attitude & your kindness toward Michael as well. You all were so decent. I think overall, you all are a pretty great bunch of guys:)

1544 days ago


10. It's TMZ's "Every Story is about MJ Week!" Count me out. Remind me to come back next week when you are's so annoying.

Posted at 9:34 AM on Jun 25, 2010 by robert h

Oh, okay...."Hey robert h, come back next week then" cause we certainly wouldn't want to annoy YOU with our MJ stories. There are, afterall though, many OTHER stories on here you might enjoy MORE. How about Lilo?? After all, nothing 'annoying' about HER!

1544 days ago


My tears for Michael are eternal....But I don't let people like you affect how I feel, so excuse me for asking, why do you waste your time talking about MJ if you like him? You seem like a crazy obsessed fan in denial.

1544 days ago


@ohwell Nah I'd rather not, I try to be a positive person...And if I don't like a celeb, I ignore everything about them, but that's just me...Most people don't get pissed at comments on this site, now, a more respected news outlet, then maybe.

1544 days ago


@OhWell lol cmon, be nice, those people obviously have some sort of psychological issues. LoL I don't think of MJ as a God, but I do think he is one of the most important people this world has and will ever see...I love him very much, but I don't worship him...

1544 days ago
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