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Cops Respond

To Verbal Attack at Kardashian House

6/25/2010 8:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned cops rolled out to the Calabasas home of Kourtney Kardashian and her baby daddy Scott Disick earlier today ... after Scott went ballistic on his neighbor ... and even called her a "whale."

We're told officers arrived to the scene after somebody called police and reported a "dispute with a neighbor" that was going down in front of the Kardashian home.

We're told no arrests were made and no one was cited.

As for what triggered the verbal spat -- it appears it began over a parking dispute ... but it turned nasty when Scott turned to the woman and screamed, "You're disgusting ... I would kill myself If I looked like you .... you whale."


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People are funny! She can do so much better? Really? The HogAssKarTrashian sisters are nothing more than greedy, uneducated foul-mouthed, nasty whores. Kris is nothing more than a street pimp, who instead of teaching her daughters how to value & respect themselves as women, she taught them to put value & a hefty price on their diseased cooters. Just the fact that their father represented a double murderer tells a whole lot about this family. Kourtney is a total idiot, her and Scott were broken up, she pulled the ole "get pregant" scam & got exactly what she deserved for playing the game in the first place. Kim is throwing that nasty diseased cooter around and still "black c*ck hunting". Sure these people are rich & famous, but who wants to be famous for being the town whore? And how much respect does a town whore get? Who takes the town whore serious? Example: The movie Monster's Ball; she comes into the hotel room, drops her purse & skirt and bends over the table! And even though Billy Bob didn't hit it, who did he end up with? You can't turn a whore into a housewife, everybody knows that!

1578 days ago


This "guy" (if that's what you want to call him), is one of the biggest losers (and I don't mean he's lost any weight) on television today. Someone needs to tell him that the trailer park has called and they want him to come back home!!!!

This "girl" only keeps him around for the publicity (hey, girl, wake the f^$k up! This loser makes you look like a loser!)

1578 days ago


If the family were really concern for this woman's saftey they would kick him off the show. He does not need to be on any show at this time. But the family putting him down all the time, comparing him to the other two girls boyfriend/husband is just asking for trouble. Kloe insulting him, calling him a mental case ect is only adding fuel to the fire. It has to be staged.

Kris has stated she lost a friend because of abuse (Nicole Simpson). She is credited as an executive producer. If she were really worried about her daughters she would have this man fired from the show or at least not give him camera time.

Kris has two younger daughters, I hope this crazy family is off TV before they are ready to date and be on their own. I have seen ads when Courtney states "she loves Mason more than you", sounding as if she broke up with this guy. He has many issues, alcohol, possible drugs too. He is physical when upset, and seems to want to piss her family off.

She is in her 30's, with means to get out on her own or live with her family. She does not have to count on him for any monies. I would like someone to interview her and ask her why she is putting up with this. Ryan Seacrest and her mother are to blame alot for this as they put their names as executive producers. They NEED to STOP this nosw, even if this is for play acting he is crazy enough to take it too far.

1577 days ago


Kourtney needs to ditch scott all together before he ends up hurtin either her or the baby heaven forbid.

1577 days ago


Scott's all coked out and no one to listen to his rants. Nice miami vice pants.

1577 days ago


It won't be long before the cops are called again when bruce sees all those pics of lamar checking out kendalls posterior as they shop with kloe, watch it bruce before kendall has a burnt bun in the belly.

1577 days ago


And he thinks he perfect? He needs to get a new mirror. Feel sorry for her for putting up with him. Maybe she will come to her senses some day and dump that piece of #*#&

1577 days ago


Are you kidding me? I would kill myself is i were Kourtney! She has no self esteem and deserves the Douche Lord! He is a true pig, and ratings or not, she should dump his low down ass!

1577 days ago


Spencer Pratt the second hahahaha

1576 days ago

Lord Snooty    

Dear Scott Disick, you are obviously sooo gay that I understand your frustration and stress. You snapped. It had to happen one day. But you have to keep a sense of reality at all times man, especially when you lash out at somebody to relieve yourself from your "in the closetness". Calling your neighbour a whale when your own wife is obviously a fat pig herself is a little bit emabarassing don't you think Scottie ?? I know, the money makes you do things against your own gay old feelings but keep it real dude, the world is watching you... or so you think.

1576 days ago


Everyone keeps saying kourtney can do better.
She is pathetic what does it tell u about her
if she is with him common people. losers

1574 days ago


Scott is such as ass. He will find anything to rag on someone about. Kourtney really needs a new man because he looks like he is going to come out of the closet in a few anyway!

1557 days ago


It comforts me to know Kourtney finds this funny.

1542 days ago


He is lucky to live in California, where most of the people is polite and everybody get actually scared if a person screams or yells. He should come visit to Rome.... with those pants and blonde fake hair on a little man body (could easily get punched in the face). I bet he would change is attitude in a second if he doesnt' want to spend his vacation in Italy at the Hospital (that would care him for free unfortunaly!!!)
I apologise for my english.

1527 days ago

Daniella in Manhattan    

There's a great deal of pressure on Mr. Disick that owes itself to being a part of the Kardashian clan. Admittedly, Mr. Disick isn't a character that's easy to empathize with, but it can't be easy for him to continuously be abused by the Kardashian majority and unintentionally, yet dysfunctionally-enabled by Kourtney. If we began peeling away the layers of Mr. Disick's ego, I'm sure we'd see that the core is full of unrealized insecurities that he wards off with his defensive, big-talker characteristics. Add in the pressure to keep up with the gaudy, overpaid, Fleiss-ed out K-girls who are paid for their time and sexual images (yet not paid for intellectual or innovative notions, you notice); add in the males Mrs. Kardashian-Jenner shows praise and approval of -- ones who can afford mansions for her daughters; and add in a nasty papparazi, and I kind of feel bad for Mr. Disick. And while Mr. Disick looks like a jackass in this footage, he should get a chance to be a jerk once in awhile because he really is a victim of emotional abuse from his uneducated, money-whoring mother-in-law who raised such flamboyant, empty, shallow children. Mr. Disick puts up with in-laws who proceed to act as if they are royalty when they are children of an overpaid Hollywood defense attorney and a FLIGHT ATTENDANT. Mr. Jenner is a woman now, thanks to his wife bringing out the shallowest, worst in people.

1432 days ago
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