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Cops Respond

To Verbal Attack at Kardashian House

6/25/2010 8:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned cops rolled out to the Calabasas home of Kourtney Kardashian and her baby daddy Scott Disick earlier today ... after Scott went ballistic on his neighbor ... and even called her a "whale."

We're told officers arrived to the scene after somebody called police and reported a "dispute with a neighbor" that was going down in front of the Kardashian home.

We're told no arrests were made and no one was cited.

As for what triggered the verbal spat -- it appears it began over a parking dispute ... but it turned nasty when Scott turned to the woman and screamed, "You're disgusting ... I would kill myself If I looked like you .... you whale."


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I think Scott Disick is just frustrated because Mason isn't his...looks nothing like him, but sure does look a lot like the model from Miami, Michael Girgenti.

1577 days ago


Stay classy there Scott :P

1577 days ago

Throwback kid    

I was thinking the same thing as #112 kromen. Scott and Naomi Campbell are two people with huge chips on their shoulders who feel they can abuse anyone they want. One day he is going to pick the wrong person to go off on and may wind up getting stabbed or worse!

1577 days ago

Tired of toxomom    

He's a douche and Khloe is getting set up to be the next Nicole Brown.

1577 days ago


I think Scott has "Little Man Syndrome"

When a man degrades or bullies a woman, he is a spineless coward. An abusive jerk who should not be raising a child.

If he has a temper like that with a neighbor lady, imagine what he could or may do to his own son when older, or to Kourtney.

I don't think it was kind of Kourtney to sit and smirk while he said such a thing to their neighbor. I don't get what she sees in him, because what he CHOOSES to display on TV, is not that of a man of honor or integrity, instead it is this little boy with an inferiority complex who is taking his rage out on those around him, just because he feels inadequate.

He should not be allowed to be around that baby until he goes to anger management courses and can prove to be more stable minded and grounded as an adult, not a little boy with LITTLE MAN SYNDROME.

Seriously, bullying a neighbor lady? Did that make you feel a bigger better man? Because it makes you look like a spineless tool. No REAL honorable man does that to a woman, neighbor, girlfriend, sister, etc.

Kourtney, why do you want to be with someone like this? Do you not think enough about yourself?

1577 days ago

t jam     

douchebag ?? for starters , is he related to that spencer guy ,,twins maybe 2 jerkoffs , at least the blonde was smart enough not to get knocked up

1577 days ago


this truly is the best. Not only does ****s think he's perfect. BUT HE'S still GAY. and he's STILL LIVING the MAIMI VICE world of the 1980's. He can't handle anything in the real world. if it's not between him and tubs from the vice, he can't survive. mabye the whale he refer's is Tub's his partner fromt he Vice? either way, mister perfect ****s or is it discks. i can't figure it. he's a flaming homo and can't face reality and his 1980's maimi vice shoe isn't paying residuals and can't face the whale. poor perfect man. we all should have such a hard life to be confronted by his ex partner tubs and forget his name. it's a shame too we aren't as all perfect as he is. man, it's got to be hard to be him.

1577 days ago


i'll admit, i've thought Scott "the S is silent" Disick was as big of a jerk as they come...but it seems lately as if he's matured...and come've got to admit... "You're disgusting ... I would kill myself If I looked like you .... you whale." pretty effing hilarious!! i nearly spit up my drink! hahahaha....**TMZ, you've GOT to get some like/dislike buttons on here or some green and red arrows like the DailyMail in the UK!!! some of the comments on here....some people need to follow their calling as comics cause there flipping hilarious!!!!** brahahahahaha!

1577 days ago


is there a more disgusting person on earth than this guy...well maybe the Jackson family but that is about it. total guido without the mucsles....

1577 days ago


He's obviously a fool but what's wrong with Kourtney??? Why would she choose to stay with him? No daddy is much better than that jack ass. She's smiling. What???

1577 days ago


Scott is OUT OF CONTROL. Kris Jenner needs to kick him to the curb.If a parking dispute makes him go nuts to the neighbor with cameras rolling, what is Scott doing inside the house to her daughter and grandchild?

1577 days ago


haha wow scott is a lil bitch- he needs his ass whooped- and kourtney is a phony ass bitch- why the **** would she be waving at cameras when he is yelling- damn she can't even check his bitch ass

1577 days ago


This so sad...I don't know if it is for the TV show, or if it is for real. I used to like their show, but lately after seeing all their BS, it makes me sad. It gets old after awhile...just try to be happy and be a grateful and blessed family. Too much drama...don't know if it's real or fake, but way too much.

1577 days ago


Wow, Kourtney has herself a real winner! seems like he really respects women. I wonder if I am ever going to hear anything good about this loser, pretty slim pickings out there for Kourtney to end up with such a douche!

1577 days ago


Now, if this man-bitch had spoken to me or my wife like that, they would have hauled his wimpy ass off in a bag. I wish this prick read these posts. He could then reply to TMZ and they could directly contact me so we could arrange a good old fashioned beat down!

1577 days ago
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