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Ryan, Redmond O'Neal Visit Farrah Fawcett's Grave

6/26/2010 4:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

On the one year anniversary of her death, Ryan O'Neal and son Redmond visited the grave of Farrah Fawcett at Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery yesterday.

Redmond was granted special leave from the Pasadena sober living facility where he is undergoing court-ordered drug rehab.

The anniversary of Farrah's passing was largely overshadowed yesterday by the one-year anniversary of the death of Michael Jackson.

RIP Farrah.


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Of course before visiting the grave of his former bankroll....I mean lover, Ryan had to call the press.

1546 days ago


Personally this picture is a SNOW JOB to the media outlets. THEY SHOULD HAVE HAD THE COMMON DESCENCY TO CLEAN UP THIER DAMNED ACT when she was dying of cancer.....both are idiots and RYAN is a media whore....they KNEW THE MEDIA WOULD BE THERE.....LEWZERS....

1546 days ago


Since JayZ and Beyonce have so much pull with the Obama Administration why can't they help they're Dana & Traci and their children from getting attacked. I've spoken to people in law enforcement, secrect service and other branches of the government, even thugs and thier family members in the streets. These attacks are horrible and a hugh travesty of justice. We supported President Obama and also respected the former presidents office (even thought we did not vote for him). We have been cleared over and over again, yet my daughters/their children keep getting attacked and raped. Since JayZ is the MAN can't he get the President's ear and his republican and green tea party fans attention to stop this mayheim? Lindsey Graham, Sarah Palin and all the rest of those bashers could care less about President Obama or any of us (black people). That's why I won't SHUT UP, if I do they get away with it. The lawyers sued those firms and kept the money that we were supposed to have received as out of court settlements for loss of employment, income and hugh medical bills not to mention irreversible damage of our reputations. Even John Voight (Angelina's) dad can see through this. We're being called Jews, Jew lover's and always getting attacked by the Catholics. It needs to STOP. Yes we have Jewish friends, Christian, Muslim, Protestant and Catholic friends but everyone is afraid to interact or talk to anyone because we keep getting attacked by John McCain and his people starting fights/debates with our ouw people (especially in the churches). Oh yes, we are not BIT@#&S either! I'm a great mother nad grandmother and my daughter are excellent mothers, wives and just great people all around. This is wrong! And we voted!

1546 days ago


For the people bashing TMZ for this picture, think about what they are doing to Michael Jackson's family and what the media is doing to them. I do agree that a family should have their peace but isn't it contradicting for them to respect farrah's family and not MJ's. I'm happy that they at least remembered that farrah did die a year ago yesterday and that it is overshadowed. I am probably going to get ripped for this but MJ shouldn't get more attention. They were both famous stars and they both deserve equal recognition. I agree with some of the earlier posters, its a classy photo and it should be at the top.

1546 days ago


What a beautiful tranquil corner to sit and visit and meditate with your loved one...with other family members or friends.
So what if it was somewhat of a photo op such as this of Father and Son on each side of Farrah will be cherished by them both. Farrah would have approved. Beautiful photo.
Redmon looks so good....and grown up. It's sad, but also comforting to think that it took Farrahs death to make him "wake up".
RIP Farrah Fawcett

1546 days ago


Thank You TMZ.. This is beautiful. I hope Redmond is doing well.

1546 days ago


No kidding, over shaddowed.
I was very sad to hear of Farrah's passing, but it's nice to know that she is in a much better place. R.I.P. Farrah

1546 days ago


Rest in peace!

1546 days ago


you know what im so sick and tired now i will lay this to rest F.F was a great lady loved by many and as mean as this may seem m.j was loved by much more she was known for the angels and a poster mj was known for records music history king of pop if F.F was the lead story and mj was not there would be nothing to talk about her life is just as not as interesting as mjs was Michael we knew she was going to pass we did not know mj was let alone the cause of death R.I.P TO THEM BOTH M.J AND F.F

1546 days ago


I agree. This is a beautiful picture and Farrah was beautiful and loving. She should have been on the news instead of the freak Jackson and the idiot Jackson family. Every news station had Jackson on and I kept waiting for the Farrah story, which they put on rather quickly. I was at the cemetary the day before to put flowers on my family's graves and the woman at the flower shop told me some weird stories about the fans coming in ordering far out stuff.

1546 days ago


Uhhhh...people...this WAS at the top of the page at one point. They post stories as they get them, not whole pages! DUH! Anyway, it's a nice picture and I wish them both well. RIP Farrah!

1546 days ago


It's a shame you devoted an entire page to Michael Jackson yesterday and hardly a word on Farrah. YOU, TMZ are guilty for her death being overshadowed. Shame on you.

1546 days ago


To bad they couldnt have been there for her when she was alive

1546 days ago


Great pic, Redmond looks like he's in good shape.

1546 days ago


How much for this photo op. Between Ryan and Alana S. they are milking her death dry. same with the Jacksons.

1546 days ago
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