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Joe Jackson Get 'Dat Money From the Estate Game

6/26/2010 4:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joe Jackson is doing whatever he can to get money from the estate of Michael Jackson ... but can he defeat the ghosts of MJ to get his cash?



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Joe Jackson should be ashamed of himself!!!!! LOWLIFE!!!!!

1589 days ago


Katherine and the rest of the estate officers need to legally block this idiot. If MJ wanted the dead beat dad to profit he would have included him in the will.

1589 days ago

Dyan Raines    

He needs to get a real job, he has sponged long enough. He's just a gold digger, and I hope he does not get a dime.

1589 days ago


Force the Media to Clear MJ's name ! It's Time
Support MJJ MJ Justice 2010
Sign this petition!!!!!

Repost this request and also read
Michael Jackson Justice 2010 project... asking ppl to use the link in the videos and letter (cont) ...

1589 days ago

Big Mamma Cornbread    

Big Daddy Joe, is watching all of these Big Media Marketing Crooks Get Richer.. off of his Hard Work That Created His Empire..Which Was Stolen From Big Daddy Joe And His Family..**Trash Hooking Mike On to Drugs Was The KICKKER And Broke Up The Family..Now Every Media Exec And His Door Man Is Profiting From This Poor Family..I Guess This Is The Price We Pay For Fame And Fortune..The Jacksons..The End..LEGENDARY...An Endangered Slave Family Empire That Was Stolen ....history always repeats itself.

1589 days ago


Joe is going to sue TMZ for using his image without paying him.
It's all about money for Joe.

1589 days ago


TMZ PLEASE LEAVE JOE ALONE. Go concentrate on the murderer. Find out who's behind him and who's picking up his tabs. That's what we really want to know.

1589 days ago


Just wanted to add, did you know that Michael when he did the Thriller, called Vincent Price, a famos man you guys should look up who he was just to know, and ask him to play the part of the voice in thriller. Vincent Price accepted because Michael called him on the phone nervous or not and thought of him of all people to play that part. Please look up who Vincent Price was.

1589 days ago


Omigosh this game made me laugh soooo hard. Joe's an *ss. XD

1589 days ago


And similar to the OJ case, OJ was found not guilty (when he obviously was), but he was found liable in the wrongful death civil case.

Posted at 6:41 AM on Jun 26, 2010 by Tara


based on your logic, is it safe to conclude that MJ was found not guilty, when he obviously wasn't??? I'm just askin

1589 days ago

Gail Alarcon    

Joe Jackson listen up fool. If Michael wanted to leave you anything in his will, he would have. You need to give it up. One word comes to mind when I see you or think about what your trying to do is. Your a money sucking pig. You and Michael never had a relationship all Michael had for you is HATE.

1589 days ago


You guys need to stop hating on Mr. Joe Jackson after all he is human. It doesn't matter what he is doing or has done in the past he is MJ's father and if you love MJ you can't hate his father. Yeah MJ talked about the bad things his father did to him, but I know MJ still love his father. By the way, if you guys were under Joe's cir***stances you will probably be doing the same thing. After all, we are all human.

1588 days ago


there are just SO many Jacksons' wanting a piece of Michaels' pie!!!All so selfish hangers-on who haven't made any of their own money in years and have lived off of MJ...MJ's estate should just say "enough."...(and I think that they're trying too)...Old Joe is just the worst!!!this will drag on for years, until the lawyers have all of the money!!..I still think that MJ was a perfert though!!

1587 days ago


Its all for love.

1587 days ago
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