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Mel Gibson's Baby Mama: He Beat Me Bad

6/26/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva -- the mother of Mel Gibson's eighth child -- claims the actor "beat her up badly" in January ... this according to sources familiar with the case.

TMZ broke the story ... Oksana went to court on Monday and got a domestic violence restraining order against Gibson, requiring him to stay clear of her.

The picture (above) shows Oksana leaving her lawyer's office yesterday. 

Sources connected with Gibson tell TMZ Oksana's claim is bogus, and they point to the fact that Oksana stayed with Mel after the alleged incident.

But sources connected with Oksana say after the alleged beating, Mel promised to get help and she still loved him ... but only stayed with him a short period of time before ending the relationship.

We're told Oksana fears for the safety of her daughter, and that is why she would not let Mel spend time with the baby on Father's Day. Sources say she thinks her baby is at risk if she spends time alone with Mel, although the sources would not elaborate on specifics.

As we first reported, sources tell us Oksana claims after January, Mel continued threatening her.  We're told Oksana believes Mel is so violent, her life is in danger.

Sources connected with Mel tell TMZ Oksana is making it up and money is at the root the allegations.


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He is so stupid that he didn't see how this would play out...although...Laughing my ass off because he is such a jerk!

1547 days ago


If there's no police report it's going to be tough to get very far with this unless there are photographs. I'm sure more details will be revealed in court.
I had concerns about the kid being alone with Mel unsupervised, even with a payed employee present like a nanny. By his own admission he has a temper and we've seen him display it. On the other hand I also doubted his mistress's competence.
If the judge has any stick, s/he will send them both for psychological evaluations.

1547 days ago


Look,this skank already has a history of getting knocked up by a guy with money and then getting a crapload of child support. She's just running the same scam again....

1547 days ago


Yeah, the baby is so at risk. I mean look at his 7 other kids. yeah this one is soooo in danger ! NOT ! When are celebrities going to learn. Wear a friggen helmut ! This woman was clearly in it not for a relationship with Mel, but for monetary reasons. I mean that was clear right from the very beginning. And I'm sorry, but Mel has no business having any more kids at his age.

1547 days ago


Question is, Who will be dating Mel next? it's a big world......
Who'll the next in line....Who'll be the next in line for Mel's love.....
Who'll be the next in line for fine & dine & love.....
More babies More maybe's for more of Mel's love......
Tell me, who'll be the next in line, for love.......
..for love for love.....for temporary,
...Temporary Love.............tell meeeeeeeeeee...Who'll......

1547 days ago


73. its funny to see how Robyn Gibson was married 30 years with Mel Gibson and we never heard of domestic violence ever, and her divorce is still ongoing but nothing transpire and no accusation of the sort was ever made and they have 7 childrens together including an underage boy, while this tramp who sleep with russia biggest pimp found somehting of the sort and well to notice about one episode and so long ago and right when Mel Gibson threatened her to come with evidence that he is not the father of the baby, and a few days after mel was together with Robyn celebrating their 30 years of marriage.

yes, it' so very very very strange that a woman who made seven children with a rich unfaithful hubby never compalained about domstic violence though he paid her bills. So VERY VERY VERY STRANGE. He drank, he had sex with whores, and she never complained, how strange... not... for Amaerica, where he paid for every infidelity in hundred of thousands and in millions for every violenece... how STRANGE his golddiggoing wife who endured his affairs with rich women to have him a movie star, never complained. How very very very strange... NOT.

1547 days ago


I wanted to add that I've known many cases where people who knew a couple personally were unaware of the violence going on behind closed doors. We will never know what went down in the Gibson household. Most people didn't know much about Phil Spector for 20 plus years or John Lennon. There are probably still people who are unaware of the latter. In Lennon's case his displays were less public than Gibson's have been. But apparently his episodes went on for years and nobody knew.
I think psych evaluations for both of them would be a good idea.

1547 days ago


False claims of abuse hurt real victims!

1547 days ago


And denying *possible* real claims hurts victims too! Especially tragic when minors are involved.

1547 days ago


It is already obvious she is a complete liar. There were numerous pictures taken of her and Mel back when she claimed to be beaten so badly by him and she was traveling with him. If he supposedly beat her why was she still with him? She has money, she is not stuck with him with no place to go so it makes no sense that she would stay with him and several months later she would come out with this information and Where were all the bruises? You do not get beat up badly and come out of it with no bruises. She is completely full of s*** and it is very obvious.

1547 days ago


,She was devious enough to make secret recordings of their arguements but didn't take ANY pictures of herself "beat up", even cell phone pictures would do. She's nothing but a liar, as is usual in accusations made by females in divorce proceedings.

1547 days ago

Virtual Insanity    

I dislike Mel Gibson strongly. However this is his 8th kid. If he was not a danger to the first 7, why would he be a danger to this one? Now, I don't doubt he is capable of domestic abuse towards a wife or gf. He's a hotheaded bigot. But, I've never heard anything from his other 7 kids regarding abuse. I don't think he would hurt his daughter. As much as I do not like the man, I call bs on this.

1547 days ago


This couldn't have happened to a more deserving jerk than Mel Gibson. Ever since he made those comments about Jews, I have no respect for him and I believe he's reaping what he sows. It's called Karma.

1547 days ago


She is soooooooooo f-ing ugly, emaciated, and has NO TALENT!!!!

1547 days ago


I see Mel writing a big check to Oksana...
I see Oksana getting a house or two...
I see Mel' ex-wife quietly smiling at Mel's stupidity...
I see a bigger check to Oksana when she threatens to do a "tell all"...
I see Mel not learning his lesson from this at all...Karma

Psychic Predictions Made Easy

1547 days ago
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