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Chris Brown Breaks Down Crying During MJ Tribute

6/28/2010 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After about four minutes of some of the best Michael Jackson inspired dancing you will see, Chris Brown broke down crying on stage during the BET Awards tonight.

The waterworks start around 4:30 mark if that's what you're into -- but seriously, his dance routine before that was amazing.

He started crying right as he got to the "Man in the Mirror" portion of the medley. Coincidence?



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Alright, as much as I dislike him-and yes I dislike him- the majority of it was a really good tribute. Although, am I the only one who thinks he was faking that crying nonsense for all it was worth. It came across as more of a PR stunt than anything.

Something to point out to everyone, by someone who has been in an abusive relationship... abusers rarely stop abusing; it only gets worse. I can appreciate his talent, but I do not like the man he is or his moral value. It's not about race, gender, whatever... it's about that he beat the hell out of someone, and it wasn't even the first time he abused.

Nice tribute, but the phony water works need to go.

1587 days ago


Some many HYPOCRITES making comments about Chris Brown performing tonight. Love to see a man down, especially a black man down. This to shall pass! Pretty sure we have some Good Ole Tea Party members making comments about him. Hell...I am willing to bet half the people who are commenting do not even like BLACK people. Everyone makes mistakes. Just ask some of the self-righteous people who are making comments with bones hanging out their mouths.

1587 days ago

Just me

Now, has MJ ever called any of YOU for YOUR bday? And you're still allowed to cry for him, right? Thought so.

1587 days ago

Just me

Now, has MJ ever called any of YOU for YOUR bday? And you're still allowed to cry for him, right? Thought so.

1587 days ago


Beating women is still better than molesting little boys. You go Chris!

1587 days ago


I didn't like his last tribute(in '06) and i don't like this one...though i admit it was better....i'll never like chris brown...whether he hit a bitch or not...

1587 days ago


Too little too late, woman beater. What a *****.

1587 days ago


The dancing admittingly was impressive, but the crying part was way too contrived...or maybe he was letting out some pent up emotion, but it almost certainly had nothing to do with Michael Jackson's death, rather he was overwhelmed by coming to the realization that he will never be regarded as the great MJ --What made Michael so great was not only the fact that he was such an outstanding performer/artist but he also had a heart of gold....he loved the world and those that were hurting... Chris Brown on the other hand, hurts those that love him.

1587 days ago


Sorry, looks more like Corey Haim than Michael Jackson. He's pulling a JLo (Selena). Making a career off of a singer's death by doing a musical medley of their catalog.

1587 days ago

Throwback kid    

Chris Brown's fans are now so desperate they are saying people don't like him because he is black. Of course when you can't get things the way you want them pull out the race card.

Again, this isn't about Chris Brown being a black man, this is about Chris Brown being a woman beater. No one, no matter what color their skin is has any repect for a man who beats up a woman. What he did was wrong and against the law.

1587 days ago


So if they're more experienced singers, then maybe Chris needs to go back to vocal lessons, cuz his main job is being a SINGER who dances, not a DANCER who sings.

Also - that was no excuse for a 5-year old MJ who sang and danced better than his older, more experienced brothers.


They're alot older though(grown men) ... they're more experienced singers.

Posted at 9:18 PM on Jun 27, 2010 by alienforce1

1587 days ago


Chris at most, and on a good day, is an above average dancer. He's not like the This Is It guys - that's for sure.

Chris seemed sloppy & unprepared & out of breath. Had he really gotten ready for this for this, going on a diet, working out, etc...he really could've impressed me.

But as a singer? No. He sounded winded, tired & then when it was his chance to shine, he can't get it together.

I would've been more impressed if he did less dancing & more singing.

And it really goes to show how mediocre our society's turning. Better than Average dance skills, then barely caught his breath, got emotional, couldn't sing - so WTF is Chris Brown doing in the entertainment business?

And LOL at the fangirls justifying Chris' mediocre performance! Wake up & smell the coffee! Chris has a looooooooot to learn & grow before he can even step into MJs shoes. Sure, he can dance like MJ, but he can't hold one of MJs notes before losing his breath. It seemed like Chris was having an asthma attack or something.

1587 days ago

Tamakin Miller    

you know i find it strange that the media is not talk about the white man who killed himself for telling a lie that Michael Jackson molested his son.....Now thats what we need to be discuss..why in the hell are we discuss Chris Brown Lets discuss that white man who lie to just get some money..See the white race likes to cover up there dirt...I prove my point "Everyone who said something negative maybe white or either a sale out (oreo cookie) black one the outside and white on the inside. Thats just like a white person-hate to see a black man stand tall even after he has fell. Chris Brown i am so glad God saw your heart and allowed you to resume your position. Chris great job as a vessel who fell down but got up and standing tall and it was nobody but God that raised you up."

1587 days ago


OK OK OK, I FORGIVE CHRIS! Just please don't do it again, you are young and you have plenty of time to "look in the mirror and make a change". You are extremely talented don't waste it.

1587 days ago



I'm just floored, the raw emotion left me speechless and teary eyed. Amazing performance Chris Brown, I applaud you.

Since Chris Brown was 15/16 years old, he has talked about how much Michael Jackson influenced him. Michael Jackson loved Chris and said he was one of his favourite artists, even said his song "Shorty Like Mine" with Bow Wow was one of his faves. Michael personally asked Chris to perform Thriller at the World Music Awards that honoured Michael a few years back. They have met many occasions as Chris Brown's mother has mentioned before. Michael invited Chris and Jamie Foxx to the Staples Center to watch him rehearse for his This Is It concert. Chris was a friend of Michael and that is why The Jackson Family had him pay tribute to Michael at the BET Awards.

The people saying he cried for his career are just straight up haters, real talk.

1587 days ago
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