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Unofficial MJ Memorial -- Katherine in the House!

6/27/2010 7:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Forever Michael Memorial that went down last night didn't have the blessing of Michael Jackson's estate or his brother Randy, but it did have the support of his mother Katherine.

The matriarch of the Jackson clan was in attendance at the Beverly Hilton last night -- our spies say Katherine, Tito Jackson and one of Randy's daughters were the only Jackson family members that were there.

We're told the place looked about "half empty" and the only celebs our sources saw were Mickey Rooney, Corey Feldman and Eddie Griffin.

As for food and drinks -- the menu consisted of a choice of salmon or steak and domestic beer could be purchased for $8.50, wine for $10.

Not exactly fit for a King.


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$8.50 for a Coors/Bud/ bastards - all should have been comped with the $150 entry fee. Kinda like having a wedding reception and making a profit off your guest.

1556 days ago


Okay....Jenny, think on this... there is a name that was used when Michael was taken into the hospital of Soule Shaun..NOT Michael Jackson. WE KNOW you HAVE give your real name to access medical records, for permission to treat, etc. That could be why his medical records didn't match the autopsy. That could be why Michael passed that intense physical. That could be why the ambulance pic didn't look like Michael NOW, but the Michael of old. Perhaps, one of his impersonators lived with him in that room he was found in, as it wasn't Michael's room. Michael always took care of people in pain. This would all fit into his plan and also why the hosp. didn't release a statement, and why there is no one arrested for the death of the worlds most famous person, a year later.

1556 days ago


This would all fit into his plan and also why the hosp. didn't release a statement, and why there is no one arrested for the death of the worlds most famous person, a year later.

Posted at 5:27 PM on Jun 27, 2010 by fordtocarr

No, I'm not buying that one. MJ was the most famous person in the world, he could have used any name he wanted and an ER team has to provided treatment by law, they're not checking ID's there. An ER team treats transient 'unidentified' people every day, people coming in with heart attacks, no ID, unable to speak, homeless, etc.. So, your above statement doesn't hold up, at least to me.

Also, it took years for Elvis' trial to start. How many years after Anna Nicole's death and they're still going at it. So, 1 year later doesn't make it a death hoax conclusion or anything close to it.

1556 days ago


MJ is dead. Expired. Deceased. Gone. Kicked the bucket. Plain and simple.

1556 days ago


24. Why should anyone be surprised? Katherine has ALWAYS been the primary manipulator and exploiter of Michael Jackson. Years ago when I read her remark about getting Michael to perform while he was still little and cute because in a few years he wouldn't be, made me leary of this "mother".
Katherine is no saint folks. Katherine went on the road with Joe way back promoting the J5...leaving Janet and Michael and the rest of the pack in Rebbies care. Besides being fully aware of Joes physical and emotional abuse of all her sons, Katherine was also fully aware of all the detrimental influences that her children were in exposed to in the joints that she helped to book her children into. She and Joe lied about Michaels age in order to get him booked into some gigs. She was aware that he could be exposed to the sexual philanderings of the older siblings...and her sorry assed excuse of a father and "husband" Joe.
Katherine exploited and manipulated Michael Jackson until the day he "died" and even after. Hunting for money in his Holmby Hills house on June 26th/27th, beating it to court ASAP for guardianship of MJ3 and all his assets....even though Branca had already fully informed her of Michaels Will and directives re both.
I detest Katherine Jackson (even moreso than Joe...her role should have been protector), and have never made any bones about it.
She neglected teaching any of her boys the values of responsibility and accountability and fully exposed them to extremely hurtful and harmful influences....for $$$$$$$$$.
And made Michael Jackson the fall guy to pay for all HER mistakes....during most of his life.
Randys accusations of exploitation of his parents is pure BS.
Katherine and Joe are fully aware and in control of their actions.

Posted at 12:34 PM on Jun 27, 2010 by Tellit


Tellit, I Totally Agree!!!!!!!!!!!

katherine is just as bad as joe! Randy should stop blaming others for his parents GREED and BAD judgment, after all these are the same two that filed bankruptcy before, declaring debts in the millions. and this is who some wanted in charge of MJ's estate. thankfully they are not!!

1556 days ago


88. if Michael Jackson isn't dead then where on earth is he at? on a different planet? sturn? mars? jupitar???? what the hell is going on.
Posted at 3:48 PM on Jun 27, 2010 by alienforce1
In the MidEast...someplace like Dubai or Oman. (easily acccessible by sea) Probably..the only place on earth where he can come and go undetected.
He is traveling although. (By air and sea) Most recently to Hawaii...imo. As befitting, he spent his "death" date with his children.
Did they look like they were mourning his passing? The family will say that the trip was to keep them occupied...their minds off it.

1556 days ago


If we all, (those of us who say they love, loved,cared,and miss MJ),would've, because we could've, expressed 1/3rd of the love, care and concern for MJ while he was alive he would still be alive! Any one who can legally do any thing in memory of MJ should if they want. Who do i think i am when i start judging others motives when i hear about a service. The one and only reason why i care,or go to a service, etc,is: MIKE JACKSON. No other human behavior concerns me at all.The issue is: We who were fans since the 60's, here in the USA, allowed people who never ever had our best interest at heart or mind, tell lies, that we believed,causing us to turn our backs on a person that loved us for 40-years!INSTEAD OF ALWAYS POINTING OUR FINGERS, AND NEEDING SOMEONE TO BLAME,WE MUST SHOW AND PROVE OUR LOVE WHEN IT MATTERS THE MOST-WHEN THE PERSON CAN SMILE AND TELL US THANKS!

1556 days ago


Joe Jackson is an evil man who abused his kids and is now trying to rake in some money by suing people over Michael's death.. when he has no legal standing in the will to do so.

Katherine seems to not be fully aware of what is happening around here. At 80, I can't tell if she is simply a puppet of people behind the curtain telling her what to sign and do or not. I suspect those in attendance from the Jackson family were paid for their appearance. Sad.

1556 days ago


They Say I'm Different
They Don't Understand
But There's A Bigger Problem
That's Much More In Demand
You Got World Hunger
Not Enough To Eat
So There's Really No Time
To Be Trippin' On Me

You Got School Teachers
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You Got Grown People
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You Got Strange Diseases
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So Tell Me

Why You Wanna Trip On Me
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Stop Trippin'

1556 days ago


108. 105. That was NOT Michael Jackson at the 02 TII press conference.
Posted at 5:03 PM on Jun 27, 2010 by Tellit
I was in another room when he came on and I yelled into the other room, THAT IS NOT MICHAEL. I could even tell from his voice. The plan had begun.
Posted at 5:16 PM on Jun 27, 2010 by fordtocarr
. was because MJ couldn't make it that day, for whatever reason. MJ was not well..not at all. (beside a nurse, and heart resusitation equipment/defibrillator...Murray had even ordered a gurney!)
MJ began to formulate his plan just shortly before he brought Branca back into the mix to help him. When he knew without a doubt that he couldn't carry 02 off...and convinced R.Phillips/Ortega. They both finally realized that MJ couldn't. MJ knew that Branca wouldn't let him down...because he never had.
Had MJ formulated this plan earlier....he would have at least worn the same outfit during each of his songs at all rehearsals. lol
re 02 press conference. Among many other features those are not MJs fingers (tips tilted up slightly too much) and not his teeth, his build, his walk/gait, or mannerisms.

1556 days ago


Posted at 6:54 PM on Jun 27, 2010 by FPIC

Hey FPIC..How are you? Enjoying your new house?? Liking Florida so far???
I have been reading Tellits posts all day, very interesting!!!:)

1556 days ago


Anyone watching the BET Awards this evening? Chris Brown does a butt kickin tribute to Michael Jackson.

It was awesome...

1556 days ago


Glad to hear your loving Florida....I hope you have a hammock hanging between two of them palm trees!!!:) I know that would be the first thing I would do!!!

I am doing good busy lately though.

CONTRARY to popular believe I do not come here much anymore. I have heard recently that I am all the nuts on here. Trish, deb is a hoe...ETC....LOLOL Apparently I use HAS instead of AS so when ANYONE else makes a mistake or puts a period in the wrong spot it must be me! Frickin MORONS!!

I NOW see why your wife stopped coming here and to FB!! But let her know I miss chatting with her!!

Oh and I loved your post to Trish the other day..naked at a male prison, powdered sugar out the butt, man I laughed for an hour!!!!

1556 days ago


I am a lifelong fan of MJ and when I saw him announce his comeback at the 02 arena I had to watch it several times and I still can't believe his look, his swagger, how little he had to say, I hadn't seen him up close for a long time but could he of really changed that much?

1556 days ago
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