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Unofficial MJ Memorial -- Katherine in the House!

6/27/2010 7:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Forever Michael Memorial that went down last night didn't have the blessing of Michael Jackson's estate or his brother Randy, but it did have the support of his mother Katherine.

The matriarch of the Jackson clan was in attendance at the Beverly Hilton last night -- our spies say Katherine, Tito Jackson and one of Randy's daughters were the only Jackson family members that were there.

We're told the place looked about "half empty" and the only celebs our sources saw were Mickey Rooney, Corey Feldman and Eddie Griffin.

As for food and drinks -- the menu consisted of a choice of salmon or steak and domestic beer could be purchased for $8.50, wine for $10.

Not exactly fit for a King.


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Posted at 7:24 PM on Jun 27, 2010 by FPIC

I only chat with a select few on let her know my name is still the same over there!

LOL about the hammock the first time I was on one in the Bahamas I did the same thing...looked like an idiot!:)

Well have a good night, chat with ya soon!

1545 days ago

my opinion    

#118 Reginald and Jenny #? I totally agree with your statements the Jackson's Are Grieving. They had so many events to attend to honor their Son, Brother and father.

MJ stood for PEACE, LOVE and KINDNESS toward HUMANKIND...every one should try it....IT'S A BEAUTIFUL FEELING.


Love the Jackson's

1545 days ago

my opinion    

oops #83 Adriana NOT Jenny

1545 days ago

my opinion    

Yes the BET awards are WONDERFUL Chris BROWN was GREAT!!!!!WONDERFUL

1545 days ago


122. Tellit, you're stating everything I've thought, but wondered if it was just me. Keep it coming as this is interesting and certainly changing how I thought at the beginning of all this.
Posted at 6:54 PM on Jun 27, 2010 by FPIC
123. Posted at 6:54 PM on Jun 27, 2010 by FPIC
Hey FPIC..How are you? Enjoying your new house?? Liking Florida so far???
I have been reading Tellits posts all day, very interesting!!!:)
Posted at 6:56 PM on Jun 27, 2010 by Paulette
It's good to see both of you back onboard..even if only intermittently. FPIC/TEAMBRANCA? was it? And's driving me up the wall...(I must have lost a few more brain cells with this lastest go round of oxygen for the life of me can't conjure up your former longused nic...on the verge of recalling it! HELP! At any rate...I've missed your comments.
I've tried really hard today to put into some perspective for you where I've been coming from the last months, rather than just rant ..."Michael Jackson is not dead"...and occasionally make a half azzed effort to explain my reasoning.
The misconceptions especially bother me because it all also involves Conrad Murrays fate...and although I feel he will be/has been well paid for his role and will be OK...he has literally put his life on the line. (re a possible assassination). I have and will always feel that he was/is Michael Jacksons friend AND tried his best to wean MJ off the Propofol...the money was just too tempting.
At least I hope this is the case, and that those possible consequences that Murray faces weigh heavily also on the hearts/minds of those who perpetrated this "death"....and that Murray has not just been viewed as a paid fallguy.
fan...STOP worrying about typos and corrections...we know what you
you're great any kind of way you give it to us!

1545 days ago


Where's katherine's pimp daddy husband, joe "gimme dat money" jackson?

1545 days ago

The Maharincess of Franistan    

Katherine Jackson is a dumb old woman. Plain and simple. She's easily lead by anyone who happens along -- as well as her no-good husband, who even fathered a child outside of marriage on her!

Dumb and stupid.

And THAT'S the Jackson family matriarch.

I'd rather have a V8

1545 days ago

juan lopez    

48. 19. and where was LaToya the day of the anniversary??
Posted at 11:34 AM on Jun 27, 2010 by t
She was probably with the children and Michael in Hawaii.
Rebbie, Jackie and Marlon were missing also.

Posted at 1:32 PM on Jun 27, 2010 by Tellit


1545 days ago

my opinion    

This is MJ elderly mother show PEACE, KINDNESS, and LOVE it will be a WONDERFUL place for us ALL to live...STOP ALL THE HATE try LOVE.

The family members were present at MJ's memorial services that were in several places.

Love the Jackson's


1545 days ago

Juke Box (#ElvisandMJdotcom)

yea where was Chris Brown?

1545 days ago


It is very suspicious that the people who put this $500/ticket tribute together won't reveal the exact percentage of the money received that they're giving to charity. They want credit for giving to charity, but it could be 0.00001%. This stinks and they're crooks. Katherine, how could you get involved in something like this???

1545 days ago


And, why was tmz there? It wasn't invited!!!!!! Leave Mrs. Jackson alone!!! Love you, MJ!!!!!!!!!!

1545 days ago


92. one thing i did find odd...karen faye said she was at the rehearsals, why...MJ never wore makeup for rehearsals. Why would he need his makeup artist was just a rehearsal...or was it because it was a MOVIE? A planned movie?
Posted at 4:06 PM on Jun 27, 2010 by jenny

Karen Faye was on duty because MJ
had a camera crew filming the rehearsals
for his own private collection. Agree with
you Jenny about 02. Definitely MJ. The
hands dont' lie. He was there, he was mobbed
going to a show with his friend Mark Lester.

1545 days ago


FPIC Is A Cloner
Posted at 8:52 PM on Jun 27, 2010 by UNWell

UNWell is Deb/TrAsh etc.

1545 days ago
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