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Mel's Baby Mama:

He Gives Me No Money

6/27/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0627_oksana_grigorieva_reg_gettyOksana Grigorieva claims Mel Gibson doesn't help her financially at all when it comes to raising their daughter, this according to an interview with the Russian singer.

Grigorieva tells The Mail on Sunday that she has to borrow money from friends and use credit cards in order to support herself and her nine-month-old daughter Lucia. She tells the paper, "He is not paying me a penny. Nothing."

As for their break-up, Grigorieva claims she was the one that broke up with him, not the other way around.


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She needs to take him to court for child support. He can certainly afford to support this child of his. But, if I would her, I'd also ask for full custody. Sounds like he doesn't deserve to be in child's life anyways if he won't support her.

1582 days ago


Mel - stay away from the Russian whores..they'll do anything to pick your pockets and have an "Anchor Baby" - and then give you the sickle..just another greed woman looking for a free paycheck for the the next 18yrs...

1582 days ago

get real    

You hooked up with someone elses Husband !!!!! The Gravy train eneded. Too Bad.

1582 days ago


she should have thought about the consequences of having his baby before she got knocked up. It's only an idiot who would think that somebody else will take care of your child. She should have thought about how she would pay for the baby before she had it. I'm sick of listening to these whining women who think that they've scored a meal ticket.

1582 days ago

And thats the truth    

If she is a singer why does she not have monies herself? I am beginning to think that she did not really care about him personally, but sure cared about his wallet. Lady, get your azz out and get a job like the rest of us! I am a woman, and I would never think about breaking up someones marriage, have a baby, then break up with the baby daddy and want monies. She schemed the entire thing and he fell for it hook line and sinker. Not that he is not partially to blame..... he has the think with your second brain syndrome. Mel, keep it in your pants!

1582 days ago


Geta job Bitch!!

1582 days ago


why did she even have a baby knowing she couldn't support it? and if she can't, she should give him primary custody instead of bleeding him dry for her own selfish pleasures. gold diggers piss me off.

1582 days ago


Stupid BeeYotch doesn't even realize everything she's saying about Mel, breaking her face and receiving no money from him will be overturn by records, she probably has NO records going to the Doctors fixing her face and teeth aroung that time period of the allegations and you know the child payments he's been making his accountant will have the records. Dumb Russian Whore.

1582 days ago


Maybe you should of thought about the fact that he has 9 other children to feed & cloth before you started sleeping with a married man?? Go Figure!!

1582 days ago


Child support is for the child. I wonder,
why doesn't she have means to support herself?

1582 days ago


He owns the house she lives in so what do you call that? She is really looking like a fool here. She in June decides to file a restraining order against the father of her baby($$$) and yet doesn't split from him until May and traveled in between with him enjoying the money and etc from him. Give me a break! She seems to like to get pg from movie stars.

1582 days ago

yeah, I'm way out of line.    

Child support is the f*cking you get for the f*cking you got. You can't father a child and not pay. You can't mother a child and not pay. If he has the cancelled checks for support, then let's see them.

1582 days ago


If Mel indeed has not paid any child support, perhaps there is a question as to the paternity? Does anyone know if a DNA test was done?

1582 days ago


I think this little girl knows exactly what she is doing. She already had one hollow wood actor and now she has another. Two different rich daddies. She is crying crock tears. She has money. She just wants a bottomless money bag and she chose Gibson. How come we never heard him beat up on his first wife? I don't believe her. But then again she gets what she deserves going out with a married man who is old enough to be her daddy. She loves his money. I don't feel sorry for Gibson either. He is old enough to know better. He is getting old and he should of treated his wife with respect by not going out and cheating and drinking. Shame on him. Now there is an innocent child.

1582 days ago


I don't know about child support, often when the mother is withholding visitation from the father, sh/t gets ugly. But she's living in a house he owns, the father is no doubt paying for the nanny and a 1st rate medical plan for the kid. She did a totally unnecessary interview months ago in a Brit tabloid and probably got paid for that and probably pissed him off.

And lets not forget, as a seasoned 40 yr. old, she had relations with a man most mentally competent women would find too unstable and scary to go near in the 1st place, potentially endangering the life of her kid.

It's obvious that since there were no photos of her since the split, and the Gibson scandal is the only aspect of her life the press is interested in, she further endangered him by doing photo ops, trying to copy HW celebrities. Exposing him like that is more endangering in HIS case, than MG since if anything goes wrong with Gibson, the kid can just go back home with his dad who seems to be the primary caretaker anyway (despite the "official" court "joint" arrangement).

She didn't leave after the alleged violent episodes, so she could go on the press junket and get exposure.

1582 days ago
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