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Mel's Baby Mama:

He Gives Me No Money

6/27/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0627_oksana_grigorieva_reg_gettyOksana Grigorieva claims Mel Gibson doesn't help her financially at all when it comes to raising their daughter, this according to an interview with the Russian singer.

Grigorieva tells The Mail on Sunday that she has to borrow money from friends and use credit cards in order to support herself and her nine-month-old daughter Lucia. She tells the paper, "He is not paying me a penny. Nothing."

As for their break-up, Grigorieva claims she was the one that broke up with him, not the other way around.


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so get a job! duh?

even though he's the dad you can't always rely on that. make your own money and take care of your kid. you chose to have one, take care of the child. just because a 'celebrity' knocked you up doesn't make you incapable and incompetant to make your own money, unless you're a money grubbing whore that only had the baby to get money.

gross. what kind of person has a baby for money? think about the children - and the price of therapy when they find out they were only brought into this world for money.

1579 days ago


You have to borrow money? How about *gasp* getting a JOB?

1579 days ago


What is she looking for a damn paycheck?? She stole someone's man and is now looking for a handout..gimme a break and shame on you Mel. You're too old and disgusting for this.

1579 days ago


Tip for you time you come across a married man, keep your legs closed. An innocent life won't guarantee you a paycheck.

1579 days ago


Funny TMZ just caught him like 3 weeks ago buying diapers for the kid...

wow this girl sucks at lieing...

1579 days ago


Ask her how much she gets per month from her other baby daddy (her year old son from Timothy Dalton)

1579 days ago


mel's going to have to pay up. i'm surprised he's not already doing this (as john edwards' has had to pay up for ho-bag rielle the troll). he's worth like $800 freaking million dollars. this woman unfortunately is going to get paid out as the kid is his. being a failed russian musician/successful prostitute can pay big these days. ask rielle, heather mills, etc....

1579 days ago


Okasana - You were always a total whore, and you know it. Your other kids were also by Hollywood "IT" men and when their careers began to sink, you ditched them too. You are a just a (somewhat attractive, but terrible singer) gold digger. Be glad you got some top grade DNA in your baby and leave Mel alone. IF there were TRUE justice someone would have beat you down long ago, you thief. As it is, don't push it because Hollywood sides with Hollywood....and you ain't Hollywood. I hope some studio ensures you have an "accident" and Mel gets sole custody. 'Nuff said, bitch.

1579 days ago


What is that thing that people do to get money.......not not sleeping with rich men, the other thing.....A JOB!!, yeah that's it, get a job Oskana, make money the same way the rest of us do.

1579 days ago


1. Take him to court for money to support the spawn you brought into this world.

2. get a job

3. Get outta the f'n headlines, you're boring me!

1579 days ago

Lynn M    

I believe this is all semantics. She only said Mel hasn't paid "HER" a dime. Any child support money technically belongs to the child. I'm really tired of these homewreckers acting as if they are innocent victims. The only one innocent is the child.

1579 days ago


Russian singer??? WTH TMZ? I have a lot of friends in Russia and nobody knows who the f**k that b*tch is except for the fact that she's a money seeker from Saransk. Even if she's really a singer I highly doubt anybody will listen to her songs after reading all that crap she's been spreading in media. Oksana, if you're calling yourself a singer then start touring and earn some money for your two children. It's the second time you use your children in your dirty games. But you won't be young forever and someday there won't be old rich daddy with you. Just sayin
Mel, you really should have recalled Timothy and thought twice...

1579 days ago

Dumped Him    

BOO HOO Whore. You and Mel should have stuck together. You're both stinky whores who deserve each other.

I do feel very sorry for the baby. Having two f*cked up people for parents. That poor baby will suffer from the selfishness and stupidity from both of you two whores.

What did you expect, whore? That Mr. Mid Life Crisis whore would actually step up to the plate and do what would be right for his child?

Mr. Catholic couldn't even stick to his vows with his wife of thirty years.

What does that tell you whore?

You didn't ride that gravy train for long now did you whore?

Oh, did I mention you're both disgusting whores???

1579 days ago


I wonder what Mel is going to say about this.

1579 days ago


It's always good when a Gold Digger discovers they've been excavating a sewer, and falls in it.

1579 days ago
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