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Mel's Baby Mama:

He Gives Me No Money

6/27/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0627_oksana_grigorieva_reg_gettyOksana Grigorieva claims Mel Gibson doesn't help her financially at all when it comes to raising their daughter, this according to an interview with the Russian singer.

Grigorieva tells The Mail on Sunday that she has to borrow money from friends and use credit cards in order to support herself and her nine-month-old daughter Lucia. She tells the paper, "He is not paying me a penny. Nothing."

As for their break-up, Grigorieva claims she was the one that broke up with him, not the other way around.


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AHA - now we have it. It IS the money! I don't know if Mel was physical with her or not. I tend to think he wasn't just because he's never had that accusation thrown at him before and if he were that type of man, someone would have said something before now. He's just a middle aged man who went through his mid-life crisis and ended up creating a baby. I hope he gets this resolved. Give her a few bucks, Mel, and get as much custody of your baby as you can. I think you'd be the better parent and I'm betting your ex will take you back.

1548 days ago


I just saw the last music video of her that Mel directed. The video itself is nice but the song and her voice sucks, no talent at all and her english is so bad.

1548 days ago


WOW...another HOOCHIE GOLDIGGER...where do these guys find these women...HOOCHIE ISLAND

1548 days ago


OK then, stupid, stop crying and get a freakin job like the rest of us. Why does he have to support you anyway... The child yes, you NO! Typical woman - they are the same, the world over.

1548 days ago


READ # 9... sounds like a Russian.. whats up?

1548 days ago


I do not believe her. I think that she is just trying to get more money and control. After all she has had another child and that was by Timothy Dalton. She seems to have a child with these men and then get rid of the man. I guess it beats working. As for Mel, I do not feel sorry for him, he had a good family with a wife of 28 years and 7 children and he threw it away for this girl. Well you reap what you sew. They both deserve whatever they get. I feel sorry for the little girl

1548 days ago


Who really believes her?? She may get nothing but I'm sure the baby is well provided for. You can't trust a Russian !

1548 days ago


Oksana lived a life before Mel. She's 40. How did she support herself when it was just her and Timothy Dalton's son? Isn't she living in a house Mel provides even now? That's money.

Does she have any other jobs outside of having celebrity babies and then complaining about it? I'll Take Lucia and raise her without a dime. And I'll follow the courts orders. Maybe if these helpless babies were taken away and raised with people who truly enjoyed the experience of a baby, and not the financial rewards, or the photo ops it would bring, they'd have a much healthier start in life. A Neutral-Mama. I vote Robyn Gibson to play this role. She of all people knows what it's like to selflessly stay in the background for the betterment of the baby. Judge - give the baby to Robyn Gibson!

1548 days ago


oh my gosh number 9 needs to go to school and learn to spell.

1547 days ago


Russian women are NOTORIOUS for ONLY being after money!!!

1547 days ago


He needs to pay child support! thats his baby too! just because she lives in his house doesnt mean anything. The baby needs diapers, wipes, food, formula,clothes etc. shes buying all those things with her credit cards, and hes not helping her. I feel her pain. He has all that money I dont know what hes complaining about.

1544 days ago


He has all that money and cant provide for his kid. so what if she lives in his house she shouldnt have to suffer. How else is she supposed to buy things diapers, wipes, clothes, food, etc. He should help with his child too. He needs to just pay child support. Get over it!

1544 days ago


He has all that money and doesnt give her $$$$ for his child! So what if she lives in his house! he still has to provide for them with the things they need. diapers, wipes, clothes, food, etc....

1544 days ago


No doubt she's a gold digger, but what does that make Mel if he really said all those things to her? There's no excuse for calling the mother of your child those disgusting names.
He knew what he was getting when he slept with her.

1543 days ago


It's funny how women still men, but think they should treated as a women. He should have stayed home with the wife that cared. This momen running around looking for someone to take care of them. This happens outside of the rich life. There will always be a whore around to destroy you good life. Watch men.

1540 days ago
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