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Oksana: Mel Gibson Knocked My Teeth Out

6/27/2010 8:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources close to Oksana Grigorieva tell TMZ ... Mel Gibson punched her in the face and knocked out her teeth in a fit of rage.

Sources connected with Gibson have told TMZ the actor did not get violent with Oksana during their January 6 confrontation, although they admit things did get physical. A source connected with Oksana, however, says, "Mel and his camp are spinning the facts in a desperate attempt to protect his reputation."

Sources in Oksana's camp say Mel's people are lying when they say she shook the baby. Instead, the sources say, "She tried to protect the baby during one of Gibson's violent episodes when he punched Oksana in the face two times, breaking her teeth and giving her a concussion."

As one source put it, "She tried to protect his reputation, depsite her fears of him and his verbal and physical abuse." And the source goes on, "She regrets having believed in his empty promises to obtain professional help to control his violent nature."

TMZ broke the story ... Oksana obtained a restraining order against Gibson last Monday, which prohibits him from coming within 100 yards of her.

Oksana's attorneys would not comment about the case, but did say, "The true facts will be brought out in a court of law. Oksana will continue to abide by the ethical obligations and rules arising from a confidential paternity action and will let the court decide the issue in this matter."


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Oh Please! Where is the hospital records for her concussion? Where are the dentist records for her broken teeth?
She is so full of sh*t her eyes are brown.
Gold digging wh*re.

1582 days ago


She's going for the gold. And Mel, you should have known better.

1582 days ago

Why oh Why?    

And she stayed for another six months after having had her teeth knocked out??

Although Gibson has been known to be hottempered, he was married for 25 years without a sign of domestic abuse. I find it extremely hard to believe that he all of a sudden starts to slap women around. This is yet another golddigger. Sad.

1582 days ago


I'm supposed to believe a 20 something NOBODY - over an established star, not to mention, she got involved with him and pregnant before his actual divorce was final.

Is it just me, or does she looked like OCTOMOM? BTW, I hate Mel Gibson and his Zionist father and his "I"M NOT A RACIST" but I will make racists remarks while I'm drinking life.

1582 days ago


BTW, Harvey, you are a lawyer, you didn't go digging for proof of this before posting it? Come on, Dude, I have faith in you.

1582 days ago


Mel got himself in this mess. Remember when he was a huge star?

Matt Damon and all the rest, take this as a cautionary tale.

1582 days ago


She is money hungry whore. Period.

1582 days ago


Why does she have a camp? Go back to Belarus.

1582 days ago


Russian feel ashamed of her. Please don't judge others because of this wh-re.

1582 days ago


Give me your job as editor. I could use it.
"Instead, the sourceds say"
"She tried to protect his reputation, depsite"
"She regrets havfing believed"

1582 days ago


This gold-digger gets extra points for creativity.

I can't feel sorry for old Mel. I did my thing with younger chicks and it didn't work out any better me either, ha ha.

It's best to stick to chicks within 10 years of our own age, bro.

1582 days ago


I would love to believe that Mel Gibson is a good guy because he's a good actor but his past behavior indicates that he is not. All of you people calling her a gold digger, wh*re and a nobody are viscious and spitefull. You have NO WAY of knowing if she is lying, you just assume she is because you wanna believe Mel is a good guy. The guy cheated on his wife and mother of his 7 kids, is a hardcore alcoholic and is a racist but ohhhhhhh noooo he certainly couldn't be capable of domestic abuse!!! Pfffffft Wake up and stop behaving like clueless, sexist celebrity worshiping jerks!

1581 days ago


Both of them are liars, I don't believe either one's story, I don't believe Mel's story of her "shaking baby like a ragdoll". That's a very serious issue, he didn't report it then? He is just as negligent. When he filed restraining order it was to shut her up not restraining her from the child. Mel and his "sources" are out to "protect his reputation" (like he has a good one????/he has a reputation of lieing, hiding behind his PR people). If she suffered some physical damage then there has to be some doctor's reports for her attorneys to say they have proof. She is in it for $$$$$ of course. Whatever "physical harm" was that she provoked it.

She reminds me of my next door neighbor who doesn't know how to shut up and who retaliates; she retaliated against me because I didn't want to be freinds with her any more because she has no consideration for other people's feelings.

1581 days ago


Like I stated on an earlier post, he has that look in his eyes.

Plus, Have yoou EVER met a man that READILY ADMITTED IT?! Nope. It's always something the woman did, or she "provoked it"...wrong too Neither one of them should put their hands on each other. It shows a certain level of mentality...sorta like when he sewed all that hate on camera!!

1581 days ago


BTW, if she's just a "gold digger" and "just out to get his money" then I say he's an "a$$ digger" ya know just out to get younger, hotter a$$ than his wife of 25 years who birthed what 7 -8 kids?!?!
Hey, all's fair right?!

1581 days ago
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