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Oksana: Mel Gibson Knocked My Teeth Out

6/27/2010 8:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources close to Oksana Grigorieva tell TMZ ... Mel Gibson punched her in the face and knocked out her teeth in a fit of rage.

Sources connected with Gibson have told TMZ the actor did not get violent with Oksana during their January 6 confrontation, although they admit things did get physical. A source connected with Oksana, however, says, "Mel and his camp are spinning the facts in a desperate attempt to protect his reputation."

Sources in Oksana's camp say Mel's people are lying when they say she shook the baby. Instead, the sources say, "She tried to protect the baby during one of Gibson's violent episodes when he punched Oksana in the face two times, breaking her teeth and giving her a concussion."

As one source put it, "She tried to protect his reputation, depsite her fears of him and his verbal and physical abuse." And the source goes on, "She regrets having believed in his empty promises to obtain professional help to control his violent nature."

TMZ broke the story ... Oksana obtained a restraining order against Gibson last Monday, which prohibits him from coming within 100 yards of her.

Oksana's attorneys would not comment about the case, but did say, "The true facts will be brought out in a court of law. Oksana will continue to abide by the ethical obligations and rules arising from a confidential paternity action and will let the court decide the issue in this matter."


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Wow, she is crazy lady. If this suppostly fight happen why didnt she bring to the authorities. She is scorn lover who would rather have negative attention then to stand up like a lady and understand when they got together he was married. Mel sounds like he is living up to his fatherly duties for which alot of fathers dont. I feel she didnt get want she wanted. Marriage and the whole nine yards so she is going psycho. Maybe mental evaluations should be done both before something really bad happens I am only thinking of the child. Yes Mel has done some things wrong but you have never heard him hurting a child. Come on she is out to make him look bad and try to get anything and everything she can from him. He is worth $$$$$$.

1546 days ago


Her story has the ring of plausibility to it to me-it takes very little time to become an abused person-and most women(and men,too)are ashamed, and try to hide the signs of it from others, and lying about the cir***stances of violence is quite common.
We can only speculate at this point, but I can easily imagine a scenario where she goes to a dentist for repair/repacement of teeth and tells the dentist she "tripped on some stairs" or "fell" or a similar tale. Temporary teeth can be affixed in one day, and those saying she appeared in public 11 days later, well, that's just enough time for bruises and swelling to diminish enough to be covered by expert makeup application.
She appears quite confident in her statements,and that, combined with his known volatile behavioral history causes me to be inclined to believe that something violent really did happen.
We shall see.....

1546 days ago



1546 days ago

Paul Ricardo Santuz    

Women sometimes are not reasonable and take us to extremes which is very unfortunate.

1546 days ago

dee dee    

MEL, MEL MEL, we all knew where this would lead from day one..when the big announcement was made about you two dating.. SHE'S A GOLD DIGGER, and now has you hook line and sinker. Send her packing back to her HOMELAND... She's gonna mess with you big time..It's what she's gonna do best. It's her goal ..

1546 days ago


Yo, @ANON!!! What is your problem, you moron? Why don't you let up with the stupid posts?? Mel Gibson was born in NEW YORK. You with your child-killing fantasies are one sicko creep. Maybe YOU'RE the one who should ship out. Imbecile.

1546 days ago


This is her 15 minutes of fame, nothing more. Let's hope she does us all a favor and disappears soon.

1546 days ago


Hey Mel you should invite Oxana onto the Jerry Springer show and have them introduce her to your mistress but she's got to be a big female, able to kick some azz. It'll be entertaining, legal and you can stand off to the side innocently performing punching gestures as you say YEAH get some, eat teeth biatch.

1546 days ago


Mel had a nice wife and family he left them to go to greener pastures! Now he is getting exactly what he deserves, It couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Kodo's to his wife who still has her family. Good ridance to real Jerk! Jlg.

1546 days ago


wow! what an ugly gold-digger! she should have thought about all that when she was busy being a home wrecking whore! This is all about his money...."oh, he got me pregnant, and now he's beating on me" stupid home wrecking whore!

1546 days ago


Expect to see Gloria Allred soon she loves this stuff. I wish woman would stop making abuse up like this, there are actual woman taht are being abuse and people are not going to take woman seriouse if you keep making crap up, I just don't believe her.

Now Mel what goes around comes around any woman that sleeps with a married man and gets pregrant will do this, maybe get in touch with the father of her first child I bet she did the same to him.

I get your former wife is loving this, you did the dirty on her now your getting whats coming to you.

1546 days ago


Damn Mel you sure know how to pick them,,,could'nt you spot this golddigger from a mile away?

1546 days ago


Did Mel knock out Oksana's dentures, or her real teeth?

1546 days ago


Mel You were and are a Fool... I don't understand these old guys thinking that these beautiful young women actually care about them.
It's all about the money and power. To me it is disgusting just thinking about an old man touching me, totally disgusting.

1546 days ago


#208 sharborg Sharp there lol!!
If she had a concussion and her teeth knocked out there have to be dental and medical records to prove it - unless she was a doctor and knew she had a concussion so didn't go for treatment lol!! Even if there are dental and medical records to support her claims, it still doesn't mean the injuries occured in the way she claims they did!! If she fell with baby in arm she could have knocked her own teeth out by hitting her mouth on the concrete hm?! Oksana it seems feels she's going to get a payout like Robin's but Robin put in over 30 years, that's never going to happen lol!!
I thought the reason he was with her was because she'd had the DNA test - if not get it done NOW lol!!

1546 days ago
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