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Oksana: Mel Gibson Knocked My Teeth Out

6/27/2010 8:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources close to Oksana Grigorieva tell TMZ ... Mel Gibson punched her in the face and knocked out her teeth in a fit of rage.

Sources connected with Gibson have told TMZ the actor did not get violent with Oksana during their January 6 confrontation, although they admit things did get physical. A source connected with Oksana, however, says, "Mel and his camp are spinning the facts in a desperate attempt to protect his reputation."

Sources in Oksana's camp say Mel's people are lying when they say she shook the baby. Instead, the sources say, "She tried to protect the baby during one of Gibson's violent episodes when he punched Oksana in the face two times, breaking her teeth and giving her a concussion."

As one source put it, "She tried to protect his reputation, depsite her fears of him and his verbal and physical abuse." And the source goes on, "She regrets having believed in his empty promises to obtain professional help to control his violent nature."

TMZ broke the story ... Oksana obtained a restraining order against Gibson last Monday, which prohibits him from coming within 100 yards of her.

Oksana's attorneys would not comment about the case, but did say, "The true facts will be brought out in a court of law. Oksana will continue to abide by the ethical obligations and rules arising from a confidential paternity action and will let the court decide the issue in this matter."


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Wow... and the plot thickens. OK first off I agree with everyone who says "Where's her proof?" Hospital records , dental records or police report? Anything? Nope because she doesn't got any. AND I do NOT believe that he not helping her financially with their daughter.. thats a crock. Oh and plus doesn't she now have a singing career because of Mel funding it? Not that he is the most stand up guy BUT I do think that this girl is using that child in any way she can to get a chunk of his money. She has to use something since they never married. He was stupid getting involved with a younger woman to begin with .... the ONLY one I feel bad for is the CHILD!!!! Because she is gonna be used throughout this whole mess & that is just sad!!!!

1556 days ago


Thanks GOD he got rid of that CRAP!!!

1556 days ago

china Doll    

I don't doubt it for a second. Number one - Mel is a total chauvanist. Number Two - He's got a bad temper. Number Three - He's a racist and cheated on his wife of how many years? Womanizer. Total drunk.

Listen, I think she's probably a gold digger, but I wouldn't put any of this past Mel. He dug his hole, I hope he rots in it.

1556 days ago


I believe her. I think he probably intimidated her and she wanted to protect her kid from it's father being known as a woman-beater on top of everything else we all think of him now as. I lived with a much-older drunk for 6 years. I covered physical marks all the time and put on a pretty, smiley face for the rest of the world. Sure, I could have had him in jail at any time for what he did, but I didn't. My story is not that unusual, & I think she is telling the truth.

Looks like the Karma Steamroller is taking everything- his movie-star status, his first wife, his $, his looks (oh dear god), and his reputation.

Yes, she was doing the deed with a guy who was not yet divorced. She also got the crap beat out of her (and probably verbally abused if he calls a cop "sugar t!ts").

You get what you deserve in life.

1556 days ago


We all know Mel has anger issues and I have no doubt he abused this woman. Mel thinks because he got away with is drunken tirade against that female officer he can abuse any women he wants, he's Mel Gibson.
This women was a fool to get involved with him. I hope she nails him.

1556 days ago


For someone who claims she was punched so hard that her teeth were knocked out on January 6th, there are no signs of buises, cut lips, or healing facial lacerations on her smiling face when photographers caught up with Oksana and Mel outside Mr. Chow's after the Golden Globes on January 17--just 11 days later. See Radar Online for photographs:

1556 days ago


We don't know that Mel never abused his wife. A lot of women don't report it, especially if they are being supported by the abusive husband.

We also don't know that this woman doesn't have doctor bills or dentist bills to prove it or pictures. She may not have revealed them yet.

Mel is a fool and gets what he deserves. Should have worn a condo loser.

1556 days ago


oh Sorry Lucia,

You get involved with a then married man of a million other kids, you get pregnant right away, he leaves his wife and starts a divorce, you begin to live in the lap of luxury the woman of a A lister in Holywood, then its time to dump the ole geezer and get your game on. Money Money Money Money!!!! Its all about the money.
When are these old geezer movie stars going to get that? The men especially, but also the women?
-Lucia, if I was the judge I would give you tons of child support just because Mel Gibson has proved to be such a douche by getting you pregnant, leaving his family in the first place. And no visitation to him!!
-If it was me deciding, I would not give you a dime, and not give Mel Baby any visitation with baby Gibson. Then nether of you win. You both lose. And see how fast you dump your baby off on your old momma so you can go and sing in Russia or whatever place you are from. Also, you pretty much got a free ride in the USA by giving birth to the Gibson baby now didnt you?
-But, in the real world, he will get 50 percent of the time with baby Gibson and you will get a good chunk of change each month. You just got a free ride in the USA having the baby here and end of love story.

So in the end, shut up about abuse, or any other thing YOU say went on with MEL. Doh, why air the dirt laundry 6 months later cause you look like some kind of biatcchh that knows how to get someone riled up bad.

Oh and BTW Mel. you can buy a better piece for like 1500.00 a night and it goes home, or 20.00 for 15 min. and it is happy sitting in your car. You have no brains buster, so very sad and bringing another baby into your mess of a life.

1556 days ago

Tired of toxomom    

Puh-leeze! She stayed another 6 months with him after an attack like that? Not a word to anybody until last month? I call BS.

1556 days ago

Il Duce    

He has a violent look about him!!

1556 days ago


He's an ass and she's a gold digger. Too bad they couldn't work things out because they seem perfect for each other. As far as his reputation goes, HE killed that off long ago so this is no big loss. Kudos to his wife for getting herself free of this loser. Sad for his kids that they now have to watch him circling the drain of life.

1556 days ago


damn that's worse than what CB did to Rihanna and no one is going down mels' back

how LAME !

1556 days ago


Question is: Who'll be the next in line, who'll be the next in line for Mel's love.....Mel's temporary love.....Who'll be fine & dined & seduced.......Who'll be the next in line for Mel's love, just temporary love....which young sexy mistress will wonder by & say hi & later bye.........Who'll be the next in line...Who'll be the next in line for more babies & Mel's temporary love........temporary love....temporary loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee........

1556 days ago


thats why you dont mess with a married man..they are both losers...Poor children!

1556 days ago


Nobody knows what went on between them. Mel has had his problems. Isn't he the head of some church with his ex-wife? Weren't they separated for some time but didn't announce it to protect his image? Nobody knows what he told Oksana when they were dating. Perhaps he told her the marriage has been over for years??? What about the drunk tirade? The temper is there. One thing is for sure, protect the image or the money train stops for the family too.

Where I live it is not illegal to record someone abusing you or your children, without the abuser knowing. Abusers control, isolate, and create fear for victim or family's safety. It usually takes place over time to 'beat down' the victim. When married, I couldn't work, had no access to our bank accounts or credit cards, he took my keys and cell phone when ever there was a 'problem', oh yeah and threatened to take our newborn son - I would never see him again if I sought medical treatment or told anybody. When we dated, he was a charismatic funny man whom everybody loved. One night I recorded him, took it to a judge and begged for help. Got a divorce and custody. I was married to him for 13 months when I left. He is currently doing 10 years for abusing his girlfriend.

Shaking a baby like a ragdoll would kill the baby or cause irreversible harm at the very least. A baby's head is so heavy at that age, it wouldn't take much to hurt her.

1556 days ago
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