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Katherine Jackson -- The Buck Stops Here

6/28/2010 4:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson Katherine Jackson has a problem she may not realize -- while she's raking money in from various Michael Jackson businesses, the judge in the MJ estate case could shut her out of a huge monthly allowance the MJ estate has been providing.

TMZ first reported ... Katherine and Joe Jackson sponsored a ritzy Michael Jackson event at the Beverly Hilton Hotel Saturday night -- with tickets going as high as $500 a pop -- and if there are profits, we're told some of that will line her pocket.

And then there's the book she's hawking  -- "Never Can Say Goodbye" -- co-authored by Howard Mann, who made a fortune off of nude online gambling.

Mann tells us he's going into other businesses with Katherine as well. Roger Friedman from says he's seen a contract between Mann and Katherine which guarantees her $10,000 a month for promoting a book in the works, "The Katherine Jackson Story."  Mann claims Katherine will net $10 mil from the book.

Now here's the problem ... When the judge in the Michael Jackson estate case signed off on Katherine getting more than $26,000 a month, it was based on need.  If she's making money on the side -- especially making money off her late son -- it's likely the judge will no longer see the need to fill Katherine's wallet.

So it's coming down to a "Let's Make a Deal" decision. Katherine, do you want door #1 or door #2?

Stay tuned ...


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That whole family with the exception of Janet (and I have to say Randy) are a bunch of s***bags who didn't mourn their son for a second before vying for the $$$. You know what I take that back to, about Janet, she was singing what days after his death. I know if it were my brother whom I profess to love I wouldn't be able to speak let alone sing.

1580 days ago


its hard to keep up.some say the jacksons should get a job and earn their own money, then when they start doing things to earn money, albeit off of Michaels name they get slammed. How do you expect them to earn money??????? When they were earning money singing they aquired a certain lifestyle and they want to keep it.Would you want to suddenly go from grandeur to working down the local netto store (netto= Scandanavian for value but crap)lets look at what footballers do when they retire.They work their way around the country orating about their lives as footballers and get paid handsomely for it (not all of them)i do hope you can understand what point im trying to make lol,im not going to pass judgement on any of the Jacksons i dont know them personally,they're not perfect and neither am i, are you? Have a lovely day and think happy
Diane from the uk

1580 days ago


Katherine has always been under the manipulative control of her bullying husband. She should not be allowed to earn money outside the MJ estate allowance ( a VERY generous allowance). The money is obviously going to Joe and her other kids. The MJ estate must step in NOW and put a stop to it all.

1580 days ago


#15. by blanket jackson

You are a sick individual. If you thought your comment was funny, think again. I'm sure even the people that don't like Michael Jackson would think you are a sick individual and to use the name of MJ's child is even sicker. Get some help.

1579 days ago


She/JOE wanted MORE $$ than the $26,000 that they said they NEEDED to keep up the lifestyle they had OFF MICHAEL - NOT that they made themselves. So, I guess they do NOT NEED the allowance from MJ's estate since they've shown they ARE perfectly capable of making their own living - even if it still is off MJ.

RIP Michael.

1579 days ago


its hard to keep up.some say the jacksons should get a job and earn their own money, then when they start doing things to earn money, albeit off of Michaels name they get slammed. How do you expect them to earn money???????

Posted at 4:10 AM on Jun 28, 2010 by dizzydiana


You are missing the point.

With Michael's death, the extended Jackson Family are effectively out of the Michael Jackson business - forever. End of story. Of course, as his family, they may - and should - mourn and remember their son and brother any way the see fit, but they MAY NOT profit from it. You want to hold a memorial service - fine, you want to organize a fan gathering in Michael's name - fine, but they cannot charge a fee in Michael's name (whether the money is earmarked for charity or not) without the expressed consent of the Estate. Michael Jackson went to great pains - and his directives leave little wiggle room - to make sure that NO member of his family, with exception of his children (or his mother, in her lifetime only), would EVER profit from his posthumous career. This was his expressed wish.

MICHAEL CHOSE HIS TEAM and HIS FINAL WISHES SHOULD BE RESPECTED. It is a courtesy we all deserve. Trust that he had his reasons. Whether you agree with his wishes or not is of no consequence. THAT IS THE WAY MICHAEL JACKSON WANTED IT.

I just can't understand why so many fans - and many of his family members for that matter - who claim to love Michael would think it OK to disregard his final wishes in any way shape or form.

1579 days ago


Michael!!!!!!! Thank You very much for this huge clue you gave us on 25.06.

I love You so much :* I knew you will give us something very rare on anniversary :)

Wow, your "song" ;) is just great :)

Have a wonderful Monday Michael


1579 days ago


Hawaii right? ( or:) ) , pool, sun and....;') ???


Mike You are so funny:)

I love your clue:)


1579 days ago


@steven,he wasn't a molester,know your facts
@tmz,why is it everytime Mann is mentioned you have to add "Howard Mann, who made a fortune off of nude, online gambling."? We already know,stop repeating yourselves!
Also tmz you are going to go on something that Roger Friedman says/claims?!He is just as bad as Ian Halperin,if not worse! Not a reliable source! Here is a thought tmz,why not speak directly to a member of the Jackson family,and stop going on your UNreliable sources!

1579 days ago


"According to the contract between Mann and Mrs. Jackson, which I’ve seen, Katherine Jackson is getting $10,000 in advance and 10,000 a month for promoting audio and video recordings that could be turned into a book or biography called “The Katherine Jackson Story.” The contract was signed on February 3, 2010 and witnessed only by Sonia Lowe, Mann’s collaborator. Streisand has never seen the contract. “The Katherine Jackson Story” became her book, “Never Can Say Goodbye.”

“My expectation is Katherine nets $10 million,” says Mann of Mrs. Jackson’s participation in the project. He thinks “Never Can Say Goodbye” will sell a million copies. So far it’s sold between 25,000 and 50,000.

The contract for these “performances” states that Mrs. Jackson will receive $5000 for promotional appearances. In other words, she was paid for showing up at the Jackson family event on Saturday at the Beverly Hilton. That may be why she agreed to return from Indiana on Saturday morning to promote “Never Can Say Goodbye.” Those audio recordings, transcribed and written by Sonia Lowe, became the copy for the book. The video interview was used in part for the NBC “Dateline” show on Friday night.

Insiders are scratching their heads wondering Mrs. Jackson entered into such an agreement, especially without legal representation. Going along proper channels, Mrs. Jackson could have picked up a seven figure advance from any New York publishing house.

“we did the deal between us,” Mann says. “Who was she going to call? Adam Streisand? He’s paid by the estate.”

Indeed, until the estate is settled–there are still outstanding claims–Michael’s estate is paying his mother’s lawyer’s fees. But that is not unusual.

And it’s not like Mrs. Jackson needs the money. According to those familiar with the as yet unsettled estate, Mrs. Jackson’s financial life since Michael died has been an easy one. Before he died, she was constantly in debt with the threat of foreclosure.

But since then, the Jackson executors have paid off the $5 million mortgage on the Encino estate known as Hayvenhurst (and always owned by Michael, not his parents); given Mrs. Jackson a new $90,000 Cadillac Escalade; paid salaries for everyone at the house including private chefs and Mrs. Jackson’s secretary, Janice; and all of her needs separate from funds which the children receive.

“She’s never been denied one thing she’s asked for,” says an estate source.

But Howard Mann insists that Mrs. Jackson is receiving “only” nine thousand dollars a month. It’s not enough, he says, to cover her expenses in Encino and at homes she maintains in Las Vegas and Gary, Indiana.

As for the children attending private school this fall, my sources say Mrs. Jackson has never even asked the estate for help or guidance.

Altogether, I am told, approximately $8 million has been spent on Mrs. Jackson this year including the buying out of the mortgage. So where has it all gone? And why would she make a deal for $10,000 a month to be in business with a total stranger?"

1579 days ago


Put a stop to this woman NOW. She and Joe are doing things which would not be approved of by their son. As the Encino house belonged to Michael and now therefore to his estate, maybe it's time for Katherine to go into an old folks home. She's obviously losing the plot and is now a danger to the MJ estate, Michael's 3 children and to herself. At 80+, she's obviously not able anymore.

1579 days ago


Wow, even at 80 greed runs strong in this family. She is getting a lot of money every month, why on earth does she need to make more money off her son? If it was me at that age, I would take the allowance and relax.

1579 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

The old pimp is making money from the side deals she makes.

1579 days ago


@ janicebyrne:
She is not able anymore? She wasn't able her whole life. Sad but true. I wished she would be able once only!
I thought it all the time that not just Joe is that monster within the family - I don't talk about Michael's siblings, I'm not interested in them - both mother and father failed the decent education (this I mean with all of their children!) In fact they gave Michael nothing to survive in this world - absolutely nothing. She is not able - and she never was. But unfortunately it seems that it cannot spared to us to look in this greedy faces again and again and again ...

Michael is unbreakable - may he rest in peace ... and when I say "in peace" I mean IN PEACE!

1579 days ago

Terry Joe    

Quite frankly, I'm a bit tired of this never ending saga of " Who's getting what", and, " Am I gonna get any money ? " of the Michael Jackson case. From the VERY day that Michael passed away, seems most of the Jackson clan ( especially that creepy old Joe jackson of a leech, who fortunately, was cout out of the will )have had their hands out for whatever they could/can get.
About the only one I have respect for is Janet Jackson, as unlike her tattling sister, LaToya, of whom is so money-attention starved, spilled the beans on Michael with some London trash tabloid paper....Janet's kept her dignity.
Sure, I would want my mother to be well taken care of too, but it seems that the Miss ( whoops, Mrs. jackson; forgot she's still married to that bug eyed old man, and they don't even live together ), but even SHE seems to be wanting all the $$$ she can get her hands on. I say, pay off all of the debts Michael had, and leave the rest to his children ONLY

1579 days ago
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