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Katherine Jackson -- The Buck Stops Here

6/28/2010 4:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson Katherine Jackson has a problem she may not realize -- while she's raking money in from various Michael Jackson businesses, the judge in the MJ estate case could shut her out of a huge monthly allowance the MJ estate has been providing.

TMZ first reported ... Katherine and Joe Jackson sponsored a ritzy Michael Jackson event at the Beverly Hilton Hotel Saturday night -- with tickets going as high as $500 a pop -- and if there are profits, we're told some of that will line her pocket.

And then there's the book she's hawking  -- "Never Can Say Goodbye" -- co-authored by Howard Mann, who made a fortune off of nude online gambling.

Mann tells us he's going into other businesses with Katherine as well. Roger Friedman from says he's seen a contract between Mann and Katherine which guarantees her $10,000 a month for promoting a book in the works, "The Katherine Jackson Story."  Mann claims Katherine will net $10 mil from the book.

Now here's the problem ... When the judge in the Michael Jackson estate case signed off on Katherine getting more than $26,000 a month, it was based on need.  If she's making money on the side -- especially making money off her late son -- it's likely the judge will no longer see the need to fill Katherine's wallet.

So it's coming down to a "Let's Make a Deal" decision. Katherine, do you want door #1 or door #2?

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Jackson family ethics aside, I don't see how the executors can legally impede her ability to generate separate income unless there's a violation of licensing rights. She's a beneficary to his estate - not a social services recipient. Right or wrong, many people have profited from Michael's death and, in my opinion, she shouldn't be penalized as a named beneficiary. The executors have done a brillant job but I wonder if they may be exceeding their fiduciary rights by dictating her financial opportunties, especially since the estate is now solvent and generating revenue.
Maybe Harvey can shed some light on this today?

1580 days ago


Rudy - great post and great questions. I'm interested in the answers to those myself.

1580 days ago


All the 11 Jacksons should be allowed to live off this estate, they all sacrificed for success. The executors need to go to hell the lawyer Howard can stay to protect the estate. Joe is the reason for the Jackson family success. I know it wasnt easy for him its hard to encourage your children when the odds are stacked against them. Being a really good parent is very hard when your care about the future and success of your child. Some parents are hands off and let their childs friends, neighbors, teachers, and justice system raise their children. And we all no not all these people can be trusted with a childs mind or physical body. Hands on parenting is very hard.

1580 days ago


TMZ must have a truck load of plastic spoons available cause they always trying to stir up BS !!!

Mrs. Jackson is name HEIR in MJ's will!!!

MJ left his money to his mother and children!!!!

And the estate better give Mrs. Jackson her $$$$$$$$


1580 days ago


I don't really believe that all this money leaching comes from Katherine.
It is obvious for me that Joe is behind this, she is very submissive.

1580 days ago


wow. these must be the most dysfunctional, ****ed-up family on the face of the earth. i can't find one redeeming quality from the lot of them. ICK.

1580 days ago


@ Annie- Why would you blame the children for lying to the fans? It's not their fault. They didn't ask to be put in this situation. MJ did it. He lied to the fans. But the children are here now and they have to be taken care of. Why should the burden be placed on them to tell the fans the truth. Michael was the celebrity, he should have been forthcoming from the beginning. He is the only father these kids have ever known.

1580 days ago


The money from the book should be donated to a good cause. Pedophile Awareness? Drug rehab? Sexual and physical abuse? MJ would have wanted that.

1580 days ago

Why oh Why?    

Katherine is just making sure her sons and daughters, who can not provide for themselves ( = most of them) will get by once she is dead. She knows she hasn´t got many years left and so she wants to leave them some money.

1580 days ago


It has been really disappointing that Kathryn has shown she is just like the rest of them. Up until recently, I thought she was the only one, besides Reevie and Janet, that had any class. It appears all Michael was for them was a meal ticket.

1580 days ago


annie&stevie,that is old,they are his children in everyway,get over that fact.

1580 days ago

a total fan    

annie&stevie, they are his children in everyway that matters, you must not know what a real family is, it is not neccessarly being blood related and born into the family. Families can be blood related, also a family is parents and adopted children, a family is parents and a surrogant blessing the parents with a child ,a family is taking in a child and raising as your own, a family is a mother and a father loving their children no matter how they brought them together, a family is a mother and a mother loving their children no matter how they were brought together, a family is a father and a father and their children no matter how they were brought together. I believe Michael was their father and I will support them. Even if I was to believe that he was not their biological father I will still support them because they were a family he was their father no matter how they were brought together.

1580 days ago


When will someone cut off these biological leeches from Michael Jackson's corpse??

His children should be getting his money - & his parents should never be allowed anywhere near his children! & before anyone tells me "Oh, his mother didn't abuse him," let me ask, "Did she keep his father from abusing him?" & by abuse, I'm not necessarily saying beatings or anything else physical. The two of them together robbed Michael of his childhood & most likely damaged him for life - NO WAY should they be allowed another crack at the next generation!!

1580 days ago


Thanks Cathy. I understand the probate restrictions in regard to her allowance, but this seems like it could be construed as discriminatory on some level.

In a perfect world, the estate would've been in good order at the time of Michael's death and she would've had access to 20% of the estate's profits. Barring any confidentiality/licensing restrictions, I would imagine she'd be free to pursue various business ventures with her proceeds. As it stands, she's essentially required to live on a fixed income (albeit a very generous fixed income) while those around her are free to profit without limitation.

It's probably not legally feasible, but I wish her allowance could be restructured to be more of an advance against her future inheritance. Given the parameters of the situation, she may never have the opportunity to enjoy what's rightfully hers.

1580 days ago


20. its hard to keep up.some say the jacksons should get a job and earn their own money, then when they start doing things to earn money, albeit off of Michaels name they get slammed. How do you expect them to earn money???????
How about making money ON YOUR OWN MERITS?

1580 days ago
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