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Mel Gibson:

I've Paid Oksana a Fortune

6/28/2010 5:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson's lawyer claims the actor has opened his wallet to Oksana Grigorieva since their baby was born, but now that she's allegedly breached their custody agreement Mel's gonna get a little stingier.

Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva
Mel's lawyer, Stephen Kolodny, tells TMZ Mel has opened the bank vault for Oksana ... putting her up in a multi-million dollar house, buying her a car, providing health insurance and "giving Oksana tens of thousands of dollars to support her and Lucia over the past months."

Kolodny says Mel has gone far above and beyond what's required of him under a support and custody agreement the former couple reached in mediation. 

But now, Kolodny claims Oksana has violated the agreement by refusing to let Mel see their daughter on Father's Day, Mel is only going to pay Oksana what they agreed to in mediation and not a penny more.

Kolodny wouldn't say how much Oksana is legally entitled to under mediation, but sources tell us it's "well over $10,000 a month."

Sources connected to Oksana tell a radically different story ... claiming Mel hasn't paid any support since they split.

Mel Gibson & Oksana Grigorieva


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Well, someone is lying.

1577 days ago


this bitch is just a star ****er. why dosen't she get a job, instead of trying to fleece that gibson. what happened to marriage, then kids?

1577 days ago

Aileen (Canada)    

This gold digger of a woman has done it all before. Famous boyfriend, she has a kid. First, Timothy Dalton of Bond fame - this before she hit (what she presumed) bigger paydirt in the guise of one, Mel Gibson. He should be ashamed of himself for falling for her viper tactics - now he has to live with the consequences. Robyn must be laughing her head off and rightly so!

1577 days ago


Oh... and ps ... they are both losers !! Mel G has been with other women for years. Read somewhere that his relationship with this Oksana started three years ago. That´s what you get for shagging married men, isn´t it !! What goes comes around goes around. Mel is just being Mel. A balding git with no morals or respect for women, family OR himself. Women who get involved with this **** are plain stupid and deserve every ounce of agro they get. Can´t stand him.

1577 days ago


Star fu**er is right...She wants to squeeze Mel out of cash with lies and deceit. What a pathetic woman. To all the girls out there, be proud of yourself and don't screw men for cash, otherwise you get what you deserve

1577 days ago


This woman is just a gold digger and she is using her kids to get the money. She got money from Timothy Dalton for his son and now she plans to milk Mel Gibson. I was just wondering if either Mel or Timothy have had a DNA test done to make sure these are their children. It is obvious that she is a lazy gold digger but Mel deserves what he gets. He left a beautiful wife (who put up with him all those years) and his kids for this (well I will not write what I would call her)

1577 days ago


After ruining a family and marriage of 30 years, this middle aged cliche deserves everything he gets. And his baby's mama does have a career, but probably won't need one after she receives her pay-off for shutting up.

1577 days ago


This russian woman won't stop until she has everything he has worked for.

1577 days ago


Ok this nails the coffin she is in...

No way a Lawyer is going to come out and say Mel has bought her this this and this etc and given her this etc with out proof. He can be disbarred.

So then also the Dr who fixed her face and dentist all forgot to call the cops etc..

she needs to give it up and go back home..

I mean really if he is that phyco then you shouldn't be pushing him into killing you.

1577 days ago


This is just crazy.. what is wrong with these women who feel like they are too good to work and take care od their children? this skank has a child with mr. james bond himself.. she seems like a gold digging woman wannbe singer should get a Dam job... Mel maybe alot of things but he dose take care of all his children... just ask his ex wife even she said that he dose good by his kids... she claims that she is living on credit cards.. then why they Heck is she out in 90210 spending like no tomorrow..I think she is trying to get ppl to be mad and not support mel so she can get more money.. this is really sad...Skank get a real job like the rest of amaericans single mothers..

1577 days ago


@Carol @Kris

He hasn't been with her for 3 years

He didn't leave his wife for her and he was not seing her before he got dumped by his wife.

Just because he is with this gold digger doesn't mean he kicked his wife out and all that.

His wife and him have been split for years and its been report even before he got drunk. So stop it.

1577 days ago


11. After ruining a family and marriage of 30 years, this middle aged cliche deserves everything he gets. And his baby's mama does have a career, but probably won't need one after she receives her pay-off for shutting up.

Posted at 2:03 PM on Jun 28, 2010 by Deb

Wow, great career...You are one of the 4 women that bought her single and probably got screwed over by Mel too..She never got hit, was just in it for the ride (no pun intended) and now is trying to cash in...Check the facts before you open your pie hole

1577 days ago


$10 per month in condoms vs $10,000+ per month in support... too bad Men dont use their brains.

1577 days ago


Does she really think we are going to believe Mel Gibson isn't paying her anything for his daughter. Ding dang she is a bimbo - and btw - she can't sing at all - it was painful to listen to her. Go away ****.

1577 days ago


Ya gotta get your eyesight checked Mel!

1577 days ago
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