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What Michael Jackson Taught Corey Feldman

6/28/2010 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Corey Feldman and Michael Jackson hadn't spoken for nearly eight years before MJ passed -- but at Saturday night's Forever Michael Memorial, Feldman told the crowd Michael's death taught him a very valuable lesson.



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Corey Haim is not a has-been.He is a never-was.

1542 days ago


It will be interesting in the future to see how much these words ring true as we watch how much 'each one' that claims Michael changed them so or they have now "changed the person in the mirror" as the totals come in for their charity work during their lifetime to heal this world they also so claim to love for all future generations, as we each fight the same battle to save the world.

There will never be another Michael Jackson, that star will always forever shine far to brightly & untouchable, & too will remain forever with us in our hearts.

It would be nice to see people actually listen to the message, put their words to action, act & continue to do something about it instead of earning a living or PR off our dieing planet & the King of Pop.
Michael's message in TII was simple, as always, LOVE & "this is it", we have/had 4 years to get it right to possibly turn this planet around to heal it we are a year into that and no further closer to healing the world then then sadly as we look at the Gulf oil spill.

I am however thinking watching them all without Michael it will not be taken seriously & it will be a battle to be lost, so much we lost when that leading light of heaven's love was removed from our earthly path.

"It starts with us or else it will never get done."

1542 days ago

my opinion    

Corey's speech brought tears to my eyes...It was heartfelt...I am so happy that MJ touched Corey in special way and taught him about forgiveness.

1542 days ago

my opinion    

Corey's speech brought tears to my eyes...It was heartfelt...I am so happy that MJ touched Corey in special way and taught him about forgiveness.

1542 days ago


Love Corey Feldman!!! Your all just jealous haters!!! You go Corey!!! It's funny how he's still alive and kicking and drug addicts like Michael Jackson and Corey Haim are dead, just goes to show he's alot smarter then the rest of them!!!!

1542 days ago


lol........ tori must be Cory's best friend...
you guys are trying too hard!
give me a break!

1542 days ago


wait til he's broke and he does a tell-all book about his raping of children and buying new children to rape.

1542 days ago


1542 days ago

Throwback kid    

When Feldmen is back on top everyone will eat their words! He just needs the right project to showcase his talent. This guy is the total package, he can sing, dance (have you ever seen his Jacko moves?) and he can even imitate Marlon Brando. In fact I don't think there is anything the Felddog can't do? How many guys can still dress like it's 1988 and make it look reasonable? I ask you that people?

Feldmen Rules Forever!

1542 days ago

Throwback kid    

I know just the vehicle to get Feldman back on top, a 3 part guest starring role on Entourage!

In the show they could find out that they are doing a big screen version of Viking Quest starring Johnny Drama in the lead role. As his sidekick they cast Corey Feldman, at first E and the gang are not happy about it because they think Feldmen is a hasbeen

But Feldman ends up nailing the role and the movie is a surprise hit! It even does better than Vince's breakout film Queens Blvd. Now Feldman is part of the cast but things go bad when Feldman hits on Turtle's new girlfriend (I'm thinking JWoww from Jersey Shore for this part)

After the 3rd episode Feldman has a falling out with the guy's and leaves but not after giving the show a ratings bonanza. What do you think people, would Felman be perfect for Entourage or what?

1542 days ago


He probably taught Corey what it felt like to jerked off by a child molesting freak show.

1542 days ago


Poor Cory. He went south for too long, I think, and lost his fans. I saw him a few weeks ago, sitting with his family at a Calabasas restaurant. They look like they all drove out from Barstow, after locking up the trailer. (including Cory). But he signed a couple of autographs and seemed nice enough.

1541 days ago


Michael probably forgave him a long time ago. It's the way he was.

1541 days ago


Corey Feldman is an honest man and he admits that he abandonned Michael Jackson when the singer most wanted his support in 2005.Corey should not feel guilty because we all make mistakes and I hope he finds peace in knowing that Michael Jackson already forgave him before he died, otherwise MJ would not have wanted to get in contact with him and be his friend again:)

1541 days ago


Funny how Corey F. shows up for MJ's memorial service, but couldn't show up to his own bestfriend Corey Haim's funeral service in Canada...Corey F. is just another person who is just trying to exhaust his comeback 15 minutes of fame....

1541 days ago
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