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The Stanley Cup -- Full of Pride ... Gay Pride

6/28/2010 4:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With rainbow flags leading their path, Chicago Blackhawks Brent Sopel and the Stanley Cup had a gay ol' time this weekend ... at Chicago's Gay Pride festival on Sunday.

While it was the Stanley Cup's first appearance at a gay pride event, Sopel wanted to ride in the parade to honor Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Brian Burke's son, Brendan, who was killed in a car accident just three months after publicly coming out of the closet.

Now the Stanley Cup plays on everyone's team.

Props to towleroad.com for the head's up.

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This is why I love my Blackhawks! They know they have fans in EVERY community! Love from a PROUD LESBIAN AND HAWKS FAN!!!

1578 days ago


Yeah Q, and all straight white folks are saints. I can't believe the ignorance, hate and bigotry on this blog, it's amazing in this century. So, electriczipper, you don't mind the girl on girl thing, what a hipocrit.

1578 days ago


Okay well I shouldn't have said "Shove it," but in all honesty to bring in such topics such as pedophila, rape, HIV, and other similar topics isn't the most informed decision. Seeing that the majority of incidents are directly related the the person commiting them's mental state. Homosexuality is not a disease or some sort of chemical inbalance either for those who have used that as a defense. I would stop commenting on this but i just so enjoy hearing people's reasons or opinions on the topic of homo v. hetro.

1578 days ago


HA! Nice try, Rose Red.

Those parades you mention are for events, not a lifestyle. They are by no means "straight pride".

1578 days ago


All you gays were produced from "straight pride." Let's give your parents a little recognition. Ha

1578 days ago


Hetrosexual v. Homosexual, I have a feel this argument will be around for a long time to come. Lets be realistic it was until the 1970s that it was more socially acceptable for homosexuals, i mean hell in the 70s' everyone was hooking up and sleeping with everyone. Anyways like I said this arguement will be around for a long time to come and most likely will get more and more media attention. We'll see if President Obama sticks to his word and repeals the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy; Oh and by the way there are gays serving in your military at this very moment, and in political office. :)

1578 days ago


Straight people ARE NOT the problem with society today, its you flaming homosexuals that ARE the problem and a PERVERSION of nature who can't reproduce with BREEDERS to have your future homosexuals for you.

You gay's remember ONE thing, that without us non-gay' you'd be one generation away from being EXTINCT.

Ass clowns.

1578 days ago


If being homosexual is "right", "fine" or whatever, then why does it take components from a Male and a Female to continue the circle of life? if it was natural to be homosexual, then wouldn't we be able to reproduce in a manner that didn't require a male AND a female? Being homosexual goes against nature because it inhibits the circle of life. That is what makes it abnormal, and not right.

1578 days ago


The same arguments which are used to justify homosexuality as "acceptable" are also those used by NAMBLA and John Mark Karr/Alexis Reich. Its all fine as long as both people love each other ... right?

1578 days ago


Its simple, those who cannot reproduce for themselves can seek alternatives to reproducing such as a surrogate. The male and female do not have to have seek but rather its just the egg and sperm that are used to create the baby or babies. I'm not saying its not a good point, but like everything else there is always a way to persavere.

1578 days ago


Test tubes will fill the next generations. Octomoms will be on the rise. Sex change operations will be an everyday surgery. We will have a female president that used to be a man. "Straight pride" will be obsolete. Hmmm... Wishful thinking for non-thinking people.

1578 days ago


Kyle #44. It still requires an egg and sperm...one from the female, one from the male. If nature intended for same sex couples to be normal, then both sexes would have eggs and sperm, making same sex couples able to reproduce and continue life as we know it.

1578 days ago


The whole world is gay now. I'm gay, you're gay, we're all gay.

1578 days ago

mr attitude    

Hockey players ARE tough. That's why they are comfortable in their sexuality and don't feel threatened by being associated with a Gay Pride event. Besides, it's pretty damn naive to believe that after 90+ years in existence there haven't been a few gay hockey players in the NHL. The Stanley Cup is also the toughest trophy in all of sports. The Cup been used as a planter, kicked across a canal, left on street corners, visited strip clubs, has had champagne, beer and wine drank from it, kids eat cereal out of it, infants defecate in it and it's seen the bottom of a few swimming pools. If any major sports trophy can withstand the possible backlash of taking part in a Gay Pride event, it's Lord Stanley's Cup!

1578 days ago


While I was going to say that I've lost respect for the Blackhawks it really wasn't their decision to allow the Stanley Cup to appear in the gay parade. It was the decision of the player (who's no longer a Blackhawk) and it was a poor decision.

I'm waiting for my straight pride parade. I need to feel better about being straight and for gay people to understand that I need to tell the world I'm straight.

I know I'll get slammed for saying this but I'm sick of gay people. I don't care what peoples sexuality is but you don't have to throw it in my face. There are many gay people who find the parade offensive. It's about time that people just keep it to themselves.

1578 days ago
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