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The Stanley Cup -- Full of Pride ... Gay Pride

6/28/2010 4:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With rainbow flags leading their path, Chicago Blackhawks Brent Sopel and the Stanley Cup had a gay ol' time this weekend ... at Chicago's Gay Pride festival on Sunday.

While it was the Stanley Cup's first appearance at a gay pride event, Sopel wanted to ride in the parade to honor Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Brian Burke's son, Brendan, who was killed in a car accident just three months after publicly coming out of the closet.

Now the Stanley Cup plays on everyone's team.

Props to towleroad.com for the head's up.

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Listen people.....Straight sex is everywhere!!!!! Dont get offended when the GLBT community gets a weekend. I think is parade is great. I live in this neighborhood in Chicago and everyone in this community supports its residents. This is the reason I enjoy not living in small (minded) town america. If you dont like it dont watch.

1586 days ago


EVERY scientific test comes back the same way - Being gay is a "CHOICE." Now you want to say God made you that way? For 2 percent of the population, you gay people are pretty screwed up.

1586 days ago


just for ur info 47% of aids cases are caused by man on man sex but 25% of that is because of drug use.so that means that only 22% of gay people have aids now if you want to blame gay people for aids this how meny bi/gay/straitght people have it The percentages are as such, it is 50% gay/bisexual put together,and 47% of us straight people contracting HIV, te virus that causes AIDS. so "OklahomaJoe" you might want to "bing" for info befor you post info thats wrong and start bashing people when straitght peoples numbers are just as high. damn redneck!

1586 days ago


Say what you want about Sops on the ice, but off the ice he's a class act, lending his hand to many great causes. Way to go Sops!

PS: to awards, 2/3 of the Hawks roster is Canadian so The Cup will be spending most of his summer in Canada. Go Hawks Go!!!

1586 days ago


Gays were not born with special status that lets them have sex in public and with confused minor children. The gay movement supports both and they get away with it because they are "special". They target children because they know that children who are raped and indoctrinated by gays are more likely to become gay. Strange how that works. I guess God planned it that way? Closet gay children just waiting to be freed?

Do you SERIOUSLY not realize how foolish and uninformed you sound? First, I doubt that gay men and women want to "have sex in public" any more than straight men and women do. In fact, I've seen many more STRAIGHT couples engaged in heavy, "get a room" PDA than I have gay couples. Second - if you look at statistics, most molestation of minors is done by STRAIGHT men and women. Gays do not "target children" - heterosexuals do. Finally, gays don't have to "indoctrinate" anyone - because gays are BORN that way. And if you think they choose to be gay - tell me when YOU chose to be heterosexual, as it's exactly the same thing.

1586 days ago


Showing up at Church services disrupting them with your garb and nonsense---why do you not stop your own who are damaging your cause?
Why don't Christians stop THEIR own that are "damaging their cause"? I haven't exactly seen a lot of Christian outrage about Ted Haggard, or Scott Roeder, or Fred Phelps, or any of hundreds of "fringe" members of the group who are acting in a radical way. Judging an entire group by the actions of the most radical elements makes no sense. Would you like the entire world to judge Christianity as a whole by the actions of Fred Phelps, or the pedophiles in the Catholic church?

1586 days ago


52. EVERY scientific test comes back the same way - Being gay is a "CHOICE." Now you want to say God made you that way? For 2 percent of the population, you gay people are pretty screwed up.

Amazing how much ignorance can be displayed in such a short post. Let's have citations of the "tests" (I believe you mean studies) that show that being gay is a choice. Then please let us all know when YOU chose to be heterosexual - because hey, if sexuality is a CHOICE, we must have ALL made a choice at some point, correct? Finally, the most conservative estimate of the gay population is that 1 in 20 people in this country IDENTIFY as gay or lesbian - which means the actual percentage, including those who are still closeted, is higher.

1586 days ago


Face it, homosexuality is wrong. It is 100% NOT NATURAL no matter how many lame excuses they come up with. If it is so natural, why do they play roles? Why can't you be attracted to a MANLY MAN if you are a man? Why does one man have to mock women and flap their hands around and shake their hips in the most nauseating way? Give me a break. It is disgusting and 99% of the world agrees with me. Accept it.

1586 days ago


@samantha_P.E.I.Cananda69 My source for my numbers are from the National Center for HIV/AIDS, Which i stumbled across from a link from a homosexual news website that was running a story about the newest shocking numbers of homosexuals in the U.S are 94% infected with aids. All im saying is if you want to escape your destiny then according to scientific research and surveys as well as intensely do***ented facts. straight is the way to be.

1586 days ago


Go VickiC!! Let be for real, how many times can you honestly say that you see a same sex couple "Having sex" in public?? Not very often, in fact most of the time it is the hetrosexual couples "having sex" in public. And to say that gays are in a sense brain washing the young and confused is complete bull****. If you want to say that then how about saying that hetrosexual homophobic couples brain wash their children to hate?!? Cause thats all thats being done. And as for you Lawerance, does it look like people are throwing it in your face?? It was your decision to view and comment on this forum. This forum is neither for or against homosexuality, but yet it seems to show people's true colors. I do honestly feel bad for those who were not taught to accept everyone no matter what race, what orientation, or what social class, its absolutely dis-heartening.

1586 days ago


if you want to know where aids c=came from it came from monkeys!! heres a bit of info i found online on a medical journal I REPEAT A MEDCICAL JOURNAL!! What type of virus is HIV?
HIV is a lentivirus, and like all viruses of this type, it attacks the immune system. Lentiviruses are in turn part of a larger group of viruses known as retroviruses. The name 'lentivirus' literally means 'slow virus' because they take such a long time to produce any adverse effects in the body. They have been found in a number of different animals, including cats, sheep, horses and cattle. However, the most interesting lentivirus in terms of the investigation into the origins of HIV is the Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV) that affects monkeys.
It is now generally accepted that HIV is a descendant of a Simian Immunodeficiency Virus because certain strains of SIVs bear a very close resemblance to HIV-1 and HIV-2, the two types of HIV.

HIV-2 for example corresponds to SIVsm, a strain of the Simian Immunodeficiency Virus found in the sooty mangabey (also known as the White-collared monkey), which is indigenous to western Africa.

The more virulent, pandemic strain of HIV, namely HIV-1, was until recently more difficult to place. Until 1999, the closest counterpart that had been identified was SIVcpz, the SIV found in chimpanzees. However, this virus still had certain significant differences from HIV.INTENDED

"Disclaimer"I DO NOT OWN THIS NOR MADE ANY MONEY FROM THIS IT JUST INTENDED TO BE INFOMATION" copyright is a pain sometime's so here's where it all started if you want to see for ur self heres the site so stop saying its gays that started aids!!!! "www.avert.org/origin-aids-hiv.htm "

1586 days ago


@samantha_P.E.I.Cananda69 I never said Gays started aids, not sure where you got that from. All i said was that according to the National AIDS/HIV research center, 94% of homosexuals in the U.S are infected with AIDS. Again I did not find the article about these findings from a gay bashing website, I came across it on a Gay and Lesbian rights website.

1586 days ago


I am not gay and find this whole post very homophobic and insulting. Even tough I take everything here with humour in mind and a grain of salt. I never comment on stuff like this but Im actually shocked and insulted... bad taste TMZ!

1586 days ago


WHY do gay Americans have to have a parade?

I mean, really. It's not like we have to tolerate what happens in their bedrooms, right?

Oh.. wait... I see. It's not about what's going on in their bedrooms.

It's about the decades of silence Americans have had when it comes to living up to equal rights for everyone.. not about sex.

It's about liberty. It's about justice for those who don't have a voice.

One day for a voice isn't all that bad, don't ya think? Perhaps when we look closer at how slow this country is to changing, we should rightly expect gay Americans to be louder MORE days than just one.

The Stanley Cup in a parade that celebrates the achievements and challenges of American citizens isn't a slap in the face of Lord Stanley, the NHL, or hockey fans.

Simply, it's a nod to hockey fans--some gay, some straight--that Chicago won a championship that can be celebrated by everyone.

1586 days ago


There was already a Blackhawks parade, gay people could have attended that.

I knew my post would be deleted even though it contained no profanity. Considering TMZ is run by a gay guy it comes as no shock it would be censored.

What a shock, somebody doesn't agree with your "lifestyle" and his voice is silenced. Sound familiar?

1586 days ago
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