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Vince Neil Busted for DUI

6/28/2010 4:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Mötley Crüe frontman Vince Neil was arrested for suspicion of DUI this morning in Las Vegas.

vince neil
Neil's wife tells TMZ she is flying out to Las Vegas this morning to bail him out.

UPDATE: Shortly before Neil was arrested, the rocker appeared at his Las Vegas restaurant -- Vince Neil's Tres Rios Cantina.




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C'mon Vince take a freakin cab or limo!

1580 days ago


My God vince,how many more people do you have to kill before you stop drinking and driving you FREAKIN IDIOT! I am so fed up with people thinking that they can do this,and when they get caught do you notice how they only get about 5 years in prison or PROBATION! Get some help vince. If you want to kill yourself,thats your business! But STOP putting the lives of innocent people on the road in danger.Again GET HELP, YOU NEED IT!

1580 days ago


Oh Vince....You used to be so handsome.....Yes we all age, but look in the mirror and realize what your hard ways are doing to you.....

1580 days ago

get a life ho    

douche bag should be taking a bus ,
it's ok for him to kill himself but he might take out someones grandma coming home from a slot tournament

1580 days ago


I'm not going to resort to immature name calling, but its obvious that Jerry is a guy who has never had a loved one INJURED or KILLED by a drunk driver! I pray Jerry that you never experience that pain,but if you do lets see how you like someone else blaming them.Yes razzle got in the car with vince,but the point that myself and everyone else is trying to make is that vince should have learned his lesson.As we all see, he hasn't,does someone else have to join razzle before vince gets it.I feel bad for him because he obviously has a lot of demons. So just think about that jerry and stop acting like a 5 year old with the name calling just because someone doesn't agree with you! It makes you look bad not the person you are insulting!

1580 days ago


Take a cab! Don't be mowing my *** (sweet cheeks) down, in one of your drunken stupors.

1580 days ago

La Mom    

Where do old rock stars go when they don't have mass appeal anymore? You guessed it ... VH1's (DList)Celebrity Rehab!!!! I guess its more panache to get caught by the po-po as an irresponsible junkie than it is to grow a pair and admit your irresponsibility in the first place. Boo-f'ing-hoooo already! Good grief Vince, you killed your friend Razzle, had a hand in killing another young girl, your young daughter is dead and you weren't even there for her cause you were too busy getting wasted in a bar .... AND YOU STILL DON'T GET IT??? Anything for a buck these celebrity whores. BIG DUMMIES. I am so f'ing tired of these celebrity babies with all the free props in the world to get help for themselves, while the average American Joe (or Joanne) can't even afford a 28-day treatment - but would LOVE to have it. Vince Neil you big butthole you.

1580 days ago


You would think after killing his best friend in a DUI accident he would have learned his lesson. Oh well once a s***bag always a s***bag. I would never accuse any of the Motley Crue members of possessing any brain cells but seriously what a retard.

1580 days ago


If you want to continue to be a rock star, loose weight. The only fat rock star that is acceptable is Meat Loaf. Either loose weight or retire.

1580 days ago


What a total a hole. After this guy has already killed someone, seriously???

1580 days ago


If he was really DUI, make sure the only thing he is ever allowed to ride is a bicycle, else let him walk.

1580 days ago

Pretty LL    

He killed Razzle, not the singer. I always thought it was weird how it was just swept under the rug. Hanoi Rocks is still one of my favorite bands

1580 days ago


It's not like he killed the singer from some long-forgotten Finnish metal band 26 years ago in a drunk driving accident. Ok, scratch that. How long before Vince's people announce he's gone into rehab?

1580 days ago

Pretty LL    

For the love of God people, Razzle was the drummer and thats who he killed. Mike Monroe was the singer and he's very much alive

1580 days ago


Come on man, lay off vince already. 75% of the globe drinks and drives, i don't condone it, and admit it's wrong, and you shouldn't do it, but, the majority of the population does. You only need one drink to be legally drunk these days. Think about that the next time your on the golf course, having a few and get in your own car. In vinces defense the accident happend when most of you young ones were like 3 years old. What were you doing in your late teens? Vince was out making hit records, living out his dream, while most of us lived at mom and dads house. We all make mistakes, and it's wrong for us to judge someone for something that happend 30 years ago. Look yourself in the mirror and ask, if you want all your dirty laundry aired on tmz for us to read, then decide if you want to judge others.

1580 days ago
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