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Vince Neil Busted for DUI

6/28/2010 4:37 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Mötley Crüe frontman Vince Neil was arrested for suspicion of DUI this morning in Las Vegas.

vince neil
Neil's wife tells TMZ she is flying out to Las Vegas this morning to bail him out.

UPDATE: Shortly before Neil was arrested, the rocker appeared at his Las Vegas restaurant -- Vince Neil's Tres Rios Cantina.




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Didn't know he killed someone 20 years ago, while driving drunk. Throw him in jail for life.

1527 days ago


.23 Jerry - YOU need to get your facts straight about a few things. Razzle may have gotten into the car with Vince while being slightly impaired himself, but this does not excuse the fact that Vince was behind the wheel and decided to floor it on a wet road. Razzle had no idea how much of an alcoholic drug addict Vince was, and therefore had no idea what kind of car ride he was in for. Vince's blood alcohol level was .17 and far over the limit. And as far as Hanoi Rocks sucking? You are an idiot. To say they were only popular in Japan is a statement that could only be made by a misinformed, narrow minded moron. If it wasn't for Hanoi Rocks there would be no Guns n Roses or half the other bands that came about in that era. Why don't you go look that up, and see who Axl credits as his biggest influence.

Also, I have to point out all of the other errors I keep seeing in these posts. First off the crash that killed Razzle was in December 1984 (not 10 years ago) and the girl in the other car was not killed, she was however very seriously injured.

And Razzle (Nicholas Dingley) was not the lead singer for Hanoi Rocks, he was in fact their drummer. Their singer is Michael Monroe who is still very much alive and performing festivals throughout the world as we speak. Vince never apologized to Michael or the other band members for the death of Razzle either. He got 30 days jail time (out in 15 for good behavior according to some sources) and a slap on the wrist. And for those who saw the Motley Crue do***entary where Vince says "his buddy died in his arms that night" that statement is inaccurate also. Vince met Razzle in London and invited him to California to party with the band. Hanoi Rocks had just started touring in the US and when their touch reached LA he ended up at Vince's house. (Btw, those Hanoi shows sold out in less than 20 mins.. hmm really? Not popular eh Jerry? Think again!) It was his second time hanging out with Vince, so he had no idea what a drunk he was. They were hardly "buddies" by any stretch of the imagination.

Vince admitted he got off lightly by writing a check for approx $2.5 million. He knows he should have served time for what he did... he admits that himself.

I don't have a problem with people wanting to be drunk... knock your socks off if that's what does it for you. But the fact that he already killed one and seriously injured 2 others and has not learned his lesson is proof that his punishment was not nearly severe enough. He has more than enough money to have a personal driver. He is in dire need of rehab again, even though he claims they don't work.

This is a very sad thing to read. I am a fan of both Crue (musically) and Hanoi, and to read that Vince is driving drunk again saddens me very much. He needs a serious wake up call... and giving him 30 days is not enough. If God forbid he kills someone else (or injures another) it will bring the end for the crue... so all you crue heads reading this need to stop sticking up for him and instead give him the wake up call he needs. The court system needs to take away his license immediately.

RIP Razzle...
And you're a million miles away
I'll never get a chance to hold you
So my message is the wind
I pray that it gets through to you

1527 days ago


wasnt that guy just in the hospital with a brain tumor.....

1527 days ago


Vince, you are so ****ing STUPID. I love Motley Crue but this man is making it incredibly hard to be a fan when he keeps doing stupid **** like this!

For the record, he didn't kill Hanoi Rocks' singer. He killed their drummer, Razzle, and two others were brain damaged in the wreck, not killed.

1527 days ago


First of all you know your going out and you know your going to drink - why is it that these rich folk even I know to get a friend, taxi, body guard someone who has not drinking to drive me home, why do these people continue to break the law which is so simple to avoid, MAN THANK GOD HE DID NOT KILL ANYONE, crap even soper its hard to see people walking at night never mind drinking. Come on you smart people hire a driver help the ecomomy open that wallet because it cost way more to get out of your charges when you have to hirer a lawyer!!!! You plan your gigs plan your night out!

1527 days ago


uhhhh guys he killed Razzle Dingley, the drummer from Hanoi Rocks, not the lead singer or indeed the entire band :( And the people in the other car. Not just some random girl! B&stard.

1527 days ago

La Mom    

If you don't like your dirty laundry aired for all the world to see, then DO NOT become a celebrity who survives off the public eye to stay that way. Tough.

1527 days ago


Well I agree, get a Cab I live in Vegas. And FFS. YOU CAN WALK ANYWHERE.

1527 days ago


Pathetic fatass amateur drunken slob.

1527 days ago


GET A TAXI. What's wrong with these celebs?

1527 days ago

Bob Goodden    

as kevin fowler once sang " oh mama tequila " Margaritas are illegal every where now even thou bars serve watered down or small margaritas. I personally endorse patron/cointreau margaritas my fav.

1527 days ago

Sharon Osbourne    

Once a drunken, murdering sh*tbag, always a drunken, murdering sh*tbag. They should've locked him up & tossed the key when he murdered Razzle.

1527 days ago


I think they arrested him for reading that people magazine. Have to assume he's drunk to be doin' that

1527 days ago


@13 INGRID you mean he has killed 2 people? Off to prison for him.

1527 days ago


@23 No it wouldn't be most people if most people were responsible for 2 drunk driving deaths I hope that most would see the light!

1527 days ago
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