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Vince Neil -- Saddest Mug Shot Ever

6/28/2010 1:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has just obtained Vince Neil's mug shot -- taken right after he was arrested in Las Vegas last night on suspicion of DUI.


As we previously reported, Vince is currently in custody in Clark County Jail, where his bail has been set at $2,000.



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Why on earth does anyone need to DRIVE in Las Vegas? Especially DRUNK...the strip is full of taxis, limos, buses? Did it ever occur to him to spend 5 buck for a taxi?

1587 days ago


He doesn't look drunk or wasted in this pic. He looks irritated, which he probably was. Screw all these haters, Vince! You'll get your chance in court, so I hope you prove all these people wrong.

In the event they're right... I guess you'll be looking for a chauffer after you get out of the pokey. Where do I apply?

1587 days ago


Jesus, there's been other mugshots worthy of a cutesy phrase (Nick Nolte anyone?); this surely isn't one of them. He really doesn't look THAT wasted; maybe a bit high. Innocent until proven guilty people. If he IS guilty, then flame away...

1587 days ago


CHeck out that hairline... weave? implants? Ha!

1587 days ago


FINE AS EVER!!!!!!!!!!! I love me some Vince Neil and Motley Crue!!!! Check out Hot Tub Time Machine, it comes out 06-29 tons of Motley Crue!!!! Helllzzzzz Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!

1587 days ago


Yes, I checked to see if it is true and it is. He killed a man and seriously injured 2 other people in 1984 while driving drunk. He has no concern for other peoples' lives. If it determined that he was legally drunk, he should be locked up for a very long time.

If you must have a drink, go ahead, but you do not have to drive your car. That's just stupid and criminal. The death of his daughter is not an excuse.

1587 days ago


What is up with the huge forehead!

1587 days ago


Do you guys know Vince ended up only serving 15 days in jail for killing Razzle? No wonder he didn't learn his lesson.

The judge should throw the book at him. STAY OFF THE ROAD, YOU DRUNK!

1587 days ago


Does he realize that he's got the beginning of a Gin Blossom nose? And he's all puffy! Not a good look for anyone. Can't go on like this forever! Ask Bret Michaels.

1587 days ago


this is even sadder because he clearly hasn't learned his lesson. He killed two people in '85 and you think that kind of guilt would teach the guy a lesson.

1587 days ago


As sorry as it is that he obviously hasn't learned from the past-the posts are making me laugh!

1587 days ago


Sorry, i fit into my bikini, but the "hard life" thing doesn't really fly. I, too, am a HUGE Crue fan, but we, as fans, can't make excuses for this behavior. I know people who have lost young children - do they have a right to go out & do whatever dangerous thing they please under the guise? No. I'm sure he's a swell guy around town, but, again, it doesn't give him a pass.... which he got in the past & probably won't get again.

1587 days ago

I fit into my bikini!    

I never said it gives him a pass to do as he pleases around town but the pain from burying his child is still with him..again, not an excuse but it still haunts him to this day. People deal with grief in different ways, others can move on and not in a destructive way while some can not. I just think he is hurting about alot of things and continues to drink for this reason. jmho. I don't have kids but I can't imagine that type of pain, to have to bury your child. It seems it just goes hand in hand with his actions now. People are wanting him nailed to the cross for his past..I just don't believe he should be. I would not want to carry around the things he deals with. Again, not an excuse. when i say he is a nice guy from the things I've seen around our town, I have seen people come up to him, taunt him, shove things in his face to be signed while he is eating in restaurants with his wife, etc..all kinds of things people come up to him and do. He has maintained his composure and patience with all of them. Sorry but he doesn't deserved to be hated on to such an extent. It's an opinion of mine...whether you see it as right or wrong and I know many will see it as wrong, it's my opinion and how I see things from what I have read in Crues biography and what I have witnessed here in our town. Things aren't as cut and dry as they might seem.

Yes, he was driving drunk back in 85 and killed Razzle. We know. But, Razzle was also drunk and got into the car with Vince. Anybody try to stop them? People act like he wanted to kill his friend.yeah he was drunk, yes he was the one driving, They were young and thought they were invincable like all kids do. They were equally to blame for that. I don't put all the blame on Vince. They both could've been killed that night, would've that have made you happy? It was a nightmare for all families involved. I just hope he gets the help he needs before he does harm himself this time.

1587 days ago


Self centered ****.

1587 days ago


That's so sad that he hasn't learnt his lesson from the accident with Razzle. I think this is so unrespectful for Razzle that he still drives drunk. And that his daughter has died is not an excuse for not respecting other people's lives. There is no excuse for drinking and driving. You can make that kind of horrible mistake once, but not repeat it after killing a friend, I think.

1587 days ago
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