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Vince Neil -- Saddest Mug Shot Ever

6/28/2010 1:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has just obtained Vince Neil's mug shot -- taken right after he was arrested in Las Vegas last night on suspicion of DUI.


As we previously reported, Vince is currently in custody in Clark County Jail, where his bail has been set at $2,000.



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Vince Neil Still Haunted By 1984 Car Smash

Rocker VINCE NEIL is still haunted by the car crash in which pal RAZZLE was killed and he confesses the prison term he served for his part in the accident wasn't tough enough.

According to this prior headline, Vince was right. His prison term wasn't long enough. He is still drinking and driving and putting innocent people in harm's way. What a selfish pig!

1577 days ago


The post stating he should of gotten a cab or limo and had SOMEONE else drive was right. No doubt Vince realizes that now... 20/20 hindsight happens.

1577 days ago


I'll come bail him out!!!!!!!!!!!

1577 days ago


I'll come bail him out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1577 days ago


Hey look, its Dr. Feelfat!

If he wants to party...why not get a taxi???????

1577 days ago

Fred Warring    

Didn't this BoZo kill someone while driving drunk? Hope he takes a walk on the "Wild Side" to prison and meets some different "Girls, Girls, Girls"!

1577 days ago

Benny Barnes    

Why is this labeled the saddest mugshot ever? It's not even close. Perhaps the Gary Coleman mugshot from earlier this year was it or some female actress I can't recall who was crying in the photo but this one is just typical.

1577 days ago


I think you are awesome Vince & love ya but you can't drink n drive.

You should know that!

1577 days ago


Who cares?

1577 days ago

Brett the Ahole    

Fart face years ago killed a whole familly- this POS never learns

1577 days ago


Everyone's a critic, huh?

Vince's necklace tattoo is a tribute to his late daughter, Skylar.
His accident in which "Razzle" Dingley was killed was in 1984.

Just sayin'....

1577 days ago


@TRISH: I read your comment making fun of his necklace tattoo & how he must've been drunk when he got it...Why don't you do some research on that tattoo, you moron! It's a chain w/a cross that has his daughter, Skylar's, name on it.....IT'S IN HER MEMORY BECAUSE SHE DIED OF CANCER @ 4YRS OLD YOU MINDLESS JERK!

1577 days ago


Notice the blubous nose. a sure sign of long term alcoholism.

1576 days ago

Chris Shew    

All I am going to say is I bet 90% of you have drank and drove at some point- if not recently. Besides we do not know the full details.

If you want to call someone a "murderer" for an "accident" be my guest.

This guy is still musically relevant after 30 years in the industry. In 2005 Motley had their biggest tour in over 20 years and Vince's new solo album sounds great.

If he is guilty he does need to be punished- I couldnt agree more. However to hear all of this holier than thou bs on this thread bugs a little bit.

Drunk driving is getting caught doing it folks- that is the only difference from him and probably at least 50% of you coming home last night.

I hope he is okay and if he is guilty then he should do time and have his DL revoked for a good, long while.

1576 days ago


Ok everyone with all of the screwed up remarks. First of all "YES" Vince can afford bail...second)He should not be driving drunk. Third)One person died and that was a member of Hanio Rocks and he was the passenger who also happened to be drunk and fourth) Vince lost his daughter to cancer and has struggled with "not drinking". I don't think any of you people have the right nor the robe to judge him. I guarantee not a one of you is sqeeky clean past or present.Grow some and show some compassion. He make a mistake.

1576 days ago
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