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Mexican Cops -- Loco With Murder Suspect's Phone

6/29/2010 7:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mexican officials had a field day with the cell phone of Bruce Beresford-Redman, the man accused of murdering his wife ... this according to a spokesperson for BBR's lawyer.


Beresford-Redman's cell phone was confiscated on April 8 by Mexican officialsStephen Jaffe, the spokesperson for BBR's lawyer, Richard Hirsch, tells TMZ Bruce received an AT&T phone bill showing approximately $3,800 in charges incurred after authorities seized the phone.

Jaffe tells us there were "numerous phone calls, international texts and roaming charges which were made while the phone was in the possession of the Mexican authorities."

Jaffe notes BBR had not given cops authority to use his phone, which was never returned.

We're told BBR has shut down his AT&T account, so policia ... the fiesta's over.


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In Mexican prisons, your family has to bring you your food or you don't eat. No club med there. He'll wish he had beans to eat.

1580 days ago


That's not really surprising. I mean come on, it's Mexico. I'm betting he lost his car stereo and rims while he was there as well.

1579 days ago


This will not hurt the case AT ALL! It's Mexico not the US, there's no such thing as "mishandling of evidence" down there. Their legal system is like the wild west.. Yes I've had a run in with cops in Mexico..Don't ask

1579 days ago


I bet they won't extradite him now. It would be nice if they wouldn't mess things up like this because it will be hard to tell if he's innocent or guilty if things like this get in the way. He is innocent until proven guilty. I guess we'll all just have to wait and see what happens.

1579 days ago

Y do he got    

GAY~DAR on radar^^^kilROY`ss on moble satellite lows hang him up by his snuts untill his snuts are over his head than drop him in with the BP tard`dulls2BQQQ

1579 days ago


What else would you expect from mexican "officials" ? Thats why their country can't even start to run itself.

1579 days ago


The whole country of Mexico is corrupt. I don't know why anyone still goes down there.

1579 days ago


Wow!! Isn't it wonderful how you've all got him convicted, Dr Sam Sheppard style hm?! The Mexican authorities never looked at anyone but him - BIG surprise there then hm?! The Mexican police's idea of investigation is far from ideal and yes they are often corrupt too, in some instances (try getting them to submit evidence to the US on any case being dealt with and it'll take months for them to care!), but now we're expected to believe they've sold this case with little investigation - right, I've got a goldmine to sell you to if you want it lol!!
If he did it then he should pay but at the end of the day Mexican officials better hope they have a mass of Forensic proof because anyone can be bribed to say they saw anything or didn't in Mexico hm?! The sister and family are keen to inherit both the money and get custody of the kids - wonder how much they would pay or have paid hm?!
BTW Nothing gives the Mexican cops the right to run up a $3000 plus phone bill but then I for one would have had the bar code on the phone barred with the company - not the phone number alone lol!! I would also have had the gps checked to see where the phone was - y'know like anywhere but the Mexican evidence box lol!!
Don't know why you're all so surprised by the media attention though, it's a case of trial in the media in the US these days and screw the truth if it doesn't fit the story! Dr Sam Sheppard was the first to suffer this sort of media hype, now it's commonplace and often does more harm to the truth than good eg: OJ and Michael Jackson hm?!

1579 days ago


HEY lalaland and just me....he is being tried in mexico. it doesn't matter what the evidence is in mexico. it is a third world country. why do you think patriots scream and yell about the fragility regarding the rule of law and the blessings of our constitution. we STILL live in a free country despite the many who are trying take us backwards.

1579 days ago


Dishonest Mexicans? No, it can't be. Say it isn't so!

1579 days ago


Cops in the US do this all the time! What do you think they do with a drug dealers phone after they take it?? They Answer it and use it to make more busts and to gather information. This case is a little different just because of the international charges adding up so quickly.

1579 days ago


Jimmy was a studio musician way before Led. So did he here him in the studio? Oh come on? This reeks of someone who needs money. 40yrs late. This is on there first Album. Plus there Movie. Jimmy is probably calling on Crowley to handle his deeds.

1579 days ago


yes, lets all make a big deal of an f'n phone bill and just ignore the fact that this a-hole killed his wife!BTW so...the Mexican police made phone calls and the USA police punches a 16yr old innocent child! Tryin to call mexico a third world country you guys better compare and then start whining of how awfull the south of the border is!!! :)

1579 days ago


Yet another reason to never go to Mexico.

1579 days ago


We are talking about Mexico. Did you all forget that in the last 2 years there have been several other murders in or around that same hotel? Still unsolved. If they did this with his phone what else did they do? What other evidence was used or just disappeared? Did they contaminate any other evidence? Did they fabricate evidence? Even in the USA cops mess up, sometimes accidentally and sometimes intentionally to make their case.

1579 days ago
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