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Mexican Cops -- Loco With Murder Suspect's Phone

6/29/2010 7:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mexican officials had a field day with the cell phone of Bruce Beresford-Redman, the man accused of murdering his wife ... this according to a spokesperson for BBR's lawyer.


Beresford-Redman's cell phone was confiscated on April 8 by Mexican officialsStephen Jaffe, the spokesperson for BBR's lawyer, Richard Hirsch, tells TMZ Bruce received an AT&T phone bill showing approximately $3,800 in charges incurred after authorities seized the phone.

Jaffe tells us there were "numerous phone calls, international texts and roaming charges which were made while the phone was in the possession of the Mexican authorities."

Jaffe notes BBR had not given cops authority to use his phone, which was never returned.

We're told BBR has shut down his AT&T account, so policia ... the fiesta's over.


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You people are pathetic. This country has been founded on the simple fact that people are ACCUSED of a crime. You have absolutely ZERO clue of the facts in this case and you've judged that he is a nasty murderer. Sure, the case is in Mexico, and maybe they have different constitutional beliefs - but most commenter's are from America, where you are presumed innocent until PROVEN guilty.

Grow up and accept this fact.

WE ALL KNOW that innocent people are convicted all the time.

I have NO opinion on whether he is guilty or not.

1576 days ago


Leave it to Mexicans to claim a phone as evidence and rack up a $4,000 bill instead...I know they say they're on a mission to "take back" the US, but if that happened, we'd be in the toilet faster than you can say chinga tu madre!!!

1576 days ago


The Mexican authorities - "What a shocker" Those guys are so corrupt - they plant drugs on Americans looking to get some cash from you..and love to harrass Ameicans..If our cops treated Mexicans like they treat us - everyone would be screaming "racism"..

Is Mexico going to pay the bill?? They made the charges - they need to cough it up.

1576 days ago


I have heard of people going to mexico to get married. This must be the mexican version of a divorce.

1576 days ago


Often cops will stereotype in an order to increase their safety. In the area where I was a cop we had Mexican gangs. These gang member often carried "straight-edge razors" in their socks.

1576 days ago

to little    

She died on April 4th,she was reported missing april 5th they found her body april 8 at the hotel. So that leaves 4 days for him to run up a cell phone bill before the cops took his phone and passport on April 8th. So how much of this is his owm roaming charges? Because you can bet he made lots of phone calls between the 4th and the 8th. I bet a lot of this is his lawyer trying to show that his client couldn't get a fair trial Mexico do to police corruption.

1576 days ago


If she was being beaten by him at the hotel - how come she didn't use her cell phone to alert her sisters, mother, or her Zabumba bar manager?

1576 days ago


Because she was being slayed, goofy! As goofy and worthless were the attendant who believed everything was fine when the CRIME PRODUCER answered the phone...

1576 days ago


Get a grip folks! The police were just calling who he called - he's a movie producer so his calls would be to his various actors who are shooting movies around the world.....Duh! The police need to know who he talked to around the time of the murder - so this bs put forward by his lawyer is just typical bogus crap. Don't let this red herring distract you from the fact that he murdered his wife!

1576 days ago


So, tell us again why she agreed to travel to Mexico for a vacation with the man who was asking her for a divorce, whose clothes she threw out of their house, whose joint bank account she looted, and who she dispised?

1576 days ago


Dear god, this is why everybody hates the U.S. so much. Your ignorance and racist ways are pathetic. I'm pretty sure most of you have never even been to Mexico. You jump into conclusions and judge every freaking country like yours is so perfect, it seems like you forget your government has murdered a whole lot more people worldwide and your economy is mostly based on pointless wars and invasions. Haha, you call Mexico the land of death? Give me a f*ckin break.

1576 days ago


This is just a red herring. The attorney has absolutely nothing to hang his hat on so he is desperate. Everyone can talk about Mexico this or Mexico that but the truth and the evidence will come out and this murderer will go to jail.
What i question is the judges in the US - first they insist the children go to the murderer's parents (they did such a fine job the first time) and now they keep giving the murderer more time to dredge up people who supposedly "witnessed" the signing of the second will. The second will of course gives everything including her children to Bruce or Bruce's parents or Bruce's friends.
Oh Yeah - sounds realistic to me.
This guy is even more arrogant than OJ. Well that might be an exaggeration but he is in the same class.

1576 days ago


Guys... did you ever here about 'F.B.I.'?... so...

I believe they can do their job... and no matter how much Bruce and his lawyer will try to cover up... F.B.I. will trace everything back to were it came from.

... and it WILL all go back to the same things...

Life insurance police a week before the woman is murdered...
Plot to validade a fake will to try to get back the house she would take if they had a divorce...
Any ways...
Let him bark! It will just make the case more obvious!

1576 days ago


Idiots. I am sure he went there to kill her because he KNOWS they are corrupt and are idiots. It is not a big secret.
Racist or not, it is what it is. One of the worst countries and people have issues with Arizona? **** that ****.
STAY OUT OF MEXICO, AMERICA and vice versa!!!!

1576 days ago


@by adriana

She wasn't innocent. Maybe she won't be pushing cops anymore.
The biggest problem with this country now is lack of respect for the law. If she had gone one step further, she may have been shot.
It is taking us down, people. RESPECT YOUR COUNTRY!

1576 days ago
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