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Mexican Cops -- Loco With Murder Suspect's Phone

6/29/2010 7:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mexican officials had a field day with the cell phone of Bruce Beresford-Redman, the man accused of murdering his wife ... this according to a spokesperson for BBR's lawyer.


Beresford-Redman's cell phone was confiscated on April 8 by Mexican officialsStephen Jaffe, the spokesperson for BBR's lawyer, Richard Hirsch, tells TMZ Bruce received an AT&T phone bill showing approximately $3,800 in charges incurred after authorities seized the phone.

Jaffe tells us there were "numerous phone calls, international texts and roaming charges which were made while the phone was in the possession of the Mexican authorities."

Jaffe notes BBR had not given cops authority to use his phone, which was never returned.

We're told BBR has shut down his AT&T account, so policia ... the fiesta's over.


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They are more worried about his stupid phone than his wife? Crazy. This guy has not shown one sign of sadness. Typical Psychopathic Killer.

1579 days ago


For a guilty man of murdering his wife he sure shows little interest in what happened to his wife. He makes sure to stay far away from the scene since he already knows what took place. He acts so aloof to whats happened and he had no interest in his kids lives due to the fact he murdered their mother. It was all about him and now he tries to cry about being the innocent victim. Lock these murderers up.

1579 days ago


Are you kidding me....there were two other murders there at the very same hotel in the last two years.... again, family accused of the murders(do a bit of research before replying your opinion). The murders were the same scenario, same hotel, strangled and head beaten. Then...two weeks after Monica was killed a woman was raped and by the grace of God got away. Mexico is one scary place! The cell phone doesn't surprise me and it shouldn't surprise any of you. Mexico simply doesn't want to advertise their crime due to their tourism. Welcome to Mexico... you may be killed while you are here, but please enjoy your time in our country and thanks for your support to our economy????

1579 days ago

john smith    

The Beresford-Redmans went to probate court yesterday to try to get the fake 2008 will approved by the judge, the will has two illegible signatures of mystery witnesses who saw Monica sign the will. The reason these witnesses can not be found is that Monica signature was forged and their were no witnesses. The witnesses are supposed to print their names and addresses. The judge gave the Beresford-Redman's untill August 3rd to try to come up with the witnesses. The 2008 will leaves the kids to Bruce;s friend in Florida instead of her sister and leaves her assets to Bruce;s parnets instead of her kids. There is no way in hell that Monica would ever sign this will. The mountain of evidence against the Beresford-Redmans grows everyday. Only a pyschotic sociopath would believe that such a will would be approved by a judge. This is the mindset of a sociopath!!!!

1579 days ago


Westside (also has another account called GAG) is Bruce himself. I don't believe the lies his lawyer is floating around. Bruce and his lawyer can't link the random crimes at the hotel to Monica's death nor can they find anyone else's DNA on the dead body so they are making up some random crap about a phone. Are they able to prove those calls were made by the Mexican police or Bruce himself? LOL!

1579 days ago


ABC 7 is reporting that bruce is trying to prove the validity of some will with illegible signatures and no witnesses clearly spelled out. it says he wants his parents to have all of Monica's belongings and some random friend of his to have custody of the kids incase he is found guilty of killing her. Hmmm. if he is innocent he won't be making arrangements for what to do after he is found guilty nor would he be hiding behind extradition instead of going to Mexico and clearing his name so he can get custody of the kids.
If he was really innocent they would be seeking an autopsy on the body to find any physical evidence of the 'thir party' that they say killed her. I wil believe he is innocent when they can prove so with witnesses and physical evidence and he shows the least bit interest in finding the killer of his wife instead of covering his a$$

1579 days ago


These charges are from when his mistress was texting and calling that phone. Most likely the police responded to gain more evidence. Additionally he was away for supposedly two months so he probably hadn’t paid his bills. The lawyer and he are both desperate and hanging on to BS to take the heat off the fact that he has been charged with first degree murder. They should keep messing with the Mexican authorities ensuring very pleasant treatment from them once he has been extradited.
The investigation was performed over 3 months and Bruce and his stupid lawyer has no legit means to prove his innocence. Period!

1579 days ago


Huh? Is this news, how? American police does this all the time they answer the incoming calls and call some of the numbers on the contact list to gather evidence. Otherwise why would they take the phone in the first place? To use as decoration? Additionally any incoming calls are charged by cell phone carrier as well as international roaming charges. This is total nonsense.

1579 days ago


Not really a surprise when you know how corrupt the Mexican police force is. When you research the Mexican Justice system you realize that 95% of the time one of them is guilty of the crime someone is charged with.

1579 days ago


Huh? Is this news, how? American police does this all the time they answer the incoming calls and call some of the numbers on the contact list to gather evidence. Otherwise why would they take the phone in the first place? To use as decoration? Additionally any incoming calls are charged by cell phone carrier as well as international roaming charges. This is total nonsense.

1579 days ago


The only thing more dangerous and corrupt than a Filipino Cop - is a Mexican Cop!


1578 days ago


when he gets off it will be because of the payoff not the cell phone bill

1578 days ago


I would like to call you ignorants but it would be down myself to your own level of stupidity, first thing u need to do is READ, the one sayin ' this is his lawyer not Mexico/US police, lawyers can tell whatever they want that s the reason why they are paid.
Yes Mexico it's a third world country, we do eat beans but we are not that judgemental to make fun of a serious subject, the guy killed his wife and u are jst making jokes? this just reinforce the cliche that americans are teached by TV, Internet or magazines, if you don't want to visit Mexico great save it to yourself or move to Arizona we don't need more stupidity than we already have with our politicians and please before do any generalization os racist comments at least read and learn something about other cultures, maybe Mexico is a third world country but we are not sending kids to dye in the middle of the dessert, at least we did control our oil spill and rest of the world thinks better of us than americans due people like you that just damage US image, later u ask why europeans calls u ignorants...

1578 days ago


I am shocked that they could get a signal from AT&T. I can't hold on to an AT&T signal and I'm in Colorado!

1578 days ago


#44 Don't know how you get to feel so superior Fer, since there is not a country on this planet that hasn't started bloody wars - NONE!! So no matter where you come from crawl back into your superior little cave of yours hm?! The only people that America actually, in reality belonged to was the Native American tribes who existed here before the Spanish, the French and the British decided THEY were going to commit mass genocide in order to wrestle their land away from them!! The Spanish torturers being the worst, these tribes didn't know how to scalp a person until they came along, mass graves of women and children with the women's breasts cut off - yeah, I think we know who the real savages were here hm?!
The US will never have sorted it's racial problems out until you get a Native American in the Presidency - wouldn't you love that hm?! They would finally get to tell everyone else to F*** the hell off of their land lol!! Never going to happen though, every other murdering nation who's put down roots fear that far more than a black president or a female president lol!!

1578 days ago
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