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Carrie Prejean To Tie the Knot

6/29/2010 3:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dethroned "biblically correct" beauty queen Carrie Prejean is about to do something that gays and lesbians can no longer do in California -- she's getting hitched.

TMZ has learned Prejean -- a woman -- is set to tie the knot with NFL quarterback Kyle Boller -- a man -- at The Grand Del Mar hotel in San Diego.

The big day is Friday.


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No Avatar

Woodman Brown    

Hey Boller...can you say, "Biggest mistake of my life?"

1574 days ago


Congrats to Carrie and her man. A lot of haters on here..

1574 days ago


What's gonna happen when she has a gay child? Love it? Hmmm, I feel sorry for whatever kid she has.

1574 days ago


I'm happy for Carrie and Kyle. So take that Perez "you mean spirited hypocrit" Hilton!

1574 days ago


I read only one page of these comments and most of you are disgusting. Because she has beliefs that differ from yours, she is a whore? you wish the marriage ill-will? Steve: did you wear white at your wedding or can you if you are still single? WordOutlet: because she happens to believe in something your mama never taught you, you call her "Bible Chick?" As for 4, 5, 6, 7 and 13 - your mama never taught you anything either. Such open-minded individuals.

1574 days ago


It is always interesting to hear the "tolerant" people express the incredible hatred they harbor for those who dare express an opinion different from their own. Carrie Prejean deserves to be happy - as far as I know, she never said anything hateful. All she said was that she was not personally for the idea of redefining traditional marriage. Isn't that what the majority of the country believes? Now the only thoughts that are acceptable are PC ones that those on the left have approved. It seems to me the those on the left are the ones with the real hate problem.

1574 days ago


She is such a beautiful, Christian woman. Thank goodness that she has found someone that makes her happy. If only the libs practiced the "tolerance" that they (mindlessly) preach.

1574 days ago


It's not her differing opinion that makes her a whore: She's a whore for the anti-gay rights campaign.

So, as I said before "once a whore, nothing more. Sorry, that'll never change."

I'm sure once his money runs out, she'll move on.

1574 days ago


"It's not her differing opinion that makes her a whore: She's a whore for the anti-gay rights campaign." Huh? That makes no sense what so ever. And what is wrong with not wanting special laws for every group and misfit who can’t accept the current laws of the land? Not to mention GOD'S laws. We are a society bound by laws. Without laws there would be anarchy. Marriage is 1 man & 1 woman. Nothing else. Gays want special laws to get privileges that are reserved for married couples. If you want the perks, then you must meet the requirements.

1574 days ago

Rude Druid    

I'm glad all that silicon and sexy videos and publicity finally paid off for her.

I hope that poor musclehead got her to sign a prenup. She is a sk@nk.

1574 days ago


Obama said the EXACT same thing about gay marriage as she did.

1573 days ago


Ah shucks. Too bad gay people don't have the same rights to totally F*CK up their lives and get married like these two lovebirds. I hope there is a booking come out soon, you know her side of the story--AGAIN--about getting married in the hostile world of California and all those gays who want to see her marriage fail. You know her future divorce will be blamed on the gay agenda and all the pressure to be a bornagain christian icon.

1573 days ago

Real Couple    

We should campaign against her marriage. She does not deserve the right if we don't.

1573 days ago


Ew....she is an ugly skank. Plus all you ppl defending her are dumb as hell because you cant be RIGHT or respect her opinion on gay marriage because there should only be one....that everyone should be allowed to marry. If your against gay marriage then your in the wrong and thats that. Denying someone a basic right is never something you should be able to have an opinion on.

1573 days ago


Someone ... a waiter ... a waitress ... a closeted guest ... need to do the right thing here. At some key point in the wedding ceremony or reception ... sneak right up on her in her 'virginal white' gown and give her a blueberry pie in that horsey face, Anita Bryant style!

1573 days ago
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