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Carrie Prejean To Tie the Knot

6/29/2010 3:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dethroned "biblically correct" beauty queen Carrie Prejean is about to do something that gays and lesbians can no longer do in California -- she's getting hitched.

TMZ has learned Prejean -- a woman -- is set to tie the knot with NFL quarterback Kyle Boller -- a man -- at The Grand Del Mar hotel in San Diego.

The big day is Friday.


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You Betcha    

She's such an amazing actress. I wish she could be part of Rowdy Roddy Piper's stage show.

1539 days ago


I'm very happy for her. Lovely gal.

1539 days ago

Ray Miller    

You people bashing her would bang her in New York minute.

1539 days ago

Rev Bookburn    

Prejean is the ultimate hypocrite. She knowingly became a stooge of Rev. Dobson (after his pedophile scandal) and fought against the rights of other adults. Now she is exercising a right that she helped to deny others. It is fitting that she is an icon to ******tards.

1539 days ago

Queen Karma    

She was asked her opinion.
Dumb question if you did not want that answer.
She gave her answer.Fine. Wonderful.
Her opinion could have been the other, but it was not and if it was,fine. Great.If she had said,gays should marry or some some kind of legal committment,rights.Fine.HOW many of you Right Wing Bigots would suppport her? NONE!!!

She is from a Beauty Pagent.Beauty Pagent. Umm,hate tobreak it to you,a beauty pagent does not have the same standards orrequirements as the Convent or Rhodes Scholar entrance.

Next,she wasfinally fired from Miss CA after she refused to commit to her contractual duites.She found stardomwith the Liberalmediaand RightWing Media more alluring than those duties of Miss CA-poening malls,going to hildren'sHosptials,CA State Fair,etc.

Yeah, her exposed publically their naughty pics of her naughty parts.Yeah,she did not pay the Beauty Pagent back for her boob job which , Ithink, they requested or something like that.

Anwa,she nailed a NFL mediocre qb, and is the darling of the GOP,and with him,aRep., their career is set there in the GOP.

1539 days ago


Let's hear the same lame comments directed at the moron you liberal moonbats elected president. Obama doesn't agree with marriage between gays either. Funny how you never bring that up.

1539 days ago


My only problem with her is that she said she didn't believe in gay marriage because of her religion but then pictures are released of her posing partially nude. I guess in her religion thats okay. I was respectful of her opinion until that happened.

1538 days ago


TMZ NEEDS 2 GET A LIFE n all u other losers who are like them! All u homos/supporters cry is freedom of speech/expression but da sec some1 doesn't like u or agree they r every kind of name u can think of but u want 2 cry hate crime. Corret me if i'm wrong but aren't u doing da same thing u claim she did?! If she was 4 it then u would praise her n supporting her against ppl who don't like her pro homo tude but b/c she doesn't(thank God) u want to trash her! In any day of the week Carrie is better then u and TMZ put 2gether! U don't know y u can't marry pic up a bible ur sure 2 find an answer there!
*fyi that hates crimes bill goes 4 everybody not just homos so we can have u arrested 2, should've wrote it more carefully.

1538 days ago


Actually planning on being there, along with 1200 of my other LGBT friends from Hillcrest....hope they have enough wedding cake to serve us all!

1538 days ago


Actually, she needs more than wedding cake shoved down her throat

1538 days ago


Why don't you gays go back in the closet and leave the girl alone? Her wedding day should not be a venue for your sick, perverted demonstrations. This is just a prime example of why you sickos are not respected, liked or should ever have special laws created to support your deviant agenda.

1538 days ago


kyle boller is about to be cut by the Raiders. when is Carrie's sex tape coming out?????????????????

1538 days ago


I just locked susanne in the closet downstairs where she belongs. She has also been gagged because she is not allowed to speak. She must only obey and serve, that's in the bible.

1538 days ago

Rude Druid    

That is the face of an ugly, stupid woman. She looks HARD and cheap. And as we already know, stupid as a rock, as well as profoundly uneducated.

But her videos are HOTTTTTTT !!!!

1538 days ago


I bet he's gay.

1537 days ago
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