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NFL Star Arrested: 'White Boys Ganging Up on Me'

6/29/2010 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0629_cedric_benson_EXDMugCincinnati Bengals running back Cedric Benson turned himself into police today -- after being accused of socking a bouncer in the face at an AustinTexas bar back in May.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, Benson got into a fight with an unknown subject at Annie's West bar at 1:50 AM on May 30. Cops say Benson was spitting blood from his injured lip.

The report continues ... bar employees tried to calm Benson down -- and the NFL star replied, "I don't give a f*ck."

Benson was asked to leave the bar ... but refused ... and had to be physically escorted out by security.

Once outside, Benson allegedly told a bystander, "All these white boys are ganging up on me and kicking me out."

But according to the report, one bouncer heard Benson make the statement and replied, "I'm going to take time out of my busy job to kick you out?"

Benson then allegedly punched the bouncer in the face ... and knocked the bouncer back.

Bystanders separated the men -- and cops arrived shortly after.

Benson was charged with assault with injury. Bond was set at $5,000.

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hahahaha what a loser. bengals suck.

1542 days ago


All those "white boys" need to be employed to throw this entitled "boy" out the door because yet another racist piece of crap probably never knew his father. Whats with all the "upity" behavior by "these people" ie. see the Seattle Police Video.

1542 days ago


I too, have been kicked out of a bar by white boys. It was great.

1542 days ago


Notice he said white boy, not devil or hunky. If you said black boy, not a problem, that is what it is, except the boy part. However, looking at the comments blacks will always be able to cry racism, whether that is what it is or not. We were talking about an incident that happen in a bar with a football player, who by the way as wrong, and whites cannot stay on topic. Look at the comments, chicken, fatherless children, etc. Even a comment on Obama. He had nothing to do with this story. So keep it up white people, you will always give us amunition that we can use to cry racism.

1542 days ago



1542 days ago


ha ha ha... this sack of ****'s from here (Midland) & he's been a trouble maker since back when we were in high school together. "Star"?? What "Star"? I didn't even know WHO he played for... "all these white boys"? Shut the f*ck up Benson, a "white boy" (Coach P) GOT YOU WHERE YOU ARE TODAY... stupid f*ck... loud mouth, unruly, male slut... puffin his feathers and pounding his chest at a bar here in TEXAS! duh you're gonna get your dumb ass throw out!!!

1542 days ago


Another huge-ass thug has entered a redneck bar in Texas to "get his fair share of abuse". When are we all going to learn to just get out of these bullys' way?

1542 days ago


Another huge-ass thug has entered a redneck bar in Texas to "get his fair share of abuse". When are we all going to learn to just get out of these bullys' way?

1542 days ago


Kick his a** out of the nfl for good. It's funny how you see 15 black guys beating up one white but then when he pulls this crap then ohh 5 whites jumped and I couldn't take it because
I didnt have any of my boys with me to help, "boo hoo hoo" go back to the ghetto brotha.

1542 days ago


Yeah Jay if you haven't noticed the race card just causes more racism so keep it up and it will never stop. Quit playing like you all were slaves and we owe you something. If someone screamed " black boys were ganging up on me" Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would come running out in front of the cameras saying "that's racist". It's so old it doesn't work anymore and people are tired of it.

1542 days ago


#23 What is "revese" (reverse) racism exactly?!?! I think that is by far the dumbest term coined by whites. It doesn't really help your argument at all. When you say it, you're only implying that racism by definition is white against black or any other race. How about you just start saying racism. It sounds a little less like you're being picked on. Smh...loser

1542 days ago


Hahaha at all the Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton comments. Who really calls on them anyway?!?! Clearly they're not called by the majority of Black people that experience any type of racism. If you're racist you're racist and if not then that's cool too. Just be real about how you feel and you won't have to be so afraid of the "Boogey Man" aka Al Sharpton and/or Jesse Jackson.

1542 days ago


#48 You are a real winner too. I like how you use the words "entitled" and "uppity" to describe this man. Hahaha, I'll get back to work. I just had to comment on some of the FOOLISHNESS you people post on here. Oh and feel free to put "you people" in whatever context you'd like.

1542 days ago


typical inflated ego, overpaid douchebag. I haaate how much money people make for doing the dumbest ****. millions of dollars to run up and down a field. crazy.

1542 days ago


"keep it up white people" umm we're not crying about everyone in the world being racist all the time. stop being a pus sy. we are all people. get over it.

1542 days ago
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