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Accused of Crimes

Against Shoe-manity

6/30/2010 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan concocted a diabolical, fraudulent plan to defraud an L.A. boutique out of thousands of dollars ... according to a lawsuit that will be filed today.

TMZ has obtained a copy of the suit, in which Church -- a boutique that sells expensive clothes, jewelry, and accessories -- claims Lindsay shopped at the store between November, 2009 and February, 2010. 

According to the suit, Lindsay racked up a bill of $17,060.83 and convinced the owners her business manager would pay the bill.  But much to the chagrin of the owners, Lindsay's business manager paid a grand total of $180. 

The suit, which will be filed in L.A. County Superior Court, alleges Lindsay "had no intention of causing her business manager to pay the entire balance."

And there's this -- the suit claims the boutique owners relied on Lindsay's "well known status as a movie actress with substantial income."  Wrong on both counts.

The owners say Lindsay committed premeditated fraud and are seeking the balance -- $16,880.63 -- plus interest and punitive damages.

Yes, we see the 20 cent differential -- but that's the way it appears in the lawsuit. Apparently, the shop is giving LiLo a credit.

No comment from Lindsay's camp.


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Good riddance!    

When are these business owners going to learn that any business with a Lohan is a bad idea? They need new signs in LA that state "No Shoes, No Shirt, and Lohans = No Business!"

1544 days ago


Oh, she meant to pay the bills. She was going to use the money that went for those pesky bail bonds ($10,000 + $10,000). Oops.

1544 days ago

Um, wow...    

First off, where did they assume she would get this money?! Have they not noticed she hasn't been able to pay her rent, AND hasn't been in a BLOCKBUSTER movie lately?! But, aside from that... NEVER take an addict at their word!! They will lie to ANYONE!!! I say the shop was stupid for even extending her credit...I can't wait to hear Lindsay comment on this, since NOTHING is EVER her fault!!! I hope they get their money, and THEN some!!!

1544 days ago


Supposedly she's a multi-millionaire but yet can't afford to pay her shoe bill lol. How in the hell are her assistants that work for her getting paid I wonder?

1544 days ago


Someone suggested taking the clothes back to the store cos they probably still have the tags on them. Can you imagine how they
smell by now?

1544 days ago


Why has she gotten so trashy I am not trying to hate on the poor mis-lead lil girl but I am so tired of looking aat her I wont even see a movie that she makes anymore she is definetly a washed up has been at whatever age she is she looks about 30.
Why is she going around stealing fur coats jewelry etc.....Really that is pitiful.....Your mom need to step outta the way and let your dad help you ,your mother is in Denial you have some serious problems and apparently she does to go into hiding and clean yourself up....

1544 days ago


" TMZ's new website upgrade design is an improvement, it's easier on the eye. Now TMZ just needs to remove about 40% of the space dedicated to the idiotic advertisements.
Posted at 9:16 AM on Jun 30, 2010 by PolarBear"

And remove some of the 20+ scripts running on every page which make this site so slow. All in all TMZ has the most amateurish sites on the net.

1544 days ago


She really is pathetic!

1544 days ago


Pay your bills like the rest of us you SKANK!

1544 days ago


LOL OH TMZ how many times have you changed this story? Listen people, THIS IS BS!!!! notice the wording 'lawsuit will be filed' lol This sum is nothing to Lindsay, she has a business manager to deal with her bills! Just wait, you will see this is garbage. It seems TMZ have a vendetta against against Lindsay, they know the more they post, the more publicity they get.

1544 days ago


The black guy said he would pay the bill! The boutique should be so honored that Lindsay shopped there that they should be happy to give her everything for free! It's all just another unfortunate mistake made by Lindsay's employees! In actuality, the business manager, whoever that is, probably had her on a strict budget of $180 per month because that was all she had left over after neccesities. Easily fixed by just paying the bill. LL is such a loser at life. Soon she will get up one evening and find eviction notice on the door, credit cards on hold, and no food in the house and she will do anything she can to get some money. Her mother is broke too so she can't help her. What a shame. Wait until that SCRAM is taken off and LL needs drug money. I see prostitution in her future!

1544 days ago

Vegas Wrestling    

This speaks more of the enabling that the "TMZ" area gives celebrities. She's never had to learn real responsibility and her actions are always covered up or handled by a lawyer or a court system that refuses to treat "celebrities" as regular people. Bottom line, someone let her leave with those clothes with just a promise they'll get paid, and the store is as much at fault. Honestly, something really bad is going to happen to her and her worthless ass "parents" won't understand why because they're too busy trying to be celebrities themselves. Lindsay will not get help until people stop enabling her behavior and that isn't happening until she dies from her own stupid actions. I'm telling you, she is a suicide/overdose waiting to happen and no one is doing anything but watching the freak show.

1544 days ago

John Sharp    

Lindsey: Claim defective product and see a foot doctor - Then send them a bill for wearing their shoes.

1544 days ago


The boutique owners relied on Lindsay's "well known status as a movie actress with substantial income."

Really? In November 2009 you must have been really stupid to think she had substantial income and you shouldn't get A DIME back 'cause she was already a washed out has-been.

1544 days ago

John Sharp    

Lindsay: Donate the shoes to the Salvation Army, and take a deduction.

1544 days ago
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