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Accused of Crimes

Against Shoe-manity

6/30/2010 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan concocted a diabolical, fraudulent plan to defraud an L.A. boutique out of thousands of dollars ... according to a lawsuit that will be filed today.

TMZ has obtained a copy of the suit, in which Church -- a boutique that sells expensive clothes, jewelry, and accessories -- claims Lindsay shopped at the store between November, 2009 and February, 2010. 

According to the suit, Lindsay racked up a bill of $17,060.83 and convinced the owners her business manager would pay the bill.  But much to the chagrin of the owners, Lindsay's business manager paid a grand total of $180. 

The suit, which will be filed in L.A. County Superior Court, alleges Lindsay "had no intention of causing her business manager to pay the entire balance."

And there's this -- the suit claims the boutique owners relied on Lindsay's "well known status as a movie actress with substantial income."  Wrong on both counts.

The owners say Lindsay committed premeditated fraud and are seeking the balance -- $16,880.63 -- plus interest and punitive damages.

Yes, we see the 20 cent differential -- but that's the way it appears in the lawsuit. Apparently, the shop is giving LiLo a credit.

No comment from Lindsay's camp.


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John Sharp    

As a last resort give the shoes back, Lindsay.

1513 days ago


Lohan is a synonym for user/loser. The entire family has a sense of entitlement like no one else--they should have to work for their living and pay for their purchases just like the rest of the world.

1513 days ago


I wonder if the shoe store would let her use her Carvel free ice cream card to pay for the shoes??

1513 days ago

Good riddance!    

Lindsay: Donate the shoes to the Salvation Army, and take a deduction.

Posted at 3:38 PM on Jun 30, 2010 by John Sharp

Lindsey: Claim defective product and see a foot doctor - Then send them a bill for wearing their shoes.

Posted at 3:26 PM on Jun 30, 2010 by John Sharp

What? You want her to donate stolen property, ask for a deduction from it, and then perpetrate a scam using a doctor and then another scam with fraudulent billing? Did you learn this advice serving time? Because every suggestion you made just now is completely illegal and ethically and morally bankrupt. Or are you part of their 'family' of swindlers. Prisons are filled with people like you and the Lohans.

1513 days ago


HA HA. What if she's broke? Will she go to jail? Please say YES!!!

1513 days ago


Another Lindsay post about her sense of entitlement & selfishness.
I agree with so many of the TMZlings comments.
SantefeJack (21) glad you mentioned Double Exposure.
What an attractive picture that was?!!
I really wish TMZ would post the snippet of video from Double Exposure when Lindsay arrives late at a shoot for her leggings. I didn't see the whole show but the snippet was enough.
Her behaviour and attitude is disgusting. She treats other people & colleagues with no respect. She is not only rude, she is offensive. Then everyone at the shoot panders to her saying, "you look gorgeous, WOW! you are so beautiful, the most beautiful woman in the world" etc etc. You could be the most physically beautiful person in the world but behaviour like that makes you very ugly, very quickly. Not to mention the snarls, looks & hideous faces she pulls whilst she is "modeling" on a stripper pole. As most are saying here, her sense of entitlement & lack of responsibility & unaccountability is vile. She exhibits no appreciation or gratefulness, no humility, no grace, no sincerity, No Class.

1513 days ago


Lindsay belongs in Jail or a Psycho Ward. She's NUTS!!! When was her last job? Has she ever had a boyfriend? Oh, yeah, she's a Lesbian. Maybe that new Supreme Judge will let Lindsay live with her.

1513 days ago

John Sharp    

Goodness ---- Lighten Up - Good Riddance I always help people who are out numbered and we are enjoying ourselves on the intenet, arn't we. But I am good arn't I?

1513 days ago

Christina G.    

Did everyone read Carvel's response to the Dina Lohan's ice cream fiasco? Seems Dina was using and abusing her daughter's free ice-cream-for-life card. Not that I feel bad for Carvel--they deserve it for giving it to undeserving moochers in the first place. And why wouldn't you put a limit on the card like that? Duh. Anyway, back to the article. Lindsay obviously gets her sense of entitlement from her mother.

1513 days ago

John Sharp    

Ice cream fraud and shoe fraud, are there any others,anyone?

1513 days ago


Move over baseball. Suing Lindsay Lohan has become our national pastime. If the store was less star struck they would never let her walk out the door without paying for that crap. And if they are such bad business people…well…the bucks stops with you guys.

Read more:

1512 days ago


I think Her behaviour and attitude is disgusting. She treats other people & colleagues with no respect. She is not only rude, she is offensive. She is young enough to over-come all this mess and succeed.Thanks for sharing with us.To get latest updates of Entertainment about World News

1509 days ago
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